The Analysis of Louis Vuitton The Luxury Womenswear Brand

As a leader of luxury industry on a world scale, the clothing and leather manufacturer Louis Vuitton has always been a protector of traditional craft and precious technical heritage since its establishment in 1854. In 1987, Louis Vuitton and the wine family Moët Hennessy were fused into a largest luxury group in the world — LVMH. The exquisite, professional techniques of F/W 2021 collection bring us its classic and timeless quality.
Latest brand news:
1. LVMH Group’s 75 Maisons announced commitments to Métiers d’Excellence and signed Worldwide Engagements for Métiers d’Excellence on July 23.
2. On July 22, LVMH announced the final date of 2021 LVMH Prize for young fashion designers – 8th edition. The final will take place on Tuesday, September 7 at the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

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2022 Early SS Paris Louis Vuitton Men’s Ready-to-wear

Anyone wanting to know more about the Louis Vuitton’s Menswear SS22 Collection is in for a real treat. There is an entire universe behind LV’s latest collection and Creative Director Virgil Abloh is at the helm.

The collection is captured by the film “Amen Break” featuring GZA, Goldie, Saul Williams, Issa Perica, Caleb Femi, JIM JOE, Kandis Williams, Thelma Buabeng, Octavia Burgel, Lupe Fiasco, Julian Eugene Tsukasa Williams, Damian Eugene Nagisa Williams, Shabaka Hutchings and Malik Le Nost, and other friends of the Creative Director.

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The latest News of Top Brands for Clothing

In this short video, we will show you the Latest News of Top Brands. As a design director, it would be critical to keep up with long term industry insights.

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The Comprehensive Analysis of S/S Shanghai Kidswear Fashion Week


Taking “Theatre of Life” as the main theme, there are 26 fashion dramas in the S/S 2021 Shanghai Kidswear Fashion Week. International brands like NBA, GAP, COCO & RAY, Chinese kidswear brands like STARROOM and GXG Kids, and some local designer brands like Firstgive, Little Naive and Homegood are gathered in Shanghai to start a new kidswear era from the perspective of drama.


Clearwater injects refreshing and gentle visual effect into the spring and summer, which is used by GAP, jnby by JNBY and NU. Jnby by JNBY applies this color on its workwear jumpsuits to break through the dullness. NU and Little Naive use Clearwater gauze to present the elegance and flexibility. Besides, Clearwater also appears on the athleisure styles of NBA and GAP.


Purple is always a color of mystery, and purple rose brings a gentle and peaceful freshness. Every brand interpret this color in multiple styles. SKETCHER KIDS is athletic; GXG Kids, Goodbaby and Hihai are leisurely; and Little Naive is refreshing and elegant. The combination with printing and belt in placement fully shows the charm of purple rose.


People need intensive and positive colors in the post-epidemic era, and Vibrant Orange is exactly a joyous and happy color, which can promote the emotion of consumers. The large-scale application provides a strong visual experience, while the decoration in placement shows highlights.


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The Analysis of 8ON8 The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

8ON8 maintains its understanding of humor and retro future. Exploring the sustainable garden, 8ON8 endows more items with eco-friendly visual effect. The combination of tailoring suit and recycled fiber fabric is the highlight this season. Besides, all the shirts this season are made by reformed ocean rubbish.

Menswear Designer Brand

8ON8 x Asics combines high-end functional fabrics and traditional crafts. Structural design and modern sport elements are interlaced through extreme tailoring and the control of body proportion to search for more possibilities. Besides, other classic products and collab collections are shown to present the diversified design style of Asics.

Menswear Designer Brand

Retro and futurist aesthetic takes the colors of 8ON8 away from classic black, white and gray. The application of luxurious textures creates multiple layers on the flat horizon.

Menswear Designer Brand

Brand applies splicing, bleaching and water-washing processes on popular denim fabric. The splicing with white denim recreates the design aesthetic. Well-finished denim vest can be worn skin-tight or outside.

Menswear Designer Brand

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The Analysis of SHI-SHI The Womenswear Designer Brand

Womenswear Designer Brand

The Russian designer brand SHI-SHI was founded by Yulia Shinkareva at a small sewing workshop in 2015. Its neoclassic clothing style has helped the brand to become one of the leading Russian womenswear brand in five years. Overcoat, trouser suit and tulip-print handbag are the special products. SHI-SHI calls for the integration of different kinds of women.

Womenswear Designer Brand

Designer applies inlay process to form embossed lines on skirt, which can improve the fabric texture. The combination with A-line dress hem creates a customized neat styling.

Womenswear Designer Brand

The matte leather in this collection selects khaki tone, such as gentle camel, beige, khaki and deep brown. Color-blocking, structural tailoring and reconstitution are applied to create an independent and capable women fashion under the neoclassic clothing style.

Womenswear Designer Brand

To present neoclassicism in a more perfect way, SHI-SHI has also released suits, dresses and blouses in rust red, patina green and relief yellow. More minimalist and fitted clothing are provided to those modern women who are chasing for neoclassicism.

Womenswear Designer Brand

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

Influenced by this special epidemic, the futuristic commuting style rises. How to satisfy the dressing requirements of commuters when they come back to the office soon after the stayhome has stimulated some independent designers. Delicate futuristic commuting clothes make the traditional office wear modern, playful and practical. And it is also the creative design according to the features of contemporary commuters.

Menswear Designer Brand

Millennials and Gen Z will occupy over 60% in the workplace in 2021. The diverse mixed group of Digital Natives with social responsibility and ambition become our search objects. According to the data, there will be 9.09 million college graduates in 2021, which is the highest number in the history. They are a generation of personality, not bound by the conventional working mode. They are more concerned about flexible working hours and changing workplaces in order to obtain a sense of happiness in life.

Menswear Designer Brand

With the changes of global workplace and the existence of mobile office technique, commuters get rid of the traditional working system and the fixed workplace. Corona virus completely changes the conventional officing mode, and promotes the application of remote working. Diverse workplaces lead to the redefinition of the balance between life and work. Therefore, eco-friendly and healthy officing products are more popular among commuters.

Menswear Designer Brand

The S/S 2021 collection of Staffonly is also its tenth season. Designers, Une Yea and Zhou Shimo focus on the reform and possibility of office space. Taking Staff as the character of this season, the brand tries to explore the huge but obscure group of salaried people. Staff pays attention to and deconstructs the most daily scenery, office, to provide a dressing guide for the flexible officing. We can not only find the fixed elements of office, but also the prints and details of vacation. These elements weave the Workation image of Staffonly and balance the comfortable dressing experience and functionality.

Menswear Designer Brand

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6 low key and high end fashion brands

The pace of summer is getting faster and faster. In the twinkling of an eye, it is the end of August. Your wardrobe should be updated! How many brands of clothes do you always buy? Before summer sales is over, it’s time to try something new!


The following six niche fashion brands can not only let you catch the tail of summer, but also start with your favorite items at the most lovely price, so that this summer has a perfect end and embraces the coming autumn.

01 All Saints

British nostalgia and low-key punk Romanticism

When we talk about All Saints, people who are fascinated about leather jacket might know that this brand is called “sewing machine”.Because of the mottled and decadent industrial design style in the store, the sewing machine has become the most prominent identification for the brand.

designer brand

The first time I knew all saints was in Hong Kong. There were a lot of sewing machine decorations in the shop and on the large screen outside. Later, I went to the UK to study and had a deeper understanding of all saints. Although this new fashion brand from London is called the cheap Vivienne Westwood by many avant-garde fashion lovers, I think there is a clear difference between the two brands.


All saints was founded in October 1994 by Stuart Trevor, a British menswear designer, and his wife, Kait Bolongaro who is an entrepreneur. The brand name was originally intended to be named “the saint” under the nickname “ST”.

In the summer before the establishment of the brand, they attended a Carnival Party on All Saints Road in Nottinghill, London. Inspired by the environment, they decided to name the brand “All Saints”.

Music and art have always been the core of All saints. From the promotion of image films to the opening of stores, brands will cooperate with different musicians and artists. All saints holds LA Sessions from time to time in the studio in Los Angeles. The Sessions music project has cooperated with different musicians, and has also found graffiti artists to complete their works on classic leather clothes. The brand has developed in the spirit of East London, where music, creativity and art are flourishing.

In fact, the cultural axis design method can be attributed to the successor creative director Wil Beedle. Compared with the creative director of general fashion brands, he has a profound background in fashion courses. In fact, Wil Beedle graduated from Cambridge literature department and went to Paris to study visual art and painting after graduation. That’s why you won’t see too complicated design in the design, but you can definitely see the story of brand’s research on music, art and other cultures in details.

Back to the brand design itself, exquisite printing and grinding and other hand-made processing make All saints’ clothing with a decadence rock style, but also full of nostalgic and low-key romanticism. It seems to recall the gentry feelings of Great Britain and pay homage to the modern punk rock art.

Besides, leather clothes, the most important part of All saints, are not only the changes in the leather, but also make the upper body more attractive. From the classic neutral Balfern without waist down to the short version of Papin and other styles, they reflect the diversified version and different waist design, so that they can conform to different body shapes.

Also brilliant are accessories and bags, excellent old-fashioned effect and bohemian style, the brand’s unique energy burst out.

Its style is relatively stable, so the basic style is a must-have item. It is suggested that leather coat is really worth starting with, followed by skirt and accessories bag. Secretly, the discount of summer sales is as low as 40% now. Don’t hesitate to start your favorite item!

02 Whistles

Exquisite elegance from England

Compared with All Saints, Whistles,which is a British brand,will be more bright and should have been promoted to the heart of many people. At the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, Kate wore whistles skirt, which made her famous.

Founded in London in 1976 by Lucille and Richard Lewin, whistles is now part of oasis, a British clothing brand. After Jane Shepherdson, a former Topshop director, was appointed CEO in 2008, she changed the style of history to make the outline more concise and the color more exquisite.

The design is distinctive and characteristic, not to say much chic, but elegant and tasteful. It pays special attention to the details of hand embroidery and nail beads, which is exquisite and exquisite, and is committed to creating effortless fashion. When it comes to the most utilized clothes in the wardrobe, they must belong to this brand.

Simple and exquisite casual wear, suits with various silhouettes, and skilfully tailored skirts, each type exudes a charming temperament, which can be satisfied in this brand, whether in the street, in the restaurant, in the activities or in Po meizhao.

Whistles is also experimenting with the design of wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns. The price is very simple and elegant, which is suitable for tall and slim girls.

In terms of accessories, I don’t really recommend it. The overall design is relatively ordinary, and there is no particularly eye-catching performance, but the clothing is still very good. We should seize the opportunity of discount now

03 Marc Le Bihan

Cool and low-key French dark pioneer

Maybe someone will see a question mark in their brain when they see the brand name, but believe me, the design of this brand will never let people down. Marc Le Bihan is a low-key French avant-garde brand. Its clothing texture and lookbook style are mainly in dark color. Look has a strong industrial style as the background.

It can bring you different delicacy and elegance, as well as a bit of charm. It is bright and decadent. The elegant and exquisite outline is woven by light Chiffon yarn, cotton cloth and silk, which is cold and aesthetic.

Marc Le Bihan is good at shaping the texture and shape of clothing with different materials. The gauze skirt can be complex and multi-layer, and can also be single-layer exquisite carving and hollowing out. She is good at selecting colors close to black or white, and innovating various series by using traditional dyeing technology.

Pure handmade, the raw materials used are very exquisite, the principle of handicraft is always to adhere to. It is very in line with the Oriental aesthetic. Many styles of self-cultivation can show women’s soft or neutral side, but avant-garde is not too flashy. It can be used in many occasions, but it can also attract eyes crazily.

Designer Marc Le Bihan’s study of clothing began in his youth. In his early days, he did textile work in the famous Gobelins workshop in Paris. His working experience and learning during that period made Marc Le Bihan form a very good taste of handcraft.

At the same time, influenced by famous designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, REI Kawakubo, Martin Margiela, Joseph Beuys and other well-known designers, he has gradually become a designer with strict personality and is committed to creating fashion classics that will not fade with time.

04 3.1 Phillip Lim

Chill cool and fashionable Chinese designer brand

Phillip Lim Lin Neng Ping is a model of Chinese American designers. After Jimmy Choo and Vera Wang, he is another Chinese American designer who is popular in Europe and America. The American Fashion Designers Association presented him with the emerging talent in Womenswear women’s fashion design award in 2007. 3.1 Phillip Lim is a brand he set up in 2005, which is very distinctive and simple.

Vogue describes it as “pretty but cool” and “don’t try too hard”.

I began to know that this brand was attracted by the design of the show when I sorted out the slender features of various brands in a fashion week. Later, it was learned that 3.1 Phillip Lim is famous for its neat tailoring, slim fitting effect and gorgeous details. Classic clothes such as slim pants and high waist cocoon shaped small dress are also popular among stars.

In addition to these impeccable fashion design, the bag is also attractive to me. No matter from the color, fabric or style, it gives people a bright feeling. Each style seems to be suitable for various occasions, as if there is a magic that must have such an item.

05 Sacai

Top Japanese niche brands with unique tastes

Sacai originated from Japan, and its positioning is a small fashion brand. Therefore, it should be a relatively unfamiliar brand for many people, and the price of brand niche is also very small. In 1999, Sacai was founded by Japanese designer Chitose Abe Abe, who was a late bloomer.

Chitose Abe is a close disciple of Rei Kawakubo of Kawakubo. He was engaged in layout cutting at CDG. Later, he joined Junya watanbe’s design team. Under the influence of his ears and eyes, Chitose Abe’s design style was also deeply influenced.

With its unique sports style, Sacai has won the affirmation and love of many fashion giants. He was once the most interesting designer.

The delicate pleated cotton cloth, with its unique design of overlapping shadow and displacement, has won the hearts of many trendy icon. Even Edison Chen has publicly said that he loves this women’s wear brand very much.


▲Sacai x fragment design x CONVERSE

▲ Sacai x Nike LDWaffle

The reputation of Sacai is due to several joint design, and Sacai, who has always been a low-key player, began to show up. With high design recognition and unique style, it has been sought after by many fashion stars,In the last two years of Paris fashion week, you can always see many stars in Sacai’s show.

This brand is suitable for fairies who like low-key and details. The style of sacai women’s clothing is exquisite and charming, and the texture of clothes is light and elegant. Whether it is the unique totem on the knitting, or the delicate, light and elegant fabrics, as well as the clothing with unique modeling feeling, can highlight the unique characteristics of the brand.


Korean fashion brand full of femininity

Low class is a local fashion brand in South Korea. It was founded in 2009 by Lee Myeong sin, Hwang Hyun Ji and Park Jin Sun, three female designers who graduated from Seoul Jianguo University. Its style and aesthetic fit Asian people. In recent years, it has attracted more and more public attention and is loved by Korean stars and fashion people. It also often appears in Korean dramas.

Its design style is fashionable and simple, which brings fun through tailoring details and embellishment colors. Designers like to emphasize the visual effect by using printing patterns and other elements on the basis of black and white two-color, giving people a simple and not boring feeling, creating a low-key and unique personality fashion.

The reason why low class has always been popular with young people is that its clean cutting combines with street sports culture. The style of clothes is very casual, and there is a sense of design, so people don’t think the clothes are cheap.

Lazy knitted fabric into a gentle color, the style of a little more ladies can choose to try, but all knitwear can make people more feminine.

The new leather collection bag is chic style. I think the shape and color of these bags are very good. The unique color makes the identification higher. There is no unnecessary decoration, and it is more clean and versatile.

In the past, low class has always faced the public with high street leisure style. Nowadays, its style is more mature and the workplace is closer. The audience has increased from young trendy people to mature women.

However, there are many negative voices about this style change. Low class is also known as “Korea Celine”. I think there are different opinions on this. There is no need for the general public to blindly pursue luxury goods and lose their rationality. After all, fashion is constantly updated, and the most important thing is to be suitable for themselves.

To tell you the truth, I still like the high fashion style after the transformation of low class. The femininity is increasing and the behavior is a pictorial.

It’s time for fairies who like or are growing grass to chop their hands with summer sales!! Let’s say goodbye to this summer and welcome autumn with new clothes.

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Recalling the Old Dream of Clothing Collocation for Womenswear

Womenswear style

The design craze of the classic retro style activates the vitality of retro products. The atmosphere full of insecurity and fear makes people look forward to beautiful and hopeful things. Under this background, luxurious retro court style is awakened, so people can face the terrible circumstance with a positive and optimistic attitude. This trend is also combined with unsalable products, catering to sustainable design concept. The unique appearance contains the charm of vintage, and the nostalgic keynote enhances the value and significance of products.

Womenswear style

Retro court style focuses on femininity and luxury. The fabric will combine crisp materials like jacquard or brocade, and the bell hemline also emphasizes a crisp feel. Lace and bowknot become important decorations. As for white tones, slightly warm milk white is used. The off-shoulder, strapless and slip styles are important expressions.

Womenswear retro style

Decorations are combined with sets, weakening the tough feel. Bowknot, pearl and floral in home decoration frequently appear. The entire look also emphasizes decorations.

Womenswear retro style

Feather, jacquard, tiered skirt and square collar create a light and illusive vibe for the clothing. Pastel colors are quite healing. Bowknot and metal sheen reproduce a luxurious retro dream.

Womenswear retro style

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Men’s Classics and Innovation Jackets at Trunk Shows

Men's Jackets

The A/W 20/21 menswear trunk shows add creative designs to jackets. Baseball jackets, workwear jackets and fleece jackets are still popular. Simple design is dominant, with some details and decorative patterns to be more exquisite and fashionable. The denim jacket appears in a brand-new look, and will become a mainstream trend in A/W 20/21. Pattern design is necessary for each season. Dynamic colors and abstract designs make the style more statement-making and avant-garde. The outbreak will also drive the protective and functional jacket to be a new trend.

fashion trend jackets

The baseball jacket appears in many brands for A/W 20/21. Style change, diversified fabrics and decorative patterns polish the style. The bead on the chest and embroidered letters make the style more exquisite and lively. Plackets design and hemline change also add highlights. Stella McCartney creates a turn-down collar baseball jacket, and the unique neckline adds fun.

Slight Fashion Baseball Jackets

Flowers, birds, insects, beasts and natural landscape are common elements of the brand. Abstract patterns make the style more avant-garde and fashionable. Marcelo Burlon County of Milan uses brand-new illusive thermal pulse print to make the style more sci-fi and futuristic.

Jackets with Fashionable Prints

The new camouflage gets abstract, digitized and naturalized. The pattern change is more modern, with simple bright decorations to extend individuality. Valentino uses the eye-catching florescent green and virtual pink as decorations to make the style chic and individual.

Transformed Camouflage fashion style

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