The Detail Trend for Men’s and Women’s Minimalist Fashion Sport Sweatshirt

Fashion Sport Sweatshirt

Under the influence of restraint, consumers are paying attention to practical and multi-occasion clothing. The super practical sweatshirt which can be worn in all four seasons has an outstanding impact to the market. Combination of slant opening, rubber waterproof zippers and delicate woven labels brings an entry luxury visual effect to the minimalist style. Besides, functional design details are also noteworthy. Weatherproof hoodie and high-neck design provide protection to urban runners. Improving the function and chic of sport sweatshirts is what we should consider. And this report analyzes the detail trend for 2022 early autumn sport sweatshirts.

Fashion Sport Sweatshirt

Since slant opening has been a common design, the design of this season is applied on the high-neck silhouette to improve texture and chic. Rubber waterproof zippers which have letter patterns show hazy matte and delicate entry luxury sense through the textured contrast and shading changes.

Fashion Sport Sweatshirt

The outdoor protective design is integrated into fashionable sport sweatshirts. Hat and neck can apply weatherproof functional fabrics splicing to protect urban runners. The moisture absorption and air-permeability of fabric is also important.

Fashion Sport Sweatshirt

Pullover protective high-neck sweatshirt wraps the neck comfortably and provides thermal effect. The sewing between high-neck and neckline should be delicate, and even seamless sewing can be applied. Details like shirring can be used on neckline to increase thermal and stylish texture.

Fashion Sport Sweatshirt

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The Craft Trend for Men’s Extremely Functional Outdoor Sports


The pressure in urban life causes people to escape to another world. Just take your clothes and bag, which are enough. For outdoor sports, the functional qualities of outdoor and commuting garments are underlined to ensure diversity. Craft details are underscored. Functional elements work best to expand sporty items.

fashion men's style

In line with the thematic trend of Landscape Protection, the distressed designs resurge. Washes and sand wash create a variety of colors. Dyeing and printing help create the variegated and distressed effect.

Variegated and Distressed fashion menswear

The protective quality is crucial for the outdoor sporty items. The hood drawstring is protective and provides extra warmth.

The Hood Drawstring fashion menswear

The heightened and tightened designs, buckles, layered fabrics and all-in-one shape are functional and decorative, working better in the youth market.

The Lower Jaw Protective Tab fashion menswear

The pressed film at the all-in-one zippers and the zipper cap can enhance the waterproof quality. Tonal or contrasting colors add a fashionable and functional twist.

fashion menswear

Chest pockets from tunics provide must-have elements to the outdoor apparel. The positions of pockets can be adjusted according to different occasions. There are two kinds – patch pocket and insert pocket. Inner pockets can also be applied to provide extra convenience.

Chest Pockets fashion menswear

A layer of bright bias-cut woven fabric or PVC on the seams can offer the waterproof quality and a bold contrasting visual.

Details at the Seams fashion menswear

Taping works best for extreme conditions. This technique is mainly used for splicing on apparel to create the flawless and functional look.

Taping fashion menswear

The all-in-one designs consisting of the jacket and backpack are seen at The North Face, Meanswhile and Undercover. The yoke at the back, tapes, buckles and two-layer zipper add the adjusting function.