18/19 Autumn Winter Sweet Dress of Kidswear Designer Brand


Dresses are must-haves for girls in all seasons. This time, designers update dresses with silhouettes, details, materials and techniques. High-waist shirring, vivid ruffle, sheer fabric and splicing personify items.

fashion girl's style

High-waist looks are frequently seen in this season, teaming with shirring and sheer fabrics to reinforce a sweet style.

High-waist Shirring

Sheer fabrics are applied to hems to lengthen items, emphasizing a vivid aesthetic.

Sheer Hem

Ruffles are widely used on dresses in this season, appearing on the shoulder, bodice, sleeve or pocket. Considered or exaggerated design underlines a three-dimensional effect.

Vivid Ruffle
Color blocks and mixed materials bring visual interest, resulting in bold and creative dresses.

The 3 Hottest Styles of Pre-Fall 2018 Womenswear on Tmall


According to the data, consumer groups are getting younger, so designs move in a youthful direction. The post 2000s, 1995s, 1990s and 1985s are main forces of online shopping, and they drive trends. The high-consumption post 90s and 85s prefer simple silhouettes, high quality, well-considered design and light tones. The post 95s and 00s love seasonal items, so they bought summer wear in August. But post 90s and 85s chose fall items such as base-layer sweaters, knitted jackets and lightweight woolen coats.


Sales Data of Different Styles on 3 Platforms

01 Sweet Style–Post 2000s

Girls enjoy sweet and subtle styles. Light tones are dominant in addition to black, white and gray, completing ethereal and vivid looks.

Sweet Fashion Style for Girls

Hot Item: Dress & Skirt

Plain-tone wovens are popular in the market, as well as check fabrics. The commercial success of plaid dresses and skirts continues from August to early autumn.

Sweet Girl's suit

white lace shirt and plaid dress for girl's

Key Item: Knitted Jacket

A must-have for this season, knitwear with comfortable touch is the best seller. Light purple feels girly, distressed placket and hem gains traction.

black and white sweater for girl

02 Smarten Up–Post 90s

Women of post 90s are not that mature. They still prefer girly design, but choose smarten-up garments in neat and elegant silhouettes.

Girl's Smarten Up--Post 90s

Hot Item: Top, Dress & Skirt

Polka-dot items hit the market, while simple shirts continue to prevail. Ruffles, lacings and shirring feel sophisticated yet sweet. Short-sleeve design has commercial appeal in this season.

Top, Dress & Skirt for girl

chiffon wave point dress for girl

blue shirt and white short dress for girl's

floral chiffon shirt and black dress for girl's

Key Item: Check Coat

Check suits or coats give women a mature twist. Office-appropriate style also plays a role. The post 90s is the main force of online shopping and sets trends, so it is important to win their hearts.

Check Coat for Girl

Check Girl's Set

check coat for girl

03 Mature Women–Post 85

The post-85s is a high-consumption generation. They prefer simple silhouettes, high quality, well-considered design and light tones. They opt for items to keep warm in early autumn, so base-layer sweaters, knitted jackets and lightweight woolen coats become hot items.

autumn sweater item for girl

Hot Item: Sweater

Soft and comfortable, base-layer sweaters are undoubtedly popular. Simple silhouettes are neat and refined, but tones go diverse, often in solid color.

pink color long sleeve sweater for women

wine red long sleeves sweater for girl

Key Item: Double-faced Woolen Coat

Loose silhouettes, appropriate length and soft tactility are design features for double-faced woolen coats. They pair with exquisite items for graceful looks.

Double-faced Woolen Coat for Women

biege long double-faced woolen coat for women