The Comprehensive Analysis of Men’s and Women’s Accessories in Première Vision


As the world’s most authoritative fabrics and accessories fair, Premiere Vision has attracted 13 new accessory exhibitors and sets a special exhibition area. This exhibition will have an important impact on clothing design and development in S/S 2021 through the development of innovative materials, traditional handicrafts and sportswear accessories. Environmental protection and sustainability remain the hottest topic at the show. Many exhibitors display their original production materials and processes at the booth, highlighting the waste in each production mode and the new materials, and calling for innovation and change in the industry.


With the growing demand for handicrafts, there are a large number of hand-woven tapes. Exquisite woven structure and the natural touch bring a plain feel to the undyed linen and hemp fibers. The handicraft creates an ever-lasting appearance and brings a simple yet retro feel to the style.

Hand-woven Tapes

Feather is the ever-lasting element for Haute Couture. Feather is often used to create the exaggerated and avant-garde looks. However, in this year’s Première Vision, feather appears in a light posture, displaying its versatility and bringing a strongly retro romantic feel. Bright-colored feather band is more suitable for the young market.


Comprehensive Analysis of the Menswear Pattern Crafts on Trunk Show


Jacquard is still the basic technique for camo. Jacquard camo for S/S 2020 underlines the combinations of stitch, print and embroidery. In S/S 2020, Prada uses different stitches for different colors and 3D textures.

menswear shirt.png

In this season, machine embroidery is more delicate, and it also pairs with print and jacquard. Gianni Versace’s colorful ombre logo with flocking adds depth.

delicate fashion style

In S/S 2020, more logos and lines will be combined with color blocks. Jacquard are critical for color blocks with point, line and plane. Leisure and sporty knitwear is recommended.

Color Blocks sweatshirt

Jacquard, print and collaging are key. Off-White’s blue pullover features 3D jacquard stripes, and the jacquard logo on the back is curved, adding a vintage and artistic mood.


Jacquard patterns for S/S 2020 are more delicate. The visual effect is better than that of printing.

printing sweatshirt

Beads can also team up with print and embroidery. Valentino’s space and astronaut patterns are elaborate and delicate with beads. Gianni Versace uses asymmetry, ombre colors or heavy embroidery to bring newness.

3D print style


UOOYAA’s 19 Autumn Winter Fashion Show


In this season, UOOYAA held the 19 A/W fashion show – Monster Inbreak. UOOYAA’s attitude is “Stay Weird, Stay Different”.

Monster Inbreak

The colors are rebellious and offbeat. Heritage blue and rose are combined with neon green and orange to enrich the palette. Nostalgia and futurism are integrated.

Nostalgia and Futurism

Seek harmony in the weird and interesting style. The big eyes and monster are mixed to show soft and tough qualities. UOOYAA even collaborated with Ultraman to add interest.


Buttonhole loops are often seen in Chi Pao. In the show, UOOYAA sought harmony in traditional crafts and weird styling. Buttonhole loops go into the futuristic fashion apparel.

fashion catwalk style

The Chinese tunic suit is renewed with dirty washing to show a rebellious punk attitude. The mandarin jacket and cotton-padded jacket are updated to add harmony.

The Chinese Tunic Suit

The mixing of suits and monsters is striking. Monsters add a cool and nonchalant effect.


The neon green tears, elf ears, blood pupils, pointed hat and monster look are weird and attractive. Those interesting accessories are also eye-catching . In the show, UOOYAA combined 2D and daily life, which is magical.

Magic Realism

There were lots of online influencers and fashion bloggers attending this show: Chang Tui Dong, Wu Jiaye, Zhang Jiayi, Ava Foo and Nikki-Min.


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At 7 am on May 9, 2019, LOUIS VUITTON will host the 2020 Early Spring Holiday Fashion Show at the Global Airlines Flight Center in New York, USA. It is the fifth terminal of JFK Airport in New York, designed by architect Eero Saarinen in 1956, 1962 Open for use. The shape of the building is like the wings, the internal structure and color, and the distribution of light and shadow. It has the image of the science fiction movies of the last century.

Global Airlines Flight CenterGlobal Airlines Flight CenterGlobal Airlines Flight CenterGlobal Airlines Flight Center

Star attendance, Whose state is slightly better?

Cate BlanchettEmma StoneJulianne MooreSupermodel KK

This season’s early spring show, Louis Vuitton women’s artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière brings a new design. The most anticipated of the LV show is probably the annual early spring vacation series, because the brand will go to interesting places around the world to interpret the true meaning of fashion and architecture.

LV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion style

In the structure of fashion is also full of structuralist three-dimensional. The stiff shoulder silhouette, the neat short flight jacket, and the decorative shawl with wings and wings all reflect the symbol of “free flight”. A tunic shirt with a retro flying hat set, together with a retro look.

LV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion style

The avant-garde makeup created by make-up artist Pat McGrath who has a vintage and modern look from silhouette to color to makeup. It’s like a party girl from a nightclub, and it’s also sparkling and sexy. There are also three national models, Li Jingwen, Zhao Jiali and Chun Yu, who participated in the catwalk. It is a wonderful show!

Prada 2020 Early Spring Series Collection for Women

Prada 2020 Fashion Show
Prada 2020 Fashion Show

The plaid element is integrated into the suit, which adds a highlight to this must-have item in the workplace. It doesn’t look rigid and not too fancy. Women in the workplace should wear it like this!

Prada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion style

As a kind of retro element, the striped element has always been the darling of the trend. In addition to the stripe lines can be very good to modify the body shape, simple and fresh mix that become a magic weapon in spring.

Prada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion style

In the spring, sweet and elegant flowers are also essential, and the whole style is full of small woman charming. From the original romantic feminine style to the current pastoral style, a variety of styles have changed.

Prada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion Style

Restore the most authentic fashion style with simple and neat cuts. Solid color and loose version are more comfortable. The suit and skirt are stacked and worn together, which is a walking spring tutorial.

Prada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion style

The classic bowling bag returns to the fashion show again, and the new tones give a new dimension.

The sequins of different sizes are dotted with short knit scarves, which are small, exquisite and full of fun.

Different styles of pearl earrings adds a romantic touch to the overall look.

The Prada 2020 early spring vacation series is romantic, fun and comfortable, with a total of 48 lookups released. From the color tone, the spring is full of vitality and the vivid scene is vividly displayed. Different elements show different collocations, and also meet the spring dress of the literary girls.

Five 2019 SS Beautiful Fashion Shows

It has been a while since 2019 SS catwalk. There are charming colors and attractive styles. If you plan to travel abroad, you’d better check them.


>Marchesa2019 S/S

Marchesa2019 ss style

Marchesa’s catwalk features lucky girls’ aura, which could be stronger when put on celebrities. The pink tone, flowing open sleeves and delicate patterns on chest are appealing.

Marchesa purple style

The theme of this catwalk is flowing charm. Star-dotted dress and A-shaped dress add chram. Lace on chest adds depth.

one shoulder fashion style.jpg

It is easy to find that lace and gauze are the main elements in 2019 S/S catwalks. When choosing dress, you could pick up a different one.

Marchesa lace style

Wavy dress hem, ombre and beautiful styles should be taken into account. White high heels can be matched.

>Rebecca De Ravenel2019 S/S

Rebecca De Ravenel2019 ss style

This show is full of sweet styles. Girls who prefer cute outfits in daily life could choose them. Fruit elements and simple black waist band could be borrowed.

Rebecca De Ravenel2019 ss style 1

Polka dot on dress is modern and feminine. Black and white are recommended, simple and direct.

>Lela Rose2019

This is show for women. Plants and leaves on long dress and abstract geometric elements both can be borrowed. Head accessories can be chosen according to your style.

Lela Rose2019

>Haney 2019 S/S

Haney2019 dress style

Simple styles with unsymmetrical and slant-cutting techniques deliver different appearances.

Above are 5 2019 Spring Summer fashion shows. You can surely borrow some ideas from them.

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The Review of 2018 Victoria’s Secret Show


These photos give us an impression that the designs may come from the floral bed sheets in the 1980s. When supermodels come towards you, it is just like walking bed sheets. Well, it is just a funny joke to start our review. Since the first fashion show held by Victoria in 1990, the Victoria’s secret show has been an annual fashion carnival.


Several days ago, 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was recorded in New York. The official broadcast time is 10am, December 2(the United States time). This is the 23rd show broadcast since the 1995 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


Supermodels in the opening of the show were eye-catching. The opening theme of this year’s show is Glam Royal. Taylor Hill was the first model stepping on the stage and showing the collection of Scotland style. Taylor Hill made her debut in 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and she was the youngest. Then she officially signed a contract with Victoria’s Secret and became the real angel.


The Chinese Models

There are four Chinese Models in 2018 Victoria’s Secret Show.

Liu Wen, Xi Mengyao, He Sui and Chen Yu


He Sui Struck a pose on the stage in a black and transparent undergarment with a mechanical style. The golden sun totem wings on the back was holy and impressive.


Liu Wen interpreted the collection of Mary Katrantzou X VS.


Xi Mengyao was paid attention to last year because the mistake she made on the stage. The Downtown Angels’ clothes worn by Ms. Xi was simple and neat with the street girly look.


Chen Yu displayed the Pink collection. The metallic top paired with the orange pants. The waist bag exuded a youthful feel.

The making of the Fantasy Bra, which was paid high attention to, consumed around 930 hours. With the adding of 925 silver and gold, the value of it is about 1 million dollars. Moreover, 2100 Swarovski diamonds are used. The weight of the center part is even over 71 karats. The supremodel Elsa Hosk wore the dazzling Fantasy Bra.