The Analysis of Hangzhou CKIW EXPO

Hangzhou CKIW EXPO

Hangzhou is the birthplace of China’s E-commerce, and also the largest city of digital economy in China. China(Hangzhou) Fashion Industry Digital Trade Exhibition(CKIW EXPO) gathered the supply chains and hosted a biggest feast for China’s underwear industry. As an essential platform for the underwear industry to communicate and trade, this exhibition not only reflected the current industrial conditions and trends, but also provided face-to-face business opportunities for enterprises and e-commerce organizations. Besides, multiple professional forums in the exhibition established a platform for insiders to study and communicate.

Hangzhou CKIW EXPO

Comfortable and traceless underwear without wires is made out of one-mould process. Ultrasonic wave and films are used instead of stitching to eliminate the traces. Traceless underwear requires more refined materials to further improve the comfort.

Hangzhou CKIW EXPO

Impressive color blocking can better catch eyeballs, while the pairing of different colors indirectly reflects the mood of underwear. Fabrics are conflicted to feel more joyous, and the contrasting edges provide more delicate appearances.

Hangzhou CKIW EXPO

Lace element is grouped with intimates through different techniques. The splicing of lace edges presents graceful and gorgeous styles. Besides, the differences brought by materials create new visual impact.

Hangzhou CKIW EXPO

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The Womenswear Runway Analysis of Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Christian Dior S/S 2022 ready-to-wear fashion show was held in the Paris Tuileries Garden on September 28. Maria Grazia Chiuri approached Anna Pararatti to conceive the show’s scenography in an absurdist spirit reflecting the universe of her various works. Pop and game have been the core of this 60’s runway. The collection is structured around a network of associations as Maria Grazia Chiuri explores Marc Bohan’s long tenure as Creative Director of Dior. More precisely, she highlights the Slim Look collection, presented in 1961. A-line doll dress, mini Dior suit, 60s optical white dress and tennis dress; color-blocking outerwear and dress; orange and green boxing suit; golden fringed mini dress all awaken and overpass the elegant classics of Dior.

Christian Dior

Game is the core element of this runway. Inspired by the board games, the palette of Christian Dior creates dazzling, flamboyant, artist and fun colors. Celandine, Island Green, Marzipan and Oriole group a bold colorway and present the playfulness of games.

Christian Dior

The Slim Look collection, presented in 1961 by Marc Bohan, was described by the fashion press as follows: “It completely changes fashion, just as the New Look did in 1947.” In this season, Maria Grazia Chiuri once again inherited and nodded to the classic. The use of high-satu-ration palette created avant-garde and bold modern looks.

Christian Dior

Tonal sport suits mix baseball shirts, boxing shorts, sport underwear with trench coat. Nylon and diving fabrics are used to adapt to multiple occasions. The matching with 60’s Go-go Boots interprets an alternatively elegant image of Dior lady.

Christian Dior

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Trunk Shows


Practicality is the direction of S/S 2021 trunk shows. Dresses and trousers occupy the largest part, but trousers decline a little. The new season focuses more on the development and selection of tops. Details center on romantic spliced lace and silhouette changes. The attention is paid to cutting, spliced elements and detail crafts.


It is one of the hottest items in the new season. Silhouette cutting is key. Knitted fabrics and knitwear are main fabrics. Thus woven fabrics can be tried. Deconstruction and splicing create lavish layers.

Arc Ultra-Short Pull-on Top

Catering to the popularity of minimalism, collarless design is employed to highlight a layered match effect. 3D press-pleating and cutout embroidery make a mock-neck effect and add delicate details to items.

Collarless Suits

The dress is a key category this season, and the graceful shirt dress is prominent. Below-the-knee length, adjustable strings and refined fabrics characterize the shirt dress in the new season.

Graceful Shirt Dress

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IBL YEUNG 2020 Autumn/Winter Collection Advanced Luxury Fashion Show

The fashion show is focused on two themes, “Autumn and Winter Collections” and “Leisure Fashion Collections”, which create the collision between fashion trends and sportswear and cargo trends. The show demonstrates the determination of “IBL YEUNG” to pursue diversified and unique artistic styles. At the same time, Catherine Yeung is also a very thoughtful designer. That’s why her designs look amazing. Black and white are more fashionable, with a tribute to cargo trend, blending with modern fashion and traditional British style, attracting people from different fashion fields. In addition to cargo trend, elegant blue also frequently appeared in the series. The fabrics with good hand-feeling and unique embroidery instantly attracted the attention of the audience and fully reflected the intelligibility of fashion!


As the second haute couture fashion conference of “IBL YEUNG”, it not only attracted the attention of many fashion professionals in the industry, but also invited many entertainment celebrities including Renjun Wang, Lunshuo Zhang, and Yidi Hou to help out. In the more than one-hour fashion show, in order to let audiences  deepening the experiences of design concepts and fashion elements of IBL YEUNG, hundreds of pigeons were placed in the show. Moreover, the models who are elegant and handsome were walking from the audience which fully demonstrated the true interpretation of “IBL YEUNG” that is “share with each other and express freely”.


The founder of “IBL YEUNG” brand, Chinese American Catherine Yeung, graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. Catherine Yeung has never forgotten the memory of living in London as a child. The bustling London contains full of atmosphere of royal luxury and elegance. Also, London is a city that has strong artistic atmosphere which endows her works a colorful and beautiful tone, while Western historical connotation and unique art Style has also become a luxurious embellishment in her design. More importantly, Catherine Yeung pays more attention to the connotation of human nature, hoping to tell everyone through her design, “how to be the truest self”, while there is nothing wrong to show the fragility of oneself . With “IBL YEUNG” clothing fabrics, whether skirts that have large area of bright and pure color or suits that blend capable and colorful contradictions, the works show a blend of modern fashion sense and traditional British style. Also the designers combine retro and modern, gorgeous and practical, and fully indicate the intelligibility of fashion!


The truth is that “IBL YEUNG” has always been a free brand that refuses to be defined and labeled. Also, they do not set tags or definitions for their customers. Only those customers who can truly recognize the IBL YEUNG brand philosophy and have independent views and unique talents have opportunities to enjoy the perfect service from IBL YEUNG. They can provide advanced fashionistas with aristocratic haute couture experience, and they can also provide fashionable trendy clothing for young people.


“IBL YEUNG” believes that fashion is a responsibility that express one’s attitude and convey the art of love and beauty. Due to this fashion responsibility, ”IBL YEUNG” decided to hold the “2020 Autumn/Winter Collections Advanced Fashion Show” in Shanghai-the fashion capital of China-in order to deliver the knowledge of fashion, love and beauty.

“IBL YEUNG” believes that the Chinese market is young and dynamic. The young people here have independent thoughts and spirits, advocating freedom, paying attention to fashion, and pursuing advanced fashion art. Therefore, IBL YEUNG believes that it will be warmly welcomed in China.


Since entering the Chinese market last year, with its noble atmosphere and free fashion style, IBL YEUNG rapidly entered the hearts of many people with a unique style. Many celebrities have become loyal fans of “IBL YEUNG” and are welcomed by fashionistas. In just one year, “IBL YEUNG” has opened its second and third brand concept stores.


“IBL YEUNG” hopes that every brand concept store has its unique and special artistic style. They will launch more brand concept stores in the future, hoping to build IBL YEUNG into a fashion landmark, a base for trendy people to gather and sharing art fashion and life style.

The Comprehensive Analysis of Men’s and Women’s Accessories in Première Vision


As the world’s most authoritative fabrics and accessories fair, Premiere Vision has attracted 13 new accessory exhibitors and sets a special exhibition area. This exhibition will have an important impact on clothing design and development in S/S 2021 through the development of innovative materials, traditional handicrafts and sportswear accessories. Environmental protection and sustainability remain the hottest topic at the show. Many exhibitors display their original production materials and processes at the booth, highlighting the waste in each production mode and the new materials, and calling for innovation and change in the industry.


With the growing demand for handicrafts, there are a large number of hand-woven tapes. Exquisite woven structure and the natural touch bring a plain feel to the undyed linen and hemp fibers. The handicraft creates an ever-lasting appearance and brings a simple yet retro feel to the style.

Hand-woven Tapes

Feather is the ever-lasting element for Haute Couture. Feather is often used to create the exaggerated and avant-garde looks. However, in this year’s Première Vision, feather appears in a light posture, displaying its versatility and bringing a strongly retro romantic feel. Bright-colored feather band is more suitable for the young market.


Comprehensive Analysis of the Menswear Pattern Crafts on Trunk Show


Jacquard is still the basic technique for camo. Jacquard camo for S/S 2020 underlines the combinations of stitch, print and embroidery. In S/S 2020, Prada uses different stitches for different colors and 3D textures.

menswear shirt.png

In this season, machine embroidery is more delicate, and it also pairs with print and jacquard. Gianni Versace’s colorful ombre logo with flocking adds depth.

delicate fashion style

In S/S 2020, more logos and lines will be combined with color blocks. Jacquard are critical for color blocks with point, line and plane. Leisure and sporty knitwear is recommended.

Color Blocks sweatshirt

Jacquard, print and collaging are key. Off-White’s blue pullover features 3D jacquard stripes, and the jacquard logo on the back is curved, adding a vintage and artistic mood.


Jacquard patterns for S/S 2020 are more delicate. The visual effect is better than that of printing.

printing sweatshirt

Beads can also team up with print and embroidery. Valentino’s space and astronaut patterns are elaborate and delicate with beads. Gianni Versace uses asymmetry, ombre colors or heavy embroidery to bring newness.

3D print style


UOOYAA’s 19 Autumn Winter Fashion Show


In this season, UOOYAA held the 19 A/W fashion show – Monster Inbreak. UOOYAA’s attitude is “Stay Weird, Stay Different”.

Monster Inbreak

The colors are rebellious and offbeat. Heritage blue and rose are combined with neon green and orange to enrich the palette. Nostalgia and futurism are integrated.

Nostalgia and Futurism

Seek harmony in the weird and interesting style. The big eyes and monster are mixed to show soft and tough qualities. UOOYAA even collaborated with Ultraman to add interest.


Buttonhole loops are often seen in Chi Pao. In the show, UOOYAA sought harmony in traditional crafts and weird styling. Buttonhole loops go into the futuristic fashion apparel.

fashion catwalk style

The Chinese tunic suit is renewed with dirty washing to show a rebellious punk attitude. The mandarin jacket and cotton-padded jacket are updated to add harmony.

The Chinese Tunic Suit

The mixing of suits and monsters is striking. Monsters add a cool and nonchalant effect.


The neon green tears, elf ears, blood pupils, pointed hat and monster look are weird and attractive. Those interesting accessories are also eye-catching . In the show, UOOYAA combined 2D and daily life, which is magical.

Magic Realism

There were lots of online influencers and fashion bloggers attending this show: Chang Tui Dong, Wu Jiaye, Zhang Jiayi, Ava Foo and Nikki-Min.


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At 7 am on May 9, 2019, LOUIS VUITTON will host the 2020 Early Spring Holiday Fashion Show at the Global Airlines Flight Center in New York, USA. It is the fifth terminal of JFK Airport in New York, designed by architect Eero Saarinen in 1956, 1962 Open for use. The shape of the building is like the wings, the internal structure and color, and the distribution of light and shadow. It has the image of the science fiction movies of the last century.

Global Airlines Flight CenterGlobal Airlines Flight CenterGlobal Airlines Flight CenterGlobal Airlines Flight Center

Star attendance, Whose state is slightly better?

Cate BlanchettEmma StoneJulianne MooreSupermodel KK

This season’s early spring show, Louis Vuitton women’s artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière brings a new design. The most anticipated of the LV show is probably the annual early spring vacation series, because the brand will go to interesting places around the world to interpret the true meaning of fashion and architecture.

LV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion styleLV's fashion style

In the structure of fashion is also full of structuralist three-dimensional. The stiff shoulder silhouette, the neat short flight jacket, and the decorative shawl with wings and wings all reflect the symbol of “free flight”. A tunic shirt with a retro flying hat set, together with a retro look.

LV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion styleLV's Fashion style

The avant-garde makeup created by make-up artist Pat McGrath who has a vintage and modern look from silhouette to color to makeup. It’s like a party girl from a nightclub, and it’s also sparkling and sexy. There are also three national models, Li Jingwen, Zhao Jiali and Chun Yu, who participated in the catwalk. It is a wonderful show!

Prada 2020 Early Spring Series Collection for Women

Prada 2020 Fashion Show

Prada 2020 Fashion Show

The plaid element is integrated into the suit, which adds a highlight to this must-have item in the workplace. It doesn’t look rigid and not too fancy. Women in the workplace should wear it like this!

Prada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion style

As a kind of retro element, the striped element has always been the darling of the trend. In addition to the stripe lines can be very good to modify the body shape, simple and fresh mix that become a magic weapon in spring.

Prada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion style

In the spring, sweet and elegant flowers are also essential, and the whole style is full of small woman charming. From the original romantic feminine style to the current pastoral style, a variety of styles have changed.

Prada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion StylePrada's Fashion Style

Restore the most authentic fashion style with simple and neat cuts. Solid color and loose version are more comfortable. The suit and skirt are stacked and worn together, which is a walking spring tutorial.

Prada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion stylePrada's fashion style

The classic bowling bag returns to the fashion show again, and the new tones give a new dimension.

The sequins of different sizes are dotted with short knit scarves, which are small, exquisite and full of fun.

Different styles of pearl earrings adds a romantic touch to the overall look.

The Prada 2020 early spring vacation series is romantic, fun and comfortable, with a total of 48 lookups released. From the color tone, the spring is full of vitality and the vivid scene is vividly displayed. Different elements show different collocations, and also meet the spring dress of the literary girls.

Five 2019 SS Beautiful Fashion Shows

It has been a while since 2019 SS catwalk. There are charming colors and attractive styles. If you plan to travel abroad, you’d better check them.


>Marchesa2019 S/S

Marchesa2019 ss style

Marchesa’s catwalk features lucky girls’ aura, which could be stronger when put on celebrities. The pink tone, flowing open sleeves and delicate patterns on chest are appealing.

Marchesa purple style

The theme of this catwalk is flowing charm. Star-dotted dress and A-shaped dress add chram. Lace on chest adds depth.

one shoulder fashion style.jpg

It is easy to find that lace and gauze are the main elements in 2019 S/S catwalks. When choosing dress, you could pick up a different one.

Marchesa lace style

Wavy dress hem, ombre and beautiful styles should be taken into account. White high heels can be matched.

>Rebecca De Ravenel2019 S/S

Rebecca De Ravenel2019 ss style

This show is full of sweet styles. Girls who prefer cute outfits in daily life could choose them. Fruit elements and simple black waist band could be borrowed.

Rebecca De Ravenel2019 ss style 1

Polka dot on dress is modern and feminine. Black and white are recommended, simple and direct.

>Lela Rose2019

This is show for women. Plants and leaves on long dress and abstract geometric elements both can be borrowed. Head accessories can be chosen according to your style.

Lela Rose2019

>Haney 2019 S/S

Haney2019 dress style

Simple styles with unsymmetrical and slant-cutting techniques deliver different appearances.

Above are 5 2019 Spring Summer fashion shows. You can surely borrow some ideas from them.

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