The Reversed Future Confirmation of Menswear Color Trend

Menswear Color Trend

Reversed Future is one of S/S 2021 theme color trends released by POP in October 2019, presenting a parallel world that never happened. Retro futurism contributes to a palette that merges nostalgia and futurism. Technical Orange Tiger, Digital Multicolor, Bright Violet and Vivid Blue are basics, pairing with Purple Heather, Sharp Green and Lemonade. Anthracite, Star White and Limestone mitigate and add depth, exploring an unknown journey.

Menswear Color Trend

Unveiling mysterious Purple Heather is to travel through the time tunnel. Just as digital waves are free from the constraints of space, Purple Heather takes us to the parallel world of the past and the future. On S/S 2021 menswear catwalks, Purple Heather reinterprets the design language of street menswear with its mysterious and elevated hue.

Menswear Color Trend

Technology changes our era. The high temperature of magneto-caloric effect brings heat as well as Orange Tiger, driving us to explore the future and the unknown. As a bold bright on S/S 2021 catwalks, Orange Tiger injects new energy into street items such as outerwear and knitwear.

Menswear Color Trend

This colorway is inspired by infinite imagination of the virtual world. As a key color of early spring, energetic Orange Tiger meets cold Digital Multicolor. Star White and Anthracite give a real touch, while Vivid Blue enriches the palette. Digital Multicolor adds a lavish futuristic technical feel and displays the retro futuristic aesthetics.

Menswear Color Trend

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The Color Trend for Women’s Digital and Energetic Underwear and Loungewear

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Consumers’ pursuit of novelty drives the development of enhanced natural colors. Enhanced natural colors consist of strongly digital organic colors, vigorous and optimistic. Dynamic and positive brights upgrade familiar styles and details. Unique hot hues can transform basic shapes, prints, fabrics and embroideries. This report will deeply interpret strongly digital positive brights.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Festival Fuchsia is a key color for S/S 2022. Its supernatural feature and mood-boosting quality make it ideal for both the real world and digital world. Festival Fuchsia, Grape Wine and Bright Cobalt inject vitality into embroidery. Handicrafts create print and dye effects, fit for embroidered intimates, sleepwear and loungewear, or holiday series.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Pink evolves to be saturated rose red and mixes with a blueish tinge in S/S 2022. Festival Fuchsia will sweep all seasons with its saturated quality sense, ideal for both offline and online. In this society full of challenges, bold pink will show its strong appeal to new optimists and bring positive energy and vitality. It has been popular in the young market.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Festival Fuchsia is statement-making and independent. Handcrafted embroideries soften this color, with fine straps and lace for sexy bright collections which are put in display area to attract young consumers.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

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Warm Red C is fired in INS which crazy loved by countless KOL

Pantone Color

On the Pantone color card, the blood orange name is “warm Red C”, which is a color between orange and red. It is full of spring feeling.

pantone color

This color is more suitable for Asians than the popular coral color, and there is no fear of black or partial fluorescence. And this kind of warm and vibrant color has a magic that will fall in love at a glance.

fashion women

This is fired spreads through social media, and the colors of countless KOL crazy Amway can not only make the skin color increase two colors, but also make the skin look more even, the makeup is young and full of tension.


“Blood Orange” can be used not only for lip color, but also for eye makeup. It can deepen the sensation of the eyes, and it is light and natural without losing the sense of quality.

fair skin

Compared to the recommendations of different foreign color agencies, Asian black and intermediate skin, “blood orange” is undoubtedly the most appropriate.

And the stars have agreed to pick this color 

Taylor Swift

The contours of the face are deeper, and the girl who follows the European makeup route who can also start with confidence! Whether it is bright and moving like Taylor Swift.

Diane Kruger

Also Diane Kruger who can use blood orange to match their own gas field, showing different charm.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr who has transformed into a beauty blogger, is also a fan of this lip color, not only looks good, but also looks very young.