The Metaverse Color Trend Forecast for Womenswear


The colors of Metaverse look like the spectrum reflected by a crystal prism. These pure colors extracted from the virtual world are extremely bright and clean. The ethereal and dustless visual features of artificial universe are fully expressed, and we apply these virtual colors into fa-shion design to bring refreshing visual effects.


The blooming flowers in placement have the visual effect of translucent shell and virtual spectrum, and the combination with checkerboard strengthens the modern technological sense to present a dazzling and immersive effect. Being both loose and tight-fit, the clothing silhouettes fully reveal the powerful charm of women. In details, sharp visual effects, cutouts and decorative sequins are more attractive.


We divide this theme into four colorways: Girls’ Universe(Sweet & Cool), Oriental Phantom(Chinese Chic), Virtual Sunrise(Western Fashion) and New Era(Scientific Streetwear). Neutrals, warm tones and cold tones are all involved to enrich the color inspiration. Girls’ Universe is ins-pired by the works of Chinese digital artist Jiahui Ding to describe the life condition of oriental girls; Oriental Phantom comes from the photo-graph collection ‘Oriental Beauty’ by Zhong Lin; Virtual Sunrise gets inspiration from the digital artworks of Bloo Woods and Blake Kathryn; New Era extracts the charming blue and purple tones from the digital artworks of SMECCEA to lead us to the gate of Metaverse.


“Girls are the future!” Girls in both the real world and virtual world are pursuing the principle of self-pleasure. Pastel green is paired with gradi-ent metal purple and blue to present wonderful and clear visual effects. The full and lustrous texture looks like crystal artworks. Delicate linear ornaments with butterfly elements are added to make girls whimsy and agile.


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