The Color Trend for Women’s Dress

Women's Dress

One-piece dresses in the style of middle-aged women in A/W 24/25 achieve an effective balance between practicality and aesthetics by choosing colors with moderate saturation. As a highly sought-after item all year round, color plays an important role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. In the previous season, the color of one-piece dresses emphasized the sense of stability and versatility in autumn/winter, with gray tones being widely popular. In the new season, while maintaining practicality, the brightness of colors has been increased, emphasizing uniqueness and attractiveness. This article combines the most topical brands and selects nine key colors for analysis, providing comprehensive reference value for the development.

Women's Dress

●This color is uniquely gentle and has a suitable visual impact. It matches the elegant tone of A/W dresses precisely. After being rendered by fabric patterns, color matching, and crafts, it becomes more charming.

 ●The one-piece dresses in this color focus more on the fusion of delicacy and casual beauty in silhouette, fabric, and details. Irregular and twisted cutting designs are more common, and the texture of the fabric tends to be delicate and soft, which complements the detailed crafts.

Women's Dress

●As one of the earth tones, Sahara Sun is suitable for both aesthetics and practicality, making it a key basic color for the new season. The increase in yellow tones makes it more vibrant, free from any sense of depression, while still maintaining the quality and classicness.

 ●There are no limitations in silhouette, fabric, and craftsmanship for this item. This season, the incorporation of exquisite elements such as three-dimensional embroidery, positioned printing, and layered mesh make this color extremely eye-catching.

Women's Dress

●The highly clear blue-green tone creates a contrasting effect with autumn/winter, making it refreshing and free from any sense of dullness and isolation. After incorporating appropriate gray tones, it becomes more elegant and refined, making it a practical trend color for the new season. 

 ●The silhouette of one-piece dresses in this color emphasizes the presentation of elongated lines. With the rendering of visual effects and contrasting plaids, the Opal Blue becomes more prominent and visually appealing.

Women's Dress

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The Design Development of Practical & Chic Women’s Dress

Women's Dress

Color Scheme

Women's Dress color scheme

Key Silhouette — Wrap Waist X-line
X-line with wrapped waists is the most popular silhouette in this season. The random folds and radial lines beautify the body shapes. Beyond the stable solid colors, designers also try ditsy florals to enrich the visual layers.

Women's Dresses

Key Silhouette — Ruched Wasit A-line
The combination of A-line and ruched waist is a sustainable trend. The adjustable drawstrings and wavy hemlines brings richly layered visual effects.

Women's Dresses

Key Silhouette — Slim-fit High Neck
Slim-fit high neck dress optimizes the neck lines. The fitting silhouette improves the neck-to-shoulder ratio and shows straight lines. The stretchy body underlines the charming curves. Artistic prints and jacquard velvet are the delicate techniques.

Women's Dresses

Clothing Collocation

Women's Dress clothing collocation

Design Template

Women's Dresses design template

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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Sleeve Shaping Dress

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

Sleeve structure can influence the whole silhouette. Proper sleeve type can elevate the prettiness of dress. This report will introduce the application of off-shoulder wide sleeve, patchwork gigot sleeve, half puff sleeve, ruffled flying sleeve, wide short sleeve and Voluminous O-shape sleeve.

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

The voluminous wide sleeves of off-shoulder dress can exude the sexual appeal of wearers. The conflict between slim shoulders and puffy sleeves accentuates the shoulder lines. Suspenders and ribbons are used to allow the clothing to be more fitted.

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

Patchwork gigot sleeve presents an intensive contrast between shoulder and sleeve. The patchwork can be made on both elbows and armholes. Such design provides shoulders with freedom and shows neat shoulder type.

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

Half puff sleeve can well beautify the shoulder lines and provide freedom. The increased pleats on puff sleeve produce a unique sculptural feel. Crisper fabric is more recommended.

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

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The Analysis of KLOSET The Womenswear Designer Brand

Womenswear Designer Brand

KLOSET is an independent designer brand founded by Bangkok-based designer Mollika Ruangkritya in 2001. This girly style brand integrates fresh things into the girl’s journey in every season. Its ingenious mindset and playful style have attracted many followers. The latest Valentine’s capsule collection KLOSET For Aum Patchrapa is the collaboration with famous actress Patcharapa Chaiyuchua and the fashionista Luknut-Siriwong Sukkasemsin. This collection involves their life styles and hobbies, and inspires the identity of Aum Patcharapa to present feminine and charming items. The talented stylist can capture the mix &match style in every occasion. The unique details and techniques of KLOSET in this collection, including flower print, bright heart-shape, dots and cherry pattern, are full of the feminine sense.

Womenswear Designer Brand

The unique heart-shaped detail is applied on the back to better present the elegance of women’s back lines. Naughty and playful girly sense is injected into the sexual appeal.

Womenswear Designer Brand

Romantic flower and ditsy floral print present the poetic and youthful romance. The application on superlong dress brings the gentle and amorous feel of girls.

Womenswear Designer Brand

Girly dotted element is combined with black background to present the mysterious fashion. Wonderful cherry can symbolize the vital girls, fresh love, and even cherishment. Besides, the all-over heart pattern is extremely impressive.

Womenswear Designer Brand

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The Analysis Of 3.1 Phillip Lim Womenswear Catwalks


At 3 p.m., September 9th, 2019, New York time, 3.1 Phillip Lim released new collections with the theme of “Urban yet somehow tranquil” in New York Fashion Week in Greenpoint open warehouse in Brooklyn. Cutting is the highlight of spring and summer and the detachable scarf at the shoulder are the major points, And the designer, Lim, clearly realizes that the design serves not only for classic New York office ladies, but all women working in every field. In the meanwhile, Lim chooses new organic recycled fabrics and adopts copper-coated technique to produce the pleated navy dress like satin (The copper cup was made up of recycled cotton waste). The brand is famous now because of abandoning fancy clothing and complicated design to insist on sustainable development.

fashion style

Lim releases many refined and extremely simple sports collections. The bright mustard yellow and eye-catching super white form the full sports collections. The loose and comfortable silhouette combined with multi-functional rope simplify the complicated clothing, break the stereotype of urban new females, keep the neutral coolness and addfunction sense to bring the extreme pure exercise experience.

Refined And Minimalist Sporty Sense

3.1 Phillip Lim 2020 spring and summer series creates more possibilities of leather. The leather “scarf” is cool and versatile. The American cutting perfectly balances fashion and wearability. The asymmetrical suit coat, smooth cutting, detachable collar, and jacket with a leather hood are explaining new image of working females.

Leather Scarf Collocation At The Neck

Cutout design reduces the hot feeling of leather and woolen clothing. Layered placement accessories bring freshment. Diverse weaven design is used in the feminine printing, along with the chocolate brown made of tight organic cotton to form two complementary clothing.

Cutout New Application

Environment-friendly leather which has sense of soft gloss is the reflection of Lim’s valuing environment protection. There is a balance between the fabric innovation and workwear wearability, bringing perfect detail design.

Environment-friendly Leather style

The entire suits are modern urban with new shapes, exaggerated proportion and innovative core fabrics always developing based on the past. This is different from the conventional suits collar, combining the inspiration of the hoodie. It incorporates the past and innovation to break regular rules and create new female power.


The abandoned factory is responding to the workwear style of this season. With the generous and simple silhouette, classic and smooth cutting, it maintains the neutral and diverse style, in the meantime, the details are more exquisite to meet individual needs of females working in different fields. It insists on transferring complication to simplicity to express environmentalism. The atmosphere of sports is cosier. The dress cutting for youths combines with the sports fabrics to create more practical and wearable items.


3.1 Phillip Lim 2020 spring and summer New York Fashion Show invites Ren Jiaxuan and Ren Rongxuan as the officially invited artists by 3.1 Phillip Lim in China to attend this show. The elder one, Ren Jiaxuan, is elegant in a top with exaggerated belt, a pleated long skirt, and a white handbag. And Ren Rongxuan is fashionable in a black lace top, an irregular line loose pants and a white waist bag.








The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Autumnal Dressing

Silhouette Trend for Women's Dresses

More comfortable and practical dresses are key for A/W 20/21. The looks are rustic and modest. The relationship between garments and humans is underlined.

women's dresses

Delicate pleats and layers create the vintage tower-hem dress. The waistes shape accentuate feminine form. Cotton brings extra warmth.

The Vintage Tower-Hem Dress

The retro and yellowish washed cotton and linen is combined with the loose long large hem to bring a rustic feel. The pale countryside tones add a natural quality.

The Loose and Rustic Dress

The airy and rustic qualities, slim and ankle-length shape, waisted umbrella hem and autumnal palette bring a joyful vibe.

The Waisted Shirt Dress

The medieval florals are combined with the micro puffy printed dress to create a Utopian vibe. The vintage checks in grey brown and the micro puffy sleeve add a rustic feel.

The Vintage Micro Puffy Dress

The mock-neck long-sleeve dress in pale colors are combined with diverse patterns(polka dots, retro artistic totems, natural textures and bouquets). The decorations at the waist feel soft and feminine.


1. The waisted and pleated silhouette with extra panels. 2. The V-neck loose and soft silhouette. 3. The loose straight maxi sleeveless shape. 4. The retro long-sleeve mock-neck waisted shape. 5. The retro loose printed waisted silhouette.

silhouette dresses for women

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Wait for Blooms of Brand Malva Florea


Malva Florea is a Ukrainian brand founded by Malva Florea in 2007. This season’s collection was inspired by fragile and beautiful plants and flowers. Light tones and snow tree-like plants are applied to apparel in spring and summer. Delicate stitches, floral pleats and leaf pleats show a natural and cosy feel. Natural cotton is mainly used. Sustainable soft tones key.

fashion trend style

Light tones, inspired by natural plants, are key in this season. Curable, sustainable and refreshing moods play an important role. Cool dresses, resort dresses with light stripes and pullover take the lead.

light tone fashion style

Pleats are combined with flowers, and they are applied to hems and the middle of sleeves. Ruffles can add depth.

Floral Pleats fashion trend styel

Asymmetrical two-side pleats applied to the chest and waist show a natural feel. Trench coats and suits are recommended.

Leaf Pleats fashion trend style

Florals are dominant in this season’s printed dresses. Light greens are key tones. Neat stitches underline a natural and comfortable aesthetic.

Stitch Prints fashion trend style

Fine stripes and light colors are dominant. Slightly deconstructed shirts, strap dresses and trench coats take the lead. Layered hems and sleeves are underlined. Cotton feels natural and cosy.

Fine Stripes fashion trend style

Straps are more applied to tops and dresses. Pleat embellishments and voluminous details on sleeves add a girly feel.

Shoulder Straps fashion trend style


Comprehensive Fashion Trend Analysis of Women’s Dresses in Street Snaps

fashion dresses

More people like to express their attitudes through outfits. In S/S 2019 street snaps, dresses are key to show girly and rebellious qualities. Long-line dresses are dominant. Different patterns and materials are key as well.

fashion dresses.jpg

Highly saturated colorful stripes are key in this season. The slim tweed long dress is included. Loose shirt dresses and strap dresses are key. Vibrant tones feel sunny and free.

Colorful Stripes fashion dresses.jpg

Animal prints like leopard print, tiger stripes, snake skin and zebra stripes are mostly applied to dresses. Loose and cosy silhouettes are key.

animal prints dresses.jpg

Mesh and lace are mainly used for transparent cover-up dresses. The strap dress silhouette is key. In next season the metallic cover-up dress in Burberry’s resort 2020 collection will gain traction.

Transparent Cover-Up Dresses.jpg

Rectangular patterns are mainly seen on folk long dresses. Motifs are delicate and varying. Deep color blocks are also employed to underline the deep quality.

Long line dresses.jpg

Loose silhouettes particularly stand out. Soft and draping fabrics, ruffles on the neck and hem and pleats are incorporated.

long dresses.jpg

Refreshing and elegant florals are key. Soft tones are mainly used to show femininity.

floral dresses.jpg

Feminine and vintage dresses with the 1950s and 1960s sentiments are the direction. Polka dot dresses with double-breasted closures, ruffles, shoulder cutouts are trendy.

pot dresses.jpg

Voluminous sleeves are underlined for linen&Cotton Long Dresses. Loose sleeve silhouettes are unrestrained and inclusive. Drawstrings are added. Adjustable knots are practical.

Linen&Cotton Long Dresses.jpg


Unrestrained Silhouette Trend for Women’s Dresses


Dress silhouettes for A/W 2020 continue to be renewed. In addition to simplicity and cosiness, innovation on details and styles is more accentuated. Modern femininity prevails in dress markets. The day-and-night style and durability are key here.

fashion trend dresses

Elongated shirt dresses are more suitable for winter. Straight shirt dresses are relaxed and cosy. Plain fabrics work best for simple pieces.

Straight Shirt Dress.jpg

Boxy sleeveless dresses for A/W 19/20 become more popular. The dressy 3D design create refreshing feminine boxy silhouettes. Structural woven fabrics, knits and stripes wools are used for unrestrained looks.

fashion trend style dresses

The combinations of color and silhouette are key for oversized dresses in A/W 19/20 to create different mainstream styles. Oversized silhouettes continue to prevail. Warm and cosy fabrics for oversized dresses work well for day-and-night wearing.

Oversized Dress

Dresses in A/W 2020 renew the vintage style in order to suit the young generation. The leisure dress collection on catwalks gives a 80s sentiment. Loose and relaxed bowknot dresses are popular among women.

Bowknot Dress.jpg

The sports style gradually gains traction. Sportif seams and loose silhouettes add a commercial value. Innovative mixed looks are directional. Relaxed silhouettes and elastic fabrics are combined to create novel shapes. Sports influences are applied to show street fashion.

Sportif Dress.jpg