The Reversed Future Confirmation of Menswear Color Trend

Menswear Color Trend

Reversed Future is one of S/S 2021 theme color trends released by POP in October 2019, presenting a parallel world that never happened. Retro futurism contributes to a palette that merges nostalgia and futurism. Technical Orange Tiger, Digital Multicolor, Bright Violet and Vivid Blue are basics, pairing with Purple Heather, Sharp Green and Lemonade. Anthracite, Star White and Limestone mitigate and add depth, exploring an unknown journey.

Menswear Color Trend

Unveiling mysterious Purple Heather is to travel through the time tunnel. Just as digital waves are free from the constraints of space, Purple Heather takes us to the parallel world of the past and the future. On S/S 2021 menswear catwalks, Purple Heather reinterprets the design language of street menswear with its mysterious and elevated hue.

Menswear Color Trend

Technology changes our era. The high temperature of magneto-caloric effect brings heat as well as Orange Tiger, driving us to explore the future and the unknown. As a bold bright on S/S 2021 catwalks, Orange Tiger injects new energy into street items such as outerwear and knitwear.

Menswear Color Trend

This colorway is inspired by infinite imagination of the virtual world. As a key color of early spring, energetic Orange Tiger meets cold Digital Multicolor. Star White and Anthracite give a real touch, while Vivid Blue enriches the palette. Digital Multicolor adds a lavish futuristic technical feel and displays the retro futuristic aesthetics.

Menswear Color Trend

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The Color Trend for Women’s Digital and Energetic Underwear and Loungewear

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Consumers’ pursuit of novelty drives the development of enhanced natural colors. Enhanced natural colors consist of strongly digital organic colors, vigorous and optimistic. Dynamic and positive brights upgrade familiar styles and details. Unique hot hues can transform basic shapes, prints, fabrics and embroideries. This report will deeply interpret strongly digital positive brights.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Festival Fuchsia is a key color for S/S 2022. Its supernatural feature and mood-boosting quality make it ideal for both the real world and digital world. Festival Fuchsia, Grape Wine and Bright Cobalt inject vitality into embroidery. Handicrafts create print and dye effects, fit for embroidered intimates, sleepwear and loungewear, or holiday series.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Pink evolves to be saturated rose red and mixes with a blueish tinge in S/S 2022. Festival Fuchsia will sweep all seasons with its saturated quality sense, ideal for both offline and online. In this society full of challenges, bold pink will show its strong appeal to new optimists and bring positive energy and vitality. It has been popular in the young market.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Festival Fuchsia is statement-making and independent. Handcrafted embroideries soften this color, with fine straps and lace for sexy bright collections which are put in display area to attract young consumers.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

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Holly Green Color Evolution of Kidswear

Holly Green

Brook Green is a key color for 2020. Fresh and elegant Brook Green highlights the original color of nature, with Lime Punch to lead the far-sighted palette. It perfectly combines future development with nature.

S/S 2020 -- Brook Green Color Inspiration

With the deepened unisex awareness, the fashion industry pursues neutral colors more, especially in the dynamic clothing. Brook Green, as a neutral color, can be combined with white or soft yellow to bring a tranquil feeling. The match of purple with Brook Green is more fashionable and avant-garde.


Tranquil Holly Green continues the natural feel of Brook Green and emphasizes the return of natural colors. It is in line with the people’s desire for nature and the recovery of city in S/S 2021. Thus it becomes the important representative color of S/S 2021.


Green has been popular in retail markets for several seasons. In S/S 2021, natural colors will be more popular. Holly Green is tranquil and low-key, displaying its unique temperament. It may be as influential as Millennial Pink and Snorkel Blue.

holly green

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Theme Color Trend for Men’s and Women’s Sportswear


As “restraint” is increasingly prevailing, simple design will grow in A/W 21/22. Home exercising, the horror style, Bauhaus minimalism, outdoor modular design and dystopia will run through the A/W 21/22 sport market. A single color and small-scale color decorations are used, breaking the restrictions of season and fashion trends. Inspired by Stone Island and the collaboration collection of ROKSANDA x lululemon, warm or cold tones are complementary to neutral colors, presenting a bolder autumn palette. In the new season, color is closely tied to the fabric quality. More accurate quantification of color through fabric to clothing is our appeal for sustainability in the sportswear market. Colors fit for the whole year are explored.

theme color trend

As minimalism softens the gender boundary in sportswear, functional outdoor clothing prefers core colors which complements current items. Thus Saffron of this theme echoes Rubber mentioned in Calm and Primordial — Theme Color Trend for Men’s and Women’s Sportswear. Items and color blocks create the outdoor and hiking theme. Dark Olive, Persimmon Orange, Bombay Brown and Green Ash bring inspiration for bold practical outdoor clothing.

Independent Style

Outdoor functional elements inspire the outdoor and hiking style clothing. Softer minimalist colors meet outdoor travelers’ demand for delicacy. Sportswear tends to blur the gender boundary, and men’s sportswear uses bold colors in high saturation, fit for the younger sportswear market.


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Holly Green Color Evolution of Kidswear

fashion pattern trend

Brook Green is a key color for 2020. Fresh and elegant Brook Green highlights the original color of nature, with Lime Punch to lead the far-sighted palette. It perfectly combines future development with nature.

pattern trend

With the deepened unisex awareness, the fashion industry pursues neutral colors more, especially in the dynamic clothing. Brook Green, as a neutral color, can be combined with white or soft yellow to bring a tranquil feeling. The match of purple with Brook Green is more fashionable and avant-garde.


Tranquil Holly Green continues the natural feel of Brook Green and emphasizes the return of natural colors. It is in line with the people’s desire for nature and the recovery of city in S/S 2021. Thus it becomes the important representative color of S/S 2021.


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The Theme Color Trend for Women’s Knitwear

Women's Knitwear

Oil paintings of Marc Chagall have bright and gorgeous colors, and bring a surreal dreamlike charm. Chagall draws inspirations from the plain images in nature, and subjects are mainly about lovers, romances, and Jewish legends. Chagall integrates love into the paintings. Different colors represent different good meanings, which is blended with the rhythmic textures of oil painting. This also inspires the development of knitwear colors. In view of trend and data analysis, we select four representative colors, “the flowing blue pigment” displays the neat cutting; “Baltic” has the crystal blue-green, quite inclusive; positive and optimistic “limelight” shows a ladylike temperament; “exuberance” renews the tones of commute clothing. (The inverted body in Marc Chagall’s painting is deeply moving. The figure will turn yellow or green after praying for a long time, so Chagall’s yellow and green represent sincerity.)

Women's Knitwear

Blue appears frequently in oil paintings of Chagall, and is known as Chagall Blue. Here we can see the vivid flowing blue. Chagall endows blue with a flowing sense, so the flowing blue brings vitality and calmness.

women's knitwear

Princess blue is fit for smooth cutting, neat silhouette and details (radial gilding/ natural crinkled brought by drawstring) to show the refined sense of blue. The asymmetric A-line skirt can be paired with the neat knitwear, quite soft.

women's knitwear

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The Vigorous Colors Trend for Women’s Sports Themes

Sports Themes

The digital culture causes the emerging of synthetic highly saturated tones which bring more options for sports and break into the market of Gen Z. The multi-functional quality is underlined, and the request for cross-season, cross-gender and cross-age features is made. FIBO CHINA was held on Aug. 22 and lasted three days, and the exhibition proves the development of Chinese fitness industry and drive the sales of sports garments and accessories. S/S 2021 keeps up with the trend combining technology and life. Digital designs and synthetic colors are used to show a renewed aesthetic and hybrid looks.

Vibrant Digital Colors

Cyan blue is the best color for 2021, moving into the womenswear market. It has a calming effect.

Cyan Blue

MSGM, Reebok and Sirloin all use cyan blue as the main color. Black and white are incorporated. Color blocking enriches the palette.

Cyan Blue -- Catwalk Looks

Cyan blue is mainly used on tops such as coats and tees. The thin or thick bottoms in grey tones work best for the inside or outside activities and the transitional periods.

Cyan Blue -- Clothing Collocation

Primrose yellow has the potential to affect people’s moods. Its warm and elegant tones stand out for S/S 2021.

Primrose Yellow -- Inspiration

Influenced by Vivienne Westwood, Spyder and Artistix, Primrose yellow will be further expanded.

Primrose Yellow -- Catwalk Looks

Primrose yellow is applied to the utility coat, functional sporty styles and sneakers. Black, white and grey are used to add a classic effect. Minimalist consuming concepts are a kind of sustainability.

Primrose Yellow -- Clothing Collocation

Vermillion orange is intensely bright, giving a warning effect.

Vermillion Orange -- Inspiration

Large-scale vermillion orange is applied widely for S/S 2020. The vibrant and confident tone works well with running or cycling outfits.

Vermillion Orange -- Catwalk Looks

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Theme Mechanical Green Color Trend for Womenswear

theme color trend

In the latest outfits and street snaps of fashionistas, the mechanical green makes a sci-fi visual impact and frequently appears in street snaps. With a technical and individual atmosphere of a high saturation color tone, mechanical green will be the new fashion theme color in the 20/21 autumn and winter technical sportif street fashion.


Mechanical green, a true color outside reality, results from unexpected image coding errors in electromechanical imaging due to the interference of short-term pulse wave. It can be interpreted as an automatic or man-made bug. Mechanical green exists in mechanical or man-made jamming malfunctions in science fiction space in the future.

H+ Color

Mechanical green is expressed through functional wind-proof fabric. It lies mostly in sportif street fashion to explore the complicated relationship between sports and science, producing more creative and practical looks in futuristic style.

Mechanical Green-- Clothing Collocation

Survivors from the future pass through an underground city full of dense moisture. The shaky mechanical green rays reflect in their bodies. Added by military illusional green, these all create a gloomy and miserable atmosphere, containing surviving pictures only seen in the darkness.

Color Proportions-- Mechanical Green, A Main Color( Winter)

The practical wide shoulder silhouette of the military uniform and workwear supplies inspirations to long overcoat. The subversive design details are fully expressed in cutout and new camouflage pattern. On account of safety, the Instagram style decorations are used to make a visual impact brought by the deconstruction and reorganization of the NextGen civilized world.

Mechanical Green, A Main Color-- Clothing Collocation( Wide-shoulder Long Overcoat)

After “New Human Supplement Program”, human beings will step on the unknown evolution path. Exploring the complicated and variable colors between technical imagination and reality, the silver dichroism effect of reflective particles is applied as clothing surface effect. With the cold yellow and mechanical green, the boundary of reality and virtual world is obscure.

Color Proportions-- Mechanical Green, A Complementary Color( Late Winter)

The futuristic style displays reflective particles silver through puffa jacket, matching 3D stitch sports pants with a technical wind-proof kneecap to break the function rule. Diverse sportif outfits explore more collocation possibilities of individual design and practical wearability.

Trend for Womenswear


The Color Trend for Women’s Scarves in Winter

fashion scarves

The classic and traditional beauty comforts hearts cherishing things. Currently, a classic and superior scarf is warm and healing. The scarf is also a decoration for winter looks. In A/W 20/21, dazzling bright colors refresh clothing and accessories. Lively color tones are the basic color palette, and versatile.

color trend

Red is indispensable in winter. It is bright and gorgeous, and displays the unique charm of females. The warm flame is one of the key colors in this season. It contains constrained saturation and elegance. The brand-new flame adds warmth to the desolate season.

Flame- Inspiration

Flame is the first choice to pair with basic colors or fashionable bright colors. Hermes adopts various complementary colors to coordinate the tedium of a single color. It brings positive energy, passion and excitement to the item.

Flame- Recommended Styles

Slightly glossy faded rose has the quiet elegance of lavender, the fragrance of rose and girlish loveliness. It has the tranquil charm.


Scarves in girlish pink tones is suitable to pair with clothing having big color blocks. It works well for layered styles and color-blocked visual impact.

Faded Rose- Recommended Styles

Golden yellow with high saturation reveals confidence, enthusiasm and happiness, symbolizes sunshine and vitality, and inspires the joyful and pleasing emotions. It is suitable for everyone.

Maize- Inspiration

Warehouse is good at color proportions. Yellow brightens the ordinary British checks and gives a younger visual impact. Margaret Howell pairs maize with mature grey, bringing a rational and calm visual sense and meeting consumers’ demand for comfort.

Maize- Recommended Styles

Malibu blue symbolizes the pure and natural sky, and is very romantic and elegant. This elegant and soulful color integrates with clothing and accessories, showing the clear and attractive charm. It is pretty suitable for modern looks to present the modern urban fashion.

Malibu Blue- Inspiration

Acne’s scarf with rainbow checks integrates nordic warm colors with blue tones. The color-blocking makes people in good mood. The ombre blue check scarf of Paul Smith is individual, retro and fashionable.

Malibu Blue- Recommended Styles

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Potter’s Clay Color Trend for Kidswear


For S/S 2020, potter’s clay provides a natural and deep feel, enlivening the S/S palette.

Potter's Clay -- Celebrities' Outfits

With the increasing popularity of folk arts, heritage embroidery and crochet provide inspiration. Potter’s clay creates a romantic garden style.

Romantic Folk -- Potter's Clay

Garden-style woven fabrics are mainly used, and potter’s clay goes through the outfit, styled with dawn white and translucent white. Crochet and folk embroidery update garments.

Romantic Folk -- Color Combinations

Homespun folk embroidery and fringing applied to the top, pants and dress bring a delicate and rustic aesthetic.

Romantic Folk -- Clothing Collocation

Potter’s clay offers a understated, soft, rustic and simple aesthetic. The loose and nonchalant silhouettes work well for children’s daily life.

Comfortable Life -- Potter's Clay

Potter’s clay is paired with pale earthy tones, grey and white. The colorways are bright, natural and comfortable. The loose silhouette add a simple and cosy aesthetic.

Comfortable Life -- Color Combinations

Cosy dressing and layering are emphasized. Simple styles without extra details are appealing. For boys, the crisp outerwear piece in potter’s clay is styled with the simple shirt and lantern pants. For girls, vests and tees can be styled with the simple apricot skirt.

Comfortable Life -- Clothing Collocation

Potter’s clay works better for large blocks. New cuts are clean and neat. Shirts in potter’s clay is eye-catching.

Recommended Style -- Shirts