The Color Trend for Women’s Scarves in Winter

fashion scarves

The classic and traditional beauty comforts hearts cherishing things. Currently, a classic and superior scarf is warm and healing. The scarf is also a decoration for winter looks. In A/W 20/21, dazzling bright colors refresh clothing and accessories. Lively color tones are the basic color palette, and versatile.

color trend

Red is indispensable in winter. It is bright and gorgeous, and displays the unique charm of females. The warm flame is one of the key colors in this season. It contains constrained saturation and elegance. The brand-new flame adds warmth to the desolate season.

Flame- Inspiration

Flame is the first choice to pair with basic colors or fashionable bright colors. Hermes adopts various complementary colors to coordinate the tedium of a single color. It brings positive energy, passion and excitement to the item.

Flame- Recommended Styles

Slightly glossy faded rose has the quiet elegance of lavender, the fragrance of rose and girlish loveliness. It has the tranquil charm.


Scarves in girlish pink tones is suitable to pair with clothing having big color blocks. It works well for layered styles and color-blocked visual impact.

Faded Rose- Recommended Styles

Golden yellow with high saturation reveals confidence, enthusiasm and happiness, symbolizes sunshine and vitality, and inspires the joyful and pleasing emotions. It is suitable for everyone.

Maize- Inspiration

Warehouse is good at color proportions. Yellow brightens the ordinary British checks and gives a younger visual impact. Margaret Howell pairs maize with mature grey, bringing a rational and calm visual sense and meeting consumers’ demand for comfort.

Maize- Recommended Styles

Malibu blue symbolizes the pure and natural sky, and is very romantic and elegant. This elegant and soulful color integrates with clothing and accessories, showing the clear and attractive charm. It is pretty suitable for modern looks to present the modern urban fashion.

Malibu Blue- Inspiration

Acne’s scarf with rainbow checks integrates nordic warm colors with blue tones. The color-blocking makes people in good mood. The ombre blue check scarf of Paul Smith is individual, retro and fashionable.

Malibu Blue- Recommended Styles

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Potter’s Clay Color Trend for Kidswear


For S/S 2020, potter’s clay provides a natural and deep feel, enlivening the S/S palette.

Potter's Clay -- Celebrities' Outfits

With the increasing popularity of folk arts, heritage embroidery and crochet provide inspiration. Potter’s clay creates a romantic garden style.

Romantic Folk -- Potter's Clay

Garden-style woven fabrics are mainly used, and potter’s clay goes through the outfit, styled with dawn white and translucent white. Crochet and folk embroidery update garments.

Romantic Folk -- Color Combinations

Homespun folk embroidery and fringing applied to the top, pants and dress bring a delicate and rustic aesthetic.

Romantic Folk -- Clothing Collocation

Potter’s clay offers a understated, soft, rustic and simple aesthetic. The loose and nonchalant silhouettes work well for children’s daily life.

Comfortable Life -- Potter's Clay

Potter’s clay is paired with pale earthy tones, grey and white. The colorways are bright, natural and comfortable. The loose silhouette add a simple and cosy aesthetic.

Comfortable Life -- Color Combinations

Cosy dressing and layering are emphasized. Simple styles without extra details are appealing. For boys, the crisp outerwear piece in potter’s clay is styled with the simple shirt and lantern pants. For girls, vests and tees can be styled with the simple apricot skirt.

Comfortable Life -- Clothing Collocation

Potter’s clay works better for large blocks. New cuts are clean and neat. Shirts in potter’s clay is eye-catching.

Recommended Style -- Shirts

5 Popular Fashion Color in 2020

In 2020, there are 5 popular color for women in clothing fashion, the one is namely mint green.

mint green.jpg

Purist Blue

Purist Blue.jpg

Cassis Purple


Cantaloupe Orange


Mellow Yellow

mellow yellow.jpg

These colors are both refreshing and advanced, and everyone is worthy of a selection.

Next, let’s take a look at how beautiful the 5 color items are!

Neo-Mint Green

In this year, avocado green can be said to be super-popular, and you can see people wearing green skirts everywhere. In 2020, green is also popular, and the popular is mint green. This is Di Lieba’s private style at the airport a few days ago, wearing a mint green long-sleeved T-shirt, fresh and natural, it is very comfortable. Match with a pair of jeans is super beautiful.

Neo-Mint Green t-shirt.jpg

This mint green color is a quiet feeling of comfort, to wear this color dress will become extraordinarily small and fresh, but this small fresh is super high quality, there is no sense of cheap.

The mint green suit is also super nice, without losing the black sense of calmness,

mint green dress.jpg

but not so dull, without losing the white refreshing feeling, but not so dazzling, without losing the high sense of royal blue, but not so difficult to control, this mint Green is simply putting all the advantages together.

mint green suits.jpg

Purist Blue

The blue of the sky gives people a feeling of freedom, but the clear blue water gives a sense of purity, so the color is like seeing lake that is giving people a clear and comfortable feeling. The light color is not a bit mixed. Color interference.

In the recent temperament queen Ni Ni wore a dress of clear purist blue that is showing her fresh and gentle intellectuality.

purist blue long dress

The purist blue suit is super nice, it doesn’t look very full, it’s more of a clear sense of high quality, and it’s more refreshing with a little white.

purist blue suit

The casual loungewear that were originally at home became super-advanced after meeting the purist blue color, and even more so that the smooth satin fabric was super cool and comfortable, and it was very extravagant. The purist blue gave a clear nature feeling without pollution.

purist blue loungewear.jpg

Cassis Purple

Purple is a very individual color, lavender gives a romantic feeling, and cassis purple also adds a cool handsome, the color is more solemn and advanced, and then the simple skirt will be under this purple embellishment. It is very expensive.

cassis purple coat

Everyone has seen a lot of checkered skirts. There must be very few cassis purples. You will definitely feel that this color should be very old-fashioned, but how do you know if you don’t wear the upper body? Look at this cassis purple plaid dress worn by this blogger is super nice, the color is very unique.

cassis purple check dress.jpg

The cassis purple sweater will become super-advanced that is giving a very personal feelings. It feels a bit like a black magic fairy, and the belly is black and cool.

cassis purple sweater.jpg

Cantaloupe Orange

The above colors are relatively cool, and cantaloupe orange is one of the warmer colors, giving a sense of vitality, but it doesn’t look very frivolous at all, and it is super-advanced.

Look at this cantaloupe orange dress to give a comfortable feeling, you will fall in love with it.

Cantaloupe Orange dress.jpg

Many people will think that the colorful pants will be very cheesy. Look at this cantaloupe orange pants. Although it is gorgeous but not irritating, it is impossible to make it tacky. You can put a beige dress on it. Color matching is not difficult.

orange pants.jpg

In some accessories, you can also make some cantaloupe orange embellishments. If you are wearing a more monotonous and deep clothes, you can use this color bag to make the embellishment, it will make the whole body match more energetic, and the match will be more a sense of fashion.

Cantaloupe Orange bag.jpg

Mellow Yellow

The blend of yellow and gold colors is hard to imagine, and it will definitely look cheesy. This year’s fashion color has the color of mellow yellow, and I don’t want to look good again that is giving people a kind of extravagance. Very energetic feeling, see if this dress is very heart-warming.

Mellow Yellow dress.jpg

When the shirt touches the mellow yellow, it will become very different. The high-level feelings come to the surface. It is not tacky and old-fashioned. It is a pair of beautiful jeans and adds a touch of refreshing feelings.

mellow yellow shirt.jpg

The mellow yellow suit is also super-advanced, full of extravagance, but such a suit is still difficult to control, or try this color to other everyday clothes and skirts, how can it not look very much cheap.

mellow yellow suit.jpg

Do you fall in love with this “5” fashion color in 2020? Which one do you like the most, and quickly get a piece of fashion color, let’s take a step together!


Energy Blue of Theme Color Trend for Womenswear


Highly saturated energy blue is used by the young generation to convey attitudes, offering sunny, confident, brave and upbeat qualities.

KOL's blue style

Active energy blue starts to gain traction, and continues into S/S 2020 in a large scale for a light and smart sport look. Fashion and active dressing is emphasized.

Energy blue style

For S/S 2020, stretch fabric is key for a light life and sport styling in energy blue. Tight items are emphasized to provide an active, confident and brave style.

Energy Blue fashion style

Color blocks and streamlined lines are utilized to show fast and clear sports. Pale green adds a youthful touch.

blue fsahion dress

As a key color, energy blue is complemented with pale green and white for the summery and active feel.

Energy Blue, A Main Color

Super cyan is outstanding, smartening up the summery palette when matched with rose red. As a complementary color, energy blue adds interest.

Energy Blue, A Complementary Color

Super cyan is often complemented with highly saturated rose red and ordinary white. Light active sun-proof garments are key. The youthful and active dressing is emphasized for the color proportions.

Sun-Proof Garments


Cantaloupe of Spring Summer 2020 Color Trend for Girls

color trend

Living coral, a representative color of S/S 2019 released by Pantone, evolves to cantaloupe which feels soft and comfortable. Multiple styles like sweetness, sports, leisure and Little Me can be matched with cantaloupe. Fashionistas and models such as Olive Elise, Pepper, Justy Qlive and Chloe Pietzka all think it indispensable for daily wear.

Cantaloupe color trend

Cantaloupe feels softer. The sun-faded effect is nostalgic and can be matched with styles of playfulness and weirdness. Designer and leisure styles are suitable.

Cantaloupe color Inspiration

Strong color contrast is key for playfulness collections. Shiny blue, moss green and sunny yellow can team up with cantaloupe to offer a unique colorway, along with strange silhouettes and designs.

Playfulness color style

As key tones, moss green and cantaloupe are appropriate for outdoor military adventurous themes. The tones soften the toughness of workwear. They work well with daily wear.

Clothing Collocation

Cantaloupe is used for sweetness collections. The soft and low saturated tone works best for a sweet South Korean style, providing an alternative for S/S pinks.


Pared-back styles with soft tones are key for this collection. Tone-on-tone matching is refreshing and elegant, while contrast colors are eye-catching.


The palette of sweetness collection incorporates elf blue and cantaloupe. This summer theme is reminiscent of picnics and jaunts, with soft yet contrast colors, refreshing and simple stripes, fruits patterns, bow ties and ruffles.

Clothing Collocation fashion


Dawn Red Orange Evolution of Womenswear Colors

orange red color

Lively orange colors for A/W 19/20 felt warm and bold. In S/S 2020, orange colors were lightened and interpreted vibrancy in S/S with the soft and vintage tones. In A/W 20/21, orange colors combine technical and classical cultures.

orange trend color

POP’s color theme reports with the theme Awakening ▪ Ready Player One predicted laser orange was key. In A/W 20/21, sustainability, technology, classics and cosiness are accentuated. Orange colors are more inclusive and practical.

fashion orange color.jpg

Dawn Red Orange is redish and symbolizes the new start of A/W 20/21. A bit of red and brown is added to orange colors to show nostalgic and luxurious sentiments.

AW 2021 -- Dawn Red Orange.jpg

Dawn red orange shows a deep vintage vibe. The Simplicity & lady style is recommended. Silky or sheeny fabrics are dominant. Pared-back and neat silhouettes are underscored.

down orange red color.jpg

Earthy tones and tonal colors are key. A bit of bright yellow and blue makes a contrast. Metallic tones are often applied to accessories.

Dawn Red Orange Color Proportions.jpg

Dawn red orange makes a striking contrast with black and midnight blue. Pared-back coats and vests in dawn red orange are key. Sheer shirts with long collars, pleated skirts and printed dresses with lantern sleeves can be matched as inner layers. Softness is underlined. Red and black feel powerful and deep.

Dawn Red Orange Clothing Collocation.jpg

Pared-back silhouettes are key, and delicate details are accentuated.

Dawn Red Orange More Recommended Styles.jpg


Butterscotch Color Trend for Women’s Knitwear


With the rapid rising of minimalism, solid colors have been the mainstream. Butterscotch feels confident and energetic. Delicate stitches and irregular contrast piecing combine fashion and practicality, youth and sports. Knitted fabrics are cosy. Knitwear can be worn alone or over other items.

Make KOL.jpg

Modern women hope to define themselves through colors. Butterscotch are warm, powerful, grown-up and elegant. Stitches subtly combine art and statement.

Simplicity&Lady -- Vibe.jpg

With a yellowish orange tone, butterscotch feels warm and neutral. Warm almond tones and soft light blue tones add a understated, rustic and elegant quality. Even matched with mysterious black, butterscotch still stand out. The texture of cables offer a soft touch.

Simplicity&Lady -- Color Proportions.jpg

The soft quality of butterscotch works well with stitches on solid knitwear. Cables, the ottoman texture and letters made of yarns make items refreshing and modern. Soft tones for transitional seasons also work well with butterscotch. See by Chloé’s contrast lines are eye-catching.


Large-scale green tones or small-scale tonal colors add interest. Exciting playgrounds and piled containers provide the space for new women. The athleisure style helps women find the beauty and value.

Athleisure -- Vibe.jpg

Butterscotch is paired with bright contrast colors to highlight athleisure. Multiple colors feel ornate and youthful. Young brands like United Colors Of Benetton and Moon Lee express their fashion attitudes through colors.

Athleisure -- Color Proportions.jpg

The adding of bright colors makes butterscotch more vibrant and attractive in the athleisure style. Heron Preston matches the contrast cardigan with the airy dress; Nº21 matches the contrast cardigan with the denim shorts. Enföld uses butterscotch on the neck and hem. The decorations on the middle of sleeves feel vibrant.

Athleisure -- Clothing Collocation.jpg