The Comprehensive Analysis of Chemical Fiber Fabric Womenswear Catwalk

Womenswear Catwalk

A/W 21/22 international fashion week has come to the end, and many brands released their new collection online. Throughout all the brands in the fashion week, women’s outerwear and down jacket inject more functionality into the fabric texture and style design. Matte nylon and polyester blends are the key fabrics this season, which not only leads the new trend direction but also fits the dressing requirements and life expectation. Besides, PU coating is interpreted once again. Warm plush and lustrous satin fabrics also have new expressions this season.

Womenswear Catwalk

Lightweight matte nylon is one of the most utilized textures of down jacket. And it is applied by many brands in the A/W 21/22 international catwalks. High-intensity Dupont and nylon fibers provide textiles with stronger functionality, tear resistance, high density and lightweight texture. The printed pattern design of Louis Vuitton and Sacai satisfies the double requirements of fashion and practicality.

Womenswear Catwalk

According to A/W 21/22 Big Four fashion weeks, clean and scientific polyester blend fabric is attractive among all the chemical fiber fabrics. Air-permeable and easy-care polyester blend can use recycled polyester fibers to increase the sustainability. Smooth tactility and noise-eliminate process provide consumers with comfortable and convenient dressing experience. Outdoor natural environment is transitioned into commuting urban life. Functionality is perfectly combined with minimalist aesthetics.

Womenswear Catwalk

As a common down jacket fabric, PU coating is interpreted by many brands in A/W 21/22 international womenswear catwalks, including Miu Miu, STAND STUDIO, K-Way and Dolce&Gabbana. Notably, except for the basic weatherproof and downproof functions, its solidness is stronger, PU coating is more durable and chemical stability is better. It is suitable for creating fashionable silhouettes.

Womenswear Catwalk

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

From “leftover lady”, “malechauvinist” to “sexual harassment” and “anti-domestic violence”, more and more gender issues have emerged in public debate in recent years, accompanied by a feminist critique. Feminism is a series of knowledge methodology formed around the criticism of human patriarchy, and beyond the specific disciplines and research paradigms. It has become an important part of the social current of thoughts. Throughout the four fashion weeks for A/W 20/21, many brands have mentioned liberating females, female power and feminism, especially Paris Fashion Week. Christian Dior has a theme of “I SAY I” to express female power. Celine tells the story of womenswear during May 1968 events in France. Chanel puts forward the idea of liberation, and launches a series friendly to women. Valentino is the queen of the new minimalism. Miu Miu emphasizes the young lady’s wear in the empire collection of the 1940s style. All of them are speaking out for women through fashionable way to show the gender mainstreaming from the perspective of gender equality under the turbulent times.

Pairs fashion week

The A/W 20/21 Paris Fashion Week is dominated by neat feminism and simple & sophisticated style, of which the former one is powerful and avant-garde. Concise and cool suit, layered structural cutting, bold and pleasing placement color-blocking, and the neat waisted design, reflect the true feminists voice: to defend the rights and interests of women (not women authoritarian or disintegrating patriarchy), to respect gender differences, to highlight female subjectivity, and to contribute to expressing female own advantages and achieving gender equality.

Pairs fashion week

The elegant lady style grows in the fashion week, which is reflected by the smooth silk, streamlined minimalist cutting, superfine cutout jacquard and supple post-modern suits. Clothing mainly uses elegant and advanced colors, or the gentle earth tones. Conservative clothing collocation is the best way to display the independent and confident femininity.

fashion catwalk styles

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Street Snaps During Fashion Weeks


In addition to colors and patterns, there are many matches and key items in street snaps. The contrast of colors, the neat wide-shoulder suit with shoulder pad, the workwear set and heavily washed denim display diverse styles of fashionistas and the inclusiveness of the market.


In addition to regular color match, highly contrasting colors are attached to clothing or layered with other items.


The knitwear is used as a shawl, and becomes the most frequently used accessory in the fashion weeks. Knitwear is paired with outerwear in tonal or similar color, displaying the languish and cosy feel of winter.



The Comprehensive Analysis of Women’s Knitwear Crafts on Catwalks

Women's Knitwear on Catwalks

The four fashion weeks for A/W 20/21 have been affected by the outbreak of NCP to varying degrees. Chinese buyers, stars and media workers have cancelled their schedules. Giorgio Armani’s Milan show has changed to online launch. The theme of this Milan Fashion Week is also related to China: “CHINA, WE ARE WITH YOU”. For Paris Fashion Week, despite the schedule change, brands such as MASHAMA, Shiatzy Chen and Uma Wang have also cancelled the event. However, there are still many highlights and vibrancy. This report will analyze from stitches, splicing and decoration to carefully select crafts in the four fashion weeks to help with the development of women’s knitwear.

Women's Knitwear on Catwalks

In the four fashion weeks, fine transfer stitches well sketch the breast and waist, becoming a highlight. The basic 1×1 rib changes along with lines, and replaces the princess seam and fishbone support in ready-to-wear. The textural space and the seamless comfortable touch conform to human curves and the skin.

Women's Knitwear on Catwalks

Heavy-gauged textures emphasize the clear and bright stitch length and the concave-convex 3D effect, with the help of black, grey and camel to display the freedom and confidence of urban females. The 3.5 heavy-gauged stitches are thick and warm, suitable for autumn and winter.


Light and comfortable dress and the tight cardigan are suitable to be the inner in autumn and winter. Pointelle, kwise and purl stitches and tuck are combined variously to make the fabric more layered, which is the key design technique of this season.

Women's Knitwear on Catwalks

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Return of The Elegant Advanced Customization — The Comprehensive Analysis of Paris Menswear Fashion Week

Paris Menswear Fashion Week

At the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus upsets our life. The outbreak is still there, but fashion never stops. For A/W 20/21 Paris Menswear Fashion Week, the collaboration collection of shoes with clothing decreases in this season, and is replaced by the rich and novel sophisticated looks. Street fashion style drops, and menswear tends to be retro and elegant, maybe because people are tired of the street style and tend to long for the elegant advanced customization. Many suits with exquisite cutting and meticuous fabrics emerge on the catwalk.

Paris Menswear Fashion Week

Style — Modern Romantic

With the popularity of asexuality, the soft but masculine charm has a strong momentum. Ruffle, feminine necktie, velvet gloves and metal florals are applied to men’s suits and trench coats, highlighting the soft side of men.


Style — Futuristic Commuting

The restrained suits work with futuristic fabrics, the crisp silhouette and technical fabrics to perfectly combine sports with business, fit for business occasions, the casual outerwear and dialy wearing.

Pairs fashion week

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The Catwalk Analysis of Xander Zhou

Xander Zhou

XanderZhou is a personal brand created by Chinese designer Zhou Xiangyu. It newly interprets menswear through a unique perspective of visual art and outstanding tailoring. His diversified marketing philosophy has created a new business mode in China’s clothing industry. At London fashion week of menswear, Xander Zhou officially unveils the A/W 2020 collection named HOMO MULTIVERSALIS. In this season, the designer shows the unknown secret, the conjecture of hyperspace and the definition of existence. He constantly asks the other self in another dimension about the concept of multi-universe and homo multiversalis.


The 2020 autumn series of Xander Zhou is obsessed by futurism and quantum physics. This series is full of our confusion about the unknown, the conjecture of hyperspace and the definition of existence. Surprising looks are short outerwear with zigzag edges and colorful shirts splicing different colors. The most influential one is the clothing with pixelate print. The whole series tells an unsettling story about the being monitored and post-humanism.

Representative Looks

The zigzag edge runs through the autumn and winter collection, with a wide range of items. Shirts, outerwear and puffa jackets interpret the philosophy through zigzag edges.

catwalk looks

Prints of face mosaic depicted by AI announce their hyper-normality in large pixels. The clothing is like after-treatment, bringing a visual game.

Pixelate Print


The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Classics Coats

men's coat

The mid-length coat is an indispensable and key item for A/W. For A/W 20/21, in addition to the double-breasted design, three buttons, small square collar and hood, more delicate details such as contrasting splicing, necklines, checks and labelling renew the mid-length silhouette.

fashion men's coat

The double-breasted silhouette is classic, providing extra warmth and protection. A range of checked materials are used. The neckline and sleeve tabs are particularly important.

The Double-Breasted Mid-Length Coat -- Checked Materials

The double-breasted mid-length plain wools coat is classic. For A/W 20/21, labelling and panelling are key. Different materials, colors and labelling add a fashionable and leisure feel.

The Double-Breasted Mid-Length Coat -- Plain Wools

The three-button mid-length coat is wearable for business leisure and smart leisure. Contrasting panelling and the new necklines offer a bold and fashionable twist. Louis Vuitton’s peak lapel is amplified with a contrasting color to add newness.

The Three-Button Mid-Length Coat -- Bold Contrast Colors

The hooded buttoned mid-length coat is a key silhouetting show youthfulness. Currently, more details and materials are used. Burberry uses fleece to renew coats.

The Hooded Buttoned Mid-Length Coat
The Hooded Buttoned Mid-Length Coat

The coat with a small square collar is classic as well. Innovative details at the closure, neckline and cuff to add newness. Lettered labels, print and contrasting panelling add visual glamour.

The Small Square Collar -- Diverse Details

Comprehensive Analysis of Street Snaps in Fashion Weeks

street style

In this season’s menswear fashion weeks and pitti uomo menswear, oversized silhouettes, sneakers, panelling, functional gilets and waist bags showed a popular street style, making a strong contrast with gentleman sets and leather shoes. Tailoring items and fashion apparel went hand in hand. Printed and tie-dyed shirts stood out.

fashion men's street style

Nearly 30 Asian male celebrities showed up in Berluti’s show. Their outfits can be referred to for inspiration. Wu Yifan’s outfit is pink and dreamy, while suits worn by Peng Yuyan and Lee MinHo are appealing. The printed shirts and high-neck sweater are practical and handsome. The geo suit worn by Wang Ziyi feels powerful.

Celebrities' Outfits

Tees, sweatshirts in a cool street style are renewing. The oversized silhouette, shorts, cargo pants and exaggerated accessories are mixed to make a statement. The base layer is popular among men and women.

statement style

Plain or tonal colors are key. Simple geo patterns or stripes are styled with plain pants. The style on the whole is harmonious.

Daily Simplicity

Vertical stripes with a low level of color contrast are put on leisure suits. White, beige and cream stand out, and light blue is refreshing. Linen blends are suitable for summer. The Hawaiian shirt is styled with the suit, adding a smart feel.

gently fashion style

Cargo shirts, jackets, pants, boots and denim are nostalgic. The mix-and-match style is dominant. The shirt collar and street items show the mix of street and classic elements.

Vintage Military Items

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Spring Summer 2019 Brand Elie Saab Trend Analysis of Formal Dress Catwalks in Paris Couture Week


Elie Saab uses high split and adds decorations on waist. High split exposes legs, which is elegant and sexy.

High Split formal dresses

Three-dimensional decorations improve touches. Sequins, beads and gold and silver threads are shiny. Elie Saab combines 3D decorations and fabrics to add depth.

Three-Dimensional Decorations fashion formal dresses

Ruffles are very common on formal dresses. Elie Saab applies ruffles on shoulders, chest and hem.

ruffles fashion formal dresses

Elie Saab’s sequin dresses are very impressive. Under light, sequins look dazzling and attractive.

Sequin Fabrics fashion formal dresses

Sequin Fabrics formal dresses of brand Elie Saab

The combination of sequins and yarns in different ways is dreamy and romantic.

sequins fashion formal dresses

The adding of sequins to suits is creative and unconventional.

Sequins and suits fashion formal dresses

Refreshing blue green, elegant champagne and dreamy pastel orange are in harmony.

Harmonious Colors fashion formal dresses


Autumn Winter 19/20 Fashion Trend Analysis of Catwalks of Popular Patterns Women’s Leather & Fur

Fur and Leather

In A/W 19/20 fur styles, leopard prints and snake skin prints are still prevalent. The application of floral elements drops obviously. Checks, checker and diamond shapes start to go popular. Brand logos and stylish letters are also used a lot. Besides, stripes and geometric patterns are very noticeable. Pets and floral patterns enrich items.

fashion fur style

Nowadays, the young start to become main consumers of luxury goods. Lively logos are renewing. Logos are more and more important today.

renew logo fashion trend style fur

Graffiti and bold colors are combined to show a casual and rebellious attitude.

Street Fashion Letters fashion trend style fur

Color blocks on checker are appealing. Lively color blocks infuse items with a simple and fashion style.

Checker fashion trend style fur

Simple and complicated checks are both distinctive. Saga Fur uses the modern style. Blue lines and silver squares are futuristic. Alena Akhmadullina and Baum Und Pferdgarten utilized large checks to interpret elegance and romance.

Evolvement of Checks fashion trend style

Diamond shapes are renewing. Splicing, hollowing out, inserting and dyeing together enrich lines.

Diamond Shapes fashion trend style

“Geometry” is very common for sports and street fashion designing. Splicing, hollowing out, inserting and dyeing together enrich lines.

Geomercy fashion trend style fur

Vibrant stripes make fur garments young, playful and sporty. Asymmetrical and disorderly stripes are modern and lively.

Vibrant Stripes fashion trend style

Cute animals are charming. The usage of animal prints are natural and appealing.

animal fashion style fur

Flowers and twigs can form a romantic atmosphere. Shrimps uses simple silhouette-like flowers onto garments.

fashion trend style fur

Floral World Pattern Theme

Classic leopard prints are spliced and deconstructed. The shape and color are renewed. Wilderness and aesthetic are integrated.

jungle animal fsahion trend style

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