S/S 2022 Paris Menswear Fashion Week

Menswear Fashion Week

S/S 2022 Paris Menswear Fashion Week was held from June 22th to 28th. Most brands still released their latest collections online. However, the pure digital fashion show has gradually transitioned into a mixed form in the post-pandemic era. The offline events absolutely promoted the attraction of this fashion week. There were 72 brands involved in the show, including some designer brands and niche brands.

Menswear Fashion Week

Inspired by the outfits and stories of Matrix, the Vetements S/S 2022 collection involves the relationship between human and digital world, which is presented by eye-catching green computer code and colorful wires. Besides, extravagant tailoring, such as padded shoulder and elongated sleeves, is still applied on other items.

Menswear Fashion Week

Y/Project S/S 2022 collection integrated formal structures with subculture elements. Highly-recognizable aesthetic symbols as double-layered trousers, layered shoulders, oversized drop shoulder silhouette, cinched waist and geometric lines interpret the core concept of deconstruction. Widely-used organza and velvety soft fibers are the perfect presentation of blurred gender and eclecticism. To commemorate the 110th anniversary of FILA, intense features of this sport brand combines T-shirt, windbreaker, Polo shirt and hoodie with maximalist layering, disassembling and asymmetry. Snap, kinking and slant design subvert the original silhouette and create the unconventional street style. Constantly digging into the brand gene of Y/Project and FILA, the vintage feel brings strong connection and provides us with a splendid show.

Menswear Fashion Week

The runway design of S/S 2022 ready-to-wear is filled with a futurist sense. The pure white stage is simple and clean. Designer recreates the classic cocoon structure with metal pins at waist and distressed process of hemline. Besides, we can see the signature shoulder tailoring of Gvasalia and the trendy oversized silhouette from the latest suit and coat. Balenciage S/S 2022 collection also extends the functionality of clothing. The double-faced design of trench coat, dress and bomber jacket is based on genderliess tailoring. The lightweight materials of sportswear are more comfortable and versatile.

Menswear Fashion Week

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