Who is the most Camp in the Met Gala?

The Met gala finally opened in 2019, and this charity dinner called Oscar in the fashion world that is like a high-end transvestite, and this year’s theme is “Camp: Fashion Notes”, and earlier, The fare about this feast sparked everyone’s discussion. It is said that each seat is priced at 30,000 US dollars, and it must be approved by the editor of the US version of VOGUE, Anna Wintour, that is, even if you have money, you will not necessarily a seat.

This year’s Camp theme seems to be more interesting than ever before, and the stars have also tried their best to create the most exquisite style with a constant visual impact.

Lady Gaga's rose red dress

As one of the chairmen in the year, Lady Gaga has always been a flamboyant styling, and this year is even more feasting. Brandon Maxwell’s exquisite dresses, up to 7 meters of exaggerated skirts, plus the same color bows and golden wig, the long lashes, let everyone stun the chin as soon as they appeared.

Katy perry.jpg

The one who can compete with Gaga is Katy perry, she is wearing a Moschino chandelier to make a stunning appearance, instantly “igniting” the scene, and for the fruit girl who is also wearing exaggerated flowers, this year’s camp theme is not difficult. After all, she is also scared to everyone’s eyes in other day.

Katy perry

I have to say that Katy perry is indeed a master of Camp. When I first saw this half-length figure, the first thought in my mind was that she was not too heavy? But Katy perry is telling you that these are not things in the aging mother, and then sing Sia’s Chandelier enchanting drift away.

Celine Dion.jpg

Celine Dion is wearing an Oscar de Renta tassel jumpsuit. This costume is inspired by the film “Zigefi Song and Dance Troupe”. It consists of 18-sided structure and that is built by 52 senior embroidery masters who have spent 3,000 hours working on the whole dress. The weighs is over 22 pounds.


In the year, the 51-year-old award-winning Canadian female singer wore such a heavy dress and took the red carpet out of the essay. It is said that she told the reporter at the scene: I thought that when camp was camped, I thought about how to spend the night at the scene. Later, I realized the real meaning, so I wore the same as the female Bodhisattva.

Celine Dion

And for the sake of effect, the hands have not been put down until the end, it is also very hard, such a dress also makes many people shocked the eye, look at the red aunt behind her, the heart seems to be defeated in os: It is so good. There are also a lot of netizens discussing how to get a car like this chicken feather?


This year’s Met gala dinner was jointly organized with the Gucci brand, so Jared Leto Leto was wearing a Gucci Dahongpao directly, and at the same time handed the head, completely restored the bridge of the 2018 Gucci show, this “to see the head” scene is too great.

Jared Leto

Not only this, Master Leto was able to hand over his head to Mond after he had staged many inner dramas at the scene. Mond was too cute after receiving it. This style makes the netizen call. The young master is so beautiful!



Originally, a young Master Leto will definitely become the best dress for the men in the audience. As a result, Ezra Miller appeared in a Burberry suit. The first full-time man was perfect.

Ezra Miller.jpg

Ezra Miller ‘s style is exhausted, plus the crystal girdle’s girdle, long hem, some netizens may not accept such a shape, but I think that set is really a camp, look the eyes of the face felt like they were drunk with a few pounds of white wine.


This year’s theme is making the stars to more camp, but it is such an exaggerated and interesting styling that can trigger our discussion and appreciation, so who do you think is the most popular person in Met gala this year?

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Princess Kate’s is wearing peacock blue dress to visit with Harry

On April 25th, the British royal family’s Kate and Prince Harry participated in the ANZAC Day event which held at Westminster Abbey. Kate and Harry were unveiled together. The atmosphere was very relaxing and pleasant. Kate Princess was even poked by Prince Harry’s joke, and his affinity was better than ever.

Kate and Harry

Prince Harry has always had a good relationship with Princess Kate. Harry has repeatedly said Kate is regarded as a sister. Some time ago, the media had been rumored that Harry was alienated from the Kate couple because of Megan’s marriage.

Princess Kate and Harry

After attending the event and arriving at the church, the two got off the bus and walked away. They talked and laughed along the way, and they were kind and natural. They were exactly the same as Harry before marriage. The pleasant atmosphere of the two men alone this time easily broke the rumors of disobedience. The dress of Princess Kate is very eye-catching. She chose the Royal Blue series that the British royal family members liked.

Princess Kate and HarryPrincess Kate and Harry

It is reported that the Prince Harry’s name was added to the list of attendees at the last moment. Because his wife, Megan, is likely to be produced at any time, he promised to accompany Prince Harry’s production of Harry. It is necessary to confirm that Megan has not been in labor before attending the event. Prince William has other activities in New Zealand to attend. Therefore, this rare uncle has made a debut. Although the British media has always intentionally or unintentionally called the relationship between Princess Kate and Princess Megan, they still maintain the harmony of the surface.

Meghan and Harry

The dress of Princess Kate was amazing at this time. She chose the royal blue series that the British royal family loved. This peacock-blue coat dress is exquisitely designed, and it is lively and elegant that making Kate’s elegant temperament better than ever. Kate, who loves the beret, boldly used the decoration of the pheasant fur. It was a bit of fun in the gorgeous, and she gathered a lot of brilliance for her.

Princess Kate's Royal Blue dress.jpg

In order to match this special hat, hair style and dress style, Kate, the event has a beautiful and delicate hairpin. Bring a bit of romance and gentleness to the whole look. In the future, the British Queen’s atmosphere is more and more prominent. She always continues the fashion road of the late mother-in-law. She is boldly using the decoration of the pheasant feathers. The curved disk on the top hat is like a phoenix with wings spread, gorgeous and very recognizable.

Kate's hat twoKate's hat

In order to commemorate the sacrifice of the Australian and New Zealand troops during the event, Kate and Harry participated in the commemoration with guests including the Australian High Commissioner, including reading the commemorative bill.

Princess Kate and Harry

In the event of sharing the exchange, the photographer recorded the gentle smile of Prince Harry’s and Kate. Once again, it was proved that the brother-in-law between the two men was completely unaffected and the warmth remained.

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Taylor Swift’s red plaid coat is very nice

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is really a master of wearing, she is not only have a sweet look, sings is also very nice, she is still relatively thin in the past few years, many people say that it is so pity if she does not go to the model, and the height of the 180, the angelic value and the long legs of the anti-sky mold were invited to the Victoria’s as a singer. 

Taylor Swift's fashion style

We can see that she is still very slim in the past few years, the clothes can be worn casually, whether it is a printed skirt or a mini skirt, or a jumpsuit, she looks so nice. She has always been a small fresh route or a retro route who has shown us a variety of styles, but in the past two years, she seems to be a bit fat, but the same is still her hanges.


On Monday local time, she participated in the supermodel Gigi’s 24th birthday party, while others were wearing denim elements. The Taylor Swift was unveiled with such a very festive color. The red plaid coat was matched with a spring-colored print. Skirts, and red lips are quite excellent. For a long time, Europeans and Americans have rarely painted red lips like moldy mildew. They generally like the bronzed nude makeup, but many times they tried to find mold. She is still the most suitable for such a bright red lips.


On the same day, the cat bag on the back on the shoulder is captured a girl’s heart! Instantly it became the most popular item, the moldy is only in the 30s who still has a childlike heart. The light blue bag’s fabric is looks very thick and that is full of childlike feelings, it is full of novelty and foamy bag, in fact, it is 750 dollars, and compared with those tens of thousands of bags, its uniqueness makes us more attractive.


Taylor Swift’s hair style on the day was also very distinctive. She dyed in ponytail pink that is changing her previous blonde style, and the day with the open toe high heels. Of course, red is her lucky color today, red lips and red hair, as well as red nail polish, which are printed on each other.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Although it seems that she has been a bit fatter in recent years, her body looks more body-building, rather than the chopsticks legs like the ones before. Nowadays, the legs with a very line shape are actually more like, i feel that the plaid coat is a must-have item for many people in the spring season. The long-lasting checkered clothes of mildew and double-breasted design have a retro feelings. The red lips of moldy day are of course to be matched with some diamonds, and such flower earrings and diamond necklaces show the charm of mildew in a very low-key way.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


The latest family portrait of the Spanish royal family

Spannish Family

On April 21st,Madrid time , the Spanish royal family went to Mallorca to celebrate Easter. They went to the majestic Palma de Mallorca (Parma) church to attend the mass. Three generations photographed the latest family portrait in front of the church. The picture was warm and beautiful.

Spannish Family two

The Easter Mass of last year, the old king Juan Carlos I participated, but this year was absent. Although King Juan is only 10 months older than Queen Sophia, their physical condition is different, and Queen Sofia seems to be healthier.

Spannish Family

The Spanish royal family always gives people a visual enjoyment. Not only it is the high value family’s, but also their dressing is very simple but exquisite, but also it is highlight their respective characteristics that called the royal version of fashion textbook.

Spannish King

Queen Letizia wore a dark blue printed dress in that day. The feeling of walking and winding were very good. After entering the royal family for many years, she still maintained the style of women in the workplace.

Queen Letizia

The wind of the day was a bit big, and the long hair was very attractive when the fluttering after the wind . When it was against the wind, it seemed a bit messy. Fortunately, the smile was sweet enough, and the look of the lens was amazing.


The 80-year-old Queen Sophia wore a pale yellow suit with matching kittens and shoes, which looked very springy. This former Greek princess temperamental and warm is very nice.


The 13-year-old Princess Leonor and the 11-year-old Princess Sofia seem to be a lot more beautiful than they were a year ago. This time they chose different styles of wear, but they still retain some similarities, all with their hair scattered, and wear dark flat ballet shoes.


The future Queen of Leon Leonor wears a small white coat with a light blue dress who is wearing a little ladylike style. It looks very elegant and pleasant. Leonor’s father, Felipe VI, has a height of 198cm, and his daughter is very petite, but it is much better to stand next to the 170cm mother.


Sister Sophia wore a short tweed top with a button on the back and dark blue trousers. The style was very fashionable and the legs looked very slender. From the same frame, Sophia is younger, but her height is higher than her sister. It is estimated that she has inherited the high gene from her father.

Spannish Daughter

From the appearance of the two little princesses, Leonor is more like a mother, so who is Sophia like?


I saw the family portrait of King Felipe VI as a child. Sophia looks very much like her aunt, Princess Cristina.


Princess Kate’s Fashion Style Dresses for Women

Spring has passed more than half, is there any dresses who want to buy? Especially in the good season for flowers, if you don’t have a beautiful dress, how to make good-looking photos?

“National Princess” Kate is probably the most loved dress in the world, and  who has been worn several times in the last month.

When I attended the 2019 Portrait Gala in London last month, she wore an Alexander McQueen black square-neck half-sleeve jacquard dress, which was elegant, and it’s fit for her temperament well.

princess Kate

On March 5th, at the “Charles Coronation 50th Anniversary Celebration” held at Buckingham Palace, Kate chose a mint green stand-up long-sleeved chiffon dress with puff sleeve design, which is like Victorian style.

Princess Kate's green long dress

The color of mint green is also very suitable for the spring season. We want to find the brand of the clothes for everyone, so that everyone can get the same paragraph. It turns out that this dress is made by Kate Wang’s private tailor, exclusive custom.

Princess Kate's mint green dress

At the Women’s Financial Dinner held at the V&A Museum in London in February, Kate wore a pink tulle dress, which was amazing and came from GUCCI. The pink color is full of girlish colors.

long pink dress

When she visited the Belfast Empire Hall at the end of February, she wore a mint green dress from the Italian luxury brand Missoni, which sold for $2,480. But it seems that Kate is true love for this small fresh green color.

fresh green color dress

A holiday wind green polka dot dress from the UK high-end footwear apparel retail brand L.K. Bennett, is Kate’s favorite brand, with the same color high-heeled shoes, both daily outings, and who can hold formal occasions, very practical.

green polka dot dress

The Queen of Spain was wwearing a nightgown coat went to the village


On the 11th local time, the Spanish queen Letizia appeared in the village of Lerma in Burgos, she is ready to watch the “Angel” exhibition which is held in Burgos Cathedral. Letizia wears a cream coat who is easily found in a group of people.


Walking on the uneven stone road in the high-heeled shoes , Letizia walked into the royal family for many years, but she is still maintained the style of women in the workplace.


Letizia’s coat is a nightgown style. She showed them two ways to wear this coat, either by attaching a belt or opening the round neck shirt and high waist pants. Nightgown coats tend to be bloated after being attached to the belt, but this problem is not obvious for people with slim bodies.

Princess Meghan

When it comes to nightgown coats, it’s hard to think of the British Duchess of Sussex Meghan. When she first appeared as the fiancée of Prince Harry, she wore a white robe coat at Christmas. Also it is puts on a camel. I don’t know if the fabric is too thick. Anyway, Megan is a bit cumbersome to wear, and it is inferior to Letizia in terms of cleanliness and beauty.

Princess Meghan

After the pregnancy, Megan was still not give up the nightgown coat, but the protruding pregnant belly directly turned the coat into a nightgown for warmth in the morning, lazy is there, but the temperament should not be thought. Megan is also reminded everyone that if the waist is not slender, don’t wear a nightgown coat.

Princess Meghan

Letizia is looking at the exhibition, whether it is a look or a standing who gives a feeling of fullness. At 46, she looks tall and very energetic.


92-year-old Queen wearing a turquoise green embossed skirt is too elegant

British Queen's

Now everyone thinks that Megan is the most fashionable person in the British royal family. Megan has started taking maternity leave! A baby born in a few days is destined to be a concern. And I think that whether it is Princess Kate or Princess Megan, who is more elegant and noble, the 92-year-old British Queen Elizabeth II should have won steadily! The Queen of England has worn almost all the colors and is known as the “Rainbow Grandma.” Red orange yellow green blue purple, these colors are controlled by the Queen! The Queen’s standard wear is a light-legged coat with black one-legged suede shoes, a black style, and most importantly, the top and the clothes are always the same color hat! The Queen has been so elegant for decades, perhaps what the usual “Queen Faner” should be presented by Elizabeth II!

On local time of tuesday evening , the Queen of England hosted a reception to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the National Council of Voluntary Organizations (NCVO). The Queen’s turquoise dress was radiant, and the 92-year-old queen’s makeup is no worse than 10 years ago. The biggest difference now is that there is a little bit of hunchback! The queen who did not wear a hat showed her shining white hair. I felt that the white hair was still so beautiful, and the silver silk was frozen for 92 years.

turquoise dress

This kind of turquoise green has a shiny feelings, and it looks like a leather coat in the near future, but this is just an embossing on the fabric. The queen is paired with her favorite pearl necklace and earrings. The smile is always so kind and friendly. There is no need for people to walk. The Queen of all kinds of things is almost absent. In many of us, the 92-year-old can live. Very few, and the Queen is still live like 72 years old.

British Queen

It is said that the Queen of England is a refined, elegant and old woman. When we look at the Queen’s skin, after the exquisite makeup, the wrinkles are still very small. The Princess Kate and Megan can hardly apply too bright lipstick, but we see that the Queen is always relying on lipstick. Let your look doubled. The Queen chose the red lipstick that brought the Queen’s gas field on the day. This kind of gloss and saturation. If I look at the lips, I think it is a young girl because there is no lip pattern at all!


When she laughed, her face was wrinkled, but it affected the nobleness and dignity of the Queen. The Queen just announced that she was no longer driving. In fact, from the Queen, I think the word “Brave” is used to describe it. It’s no exaggeration. The 92-year-old queen often rides and drives. The Queen has always been very car-loving. Many people say that the Queen’s eyes are all stories. They have been married to Prince Philip for more than 70 years. When the Queen has seen a lot of right and wrong for decades, the Queen’s eyes still have such clear eyes.

British Queen

The Queen’s embossed skirt is from Karl Ludwig, with a Cullinan diamond pendant brooch. The Queen’s accessories are almost all pearls or diamonds, and it will not be too exaggerated. That kind of style is simple but full sense of quality, in fact, it is the most luxurious.

Green clothes are estimated that many people dare not try, but the Queen is also chose a green coat a few days ago. This kind of green coat has a more springy atmosphere. The Queen puts on a lot of people and says it is like a flower fairy!

green style

With the hat decorated with flowers, the queen walks in the crowd and it is full of the spring feelings. Can you see that this is 92 years old? In fact, for the royal family, the Queen has begun to slowly hand over to King Kate and Megan, and the Queen should rest and rest! After a lifetime of work, I have been a “Rainbow Grandma” for a lifetime.

British Queen's fashion style

The Queen of Spain and the first lady of Argentina are in the same frame, who looks more beautiful


In the past few days, the Spanish Queen Letizia and her husband Felipe began a three-day state visit to Argentina. The Queen of Spain has always been known for its high-grade clothes. This time, it is still beautiful. Enthusiastic! Letizia came to Buenos Aires and the first lady of Argentina was in the same frame who two were so beautiful.

Letizia's light pink dress

The 46-year-old Letizia and the 44-year-old Argentine First Lady Juliana Awada are dressed in elegant dresses under the knees. Letizia’s nude pink sleeveless dress is full of girls feelings, Fluffy hairstyle looks very elegant. Perhaps speaking of the European royal family, everyone is familiar with the British royal family Megan and Kate, but I prefer the elegance and low-key Queen of Spain. This cherry blossom skirt is very age-reducing, and the design of the waist just highlights the curvaceous beauty of Letizia.

Letizia dress

The pleat design of the hem is full of design, and in order to balance the nude color dress in the day, the Queen of Spain is paired with a pair of red high heels that enhance the color. The nude pink and red collide each other which is both low-key and very worthy of attention. The bag on the hand echoes the color of the shoe, and the Queen of Spain always reflects her high-grade clothing in various details.


The simple earrings are very versatile, and there is no too complicated design. It is so swaying in the ear to describe the elegance and elegance of the royal family. And this time Letizia and the first lady of Argentina are in the same box, it is inevitable that it will be compare it each other! The first lady of Argentina, Bilitizia, was two years younger, and the two were like sisters. The first lady of Argentina appeared in a polka-dot dress, and the design of the V-neck highlighted a ittle sexy.

Letizia and the first lady of Argentina

The first lady, Juliana Awada, is also very extra-pointed, and Letizia’s curly hair style is not the same as usual. The wave is more curled and more charming! Originally as the female anchor of Spain, the counterattack was married to the Spanish royal family, and the second marriage was still became a big winner in life.


The Queen of Spain is now 46 years old, and this figure looks like 30 years old! Born with two little princesses, she has always been a dressing template for Spanish girls. Not to pursue too expensive clothes, it is such a simple shape, which highlights the inner peace and noble feeling! This nude pink dress comes from the brand Pedro del Hierro and it is also a Spanish brand. Letizia is really the king of the powerful Spanish brands! The skirt from the spring and summer of the 19th series, it is very line-cut, does not seem to grab the limelight, but it is full of advanced!

Queen of Spain

The Queen of Spain and the first lady of Argentina took a close photo. Liana chose a navy blue dress with silver spots on it. The design of the sleeves is also very suitable for the occasion. In fact, we also wear from the two. You can learn a lot, the skirt is really a must-have item for formal occasions, and if you want to wear this color, you have to rely on some details to build!

Letizia's long dress

But this time, Letizia’s skirt has a shortcoming, that is, the waistline is too low, it seems to have some five points. If the waistline of skirt can be raised, it will be more perfect!

The four people took a photo with the picturesque poster! The height of this king of Spain is so high, where is the way to grab the limelight! Do you think that the Queen of Spain meets the first lady of Argentina, who is better? I can’t compare it.

The Queen of Spain and the First Lady of Argentina are in the same frame, and the cherry blossom skirt is too charming to hit the polka-dot skirt.


Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid’s fashion accessories

Hadid's and her sister

In the era of information explosion, it is reminiscent of the time when I picked up the book last time. This time we also want to take everyone to see what the supermodel is reading recently! Perhaps we will think that they are full of trips, even if they have a private life, they can’t escape the mobile phone, but it is not. Recently, we have captured evidence from the paparazzi’s lens.

Fashion Item

As the hottest name in the fashion circle, the Hadid sisters spent the latest release of the photos, not the handbags, coffee, but books. The sister Bella Hadid recently fell in love with Stephen King’s horror novel “The Outsider”, which was launched in 2018. In addition to street photography, Bella Hadid’s love of the book is not difficult to find from Ins. The story describes 11 years old boy who was killed in the park. The murder of the boy’s corpse, the suspect is actually a resident of everyone’s love, and with the slogan of the chapter, it brings out the truth of the surprise in a stimulating atmosphere.

younger sister Bella Hadid

And my sister Gigi Hadid is watching a very classic literature recently – “The Stranger” released in 1942, from the novelist and philosopher Albert Camus, starting with the protagonist first person, discussing life existentialism, to a certain extent, it also echoes the side of modern society that does not necessarily conform to the sense of secular morality.


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The Queen of Spain fashion style is so beautiful

Queen Letizia

Many people say that the clothes of Megan in the European royal family are getting better and better. They are in the first position of the kings in the European royal family, but I feel that although Megan is dressed in diversity, it is one day a day. Like, but what is missing is a temperament and royal family! Compared with the British royal family, I think that the Queen of the Spanish royal family, the Lady Letizia, is a royal family and has a sense of fashion. Many people will say so Kate, and Kate’s dressing has also been seen. In the seven years of marriage to the royal family, almost all of them were very simple to wear, nothing new, so Kate has a dignified feeling, but lacks a sense of fashion, and the Queen of Spain has both, so say me More optimistic about the dress style of the Spanish Princess.

Queen Letizia and her husband

The usual hairstyle of the Queen of Spain is the kind of curly hair that is very feminine and feminine. This time, the Queen of Spain finally changed her hair style. This time it was beautiful and it was beautiful, and it changed red lips. Amazing beauty that is completely different from usual. It can be seen that the Queen of Spain wore a satin black dress with a sleeve in the day. The skirt of the dress has a very faint black embroidered flower, which adds some design and layering to the overall black.

Queen Letizia's black dress

But on the same day, Letizia’s hairstyle is her most extravagant place. The shape of the hair is like a goddess. The five senses of Letizia are very delicate. They used to be the female anchor of the famous Spanish TV station. The Spanish prince looked at it, so she said that she could still join the Spanish royal family when she was married, and later Letizia showed her wisdom, which can be seen from her dressing style. The Spaniard is very concerned about the local Spanish brand ZARA, so she often wears a few hundred pieces of ZARA clothes, and this is obviously for the local brands!

On the same day, the black dress of the Queen of Spain not only reflects its noble feeling, but also with such a red lips, the combination of red and black is always so classic and harmonious, you may see the British royal family Megan or Kate very much Less use of red lips, but for such a bright color royal family is generally discouraged to use, the royal family banned the kings are not allowed to use colorful nail polish, but Letizia has its own style.

Queen of Spain

This kind of style is not only from the side or from the front, it is a style, the left side is the braided style, and the right side is such a curled hair style, so the face of the Queen of Spain is simply awesome, and the day The earrings are also very exaggerated, and the combination of white and red on the top shows a luxurious texture.

I only saw the exquisite feeling from the Queen of Spain. At 46, can you see that she is 46 years old? It even looks younger than the British royal family’s Princess Kate. There is almost no headline and eye pattern. Her skin is very well maintained. She is now the mother of two princesses, but she is as slim as Kate.


I think she is more natural and refined than Kate’s Princess! And the other calf legs are also very good looking, so wearing a high heel gas field is even more powerful. Have you changed the hairstyle of the queen, have you been beautiful by her?