Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid’s fashion accessories

Hadid's and her sister

In the era of information explosion, it is reminiscent of the time when I picked up the book last time. This time we also want to take everyone to see what the supermodel is reading recently! Perhaps we will think that they are full of trips, even if they have a private life, they can’t escape the mobile phone, but it is not. Recently, we have captured evidence from the paparazzi’s lens.

Fashion Item

As the hottest name in the fashion circle, the Hadid sisters spent the latest release of the photos, not the handbags, coffee, but books. The sister Bella Hadid recently fell in love with Stephen King’s horror novel “The Outsider”, which was launched in 2018. In addition to street photography, Bella Hadid’s love of the book is not difficult to find from Ins. The story describes 11 years old boy who was killed in the park. The murder of the boy’s corpse, the suspect is actually a resident of everyone’s love, and with the slogan of the chapter, it brings out the truth of the surprise in a stimulating atmosphere.

younger sister Bella Hadid

And my sister Gigi Hadid is watching a very classic literature recently – “The Stranger” released in 1942, from the novelist and philosopher Albert Camus, starting with the protagonist first person, discussing life existentialism, to a certain extent, it also echoes the side of modern society that does not necessarily conform to the sense of secular morality.


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