The Dense Heavy-gauged Texture Stitch Trend for Men’s Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

A/W men’s knitwear presents warm and solid qualities through heavy-gauged textures. Placement decorations and blank-leaving provide delicate details; braided textures, stitched argyles, and voluminous cable focus on the 3D effect.

Men's Knitwear

The stitch changes in the placement create delicate details and improve the sense of designing. Ribbed hemline and the stitches on shoulder lines strengthen the structure.

Stitched Decoration

The braided texture on men’s knitwear is denser than the open knitting in S/S. Heavy-gauged stitches strengthen the texture of knitwear. The use of basic plain and purl knitting updates the textures. The braided effect brought by cable is more recommended.

Braided Texture

Heavy-gauged argyles form 3D textures. All-over design is regular and neat. The combination of basic purl knitting and cable enriches the visual effect.

Stitched Argyle


The Dynamic Carnival Pattern Trend for Men’s Knitwear

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

Color is always an important part of clothing, which can bring the most direct visual feel. The dynamic and dazzling color combination endows knitwear with youthful atmosphere. Romantic scenery, flower, colorful rhombus and trendy Scandi folk style are mainly chosen to be the patterns of knitwear. Besides, the technological fun brought by flowing liquid pattern is also noteworthy.

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

Scenery pattern with rich colors is extremely youthful. Remote countryside, mountain or industrial urban night scene are recommended. Intensive color blocking may further strengthen the vitality.

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

The romantic curves of floral patterns provide men’s knitwear with softness. Fresh lemon yellow is recommended. Steady dark red and sapphire or even classic black & white are also available.

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

Scandi folk style pattern is combined with color conflict to increase the youthful feel of men’s knitwear. Lovely bear and bright red maple leaf can also be added to enliven the whole style.

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

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The Practical Letter Pattern Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

The interpretation of letter pattern is always the key developing direction of men’s knitwear. Multi-form, minimization and craft combination are the keywords, which shows a more minimalist style trend. Stripe, ring, wrong-vision fold and size contrast enrich the pattern forms. Hand-written or printed letters are combined different colors, textures, arrangements and imprinting to present practical and variable letter design.

Men's Knitwear

Tiny and delicate letters become the key trend of digital embroidery, which is mainly decorated on front chest, shoulder, back and hem. To enrich the layer of letters, jacquard, color-blocking and asymmetry are added to form the changes in vision, tactility and space.

Men's Knitwear

Plush touch is an indispensable point of knitwear. Except for the application on yarn, it is also used on patterns. Napping, towel embroidery, flocking, applique and loop-yarn embroidery can present the 3D plush effect. The combination of gradient letter, towel embroidery and digital embroidery is more innovative.

Men's Knitwear

Metal texture is the key pursuit of combined craft. Rivet and rhinestone are combined with printing, embroidery and jacquard crafts to show the fusion of dot-line-surface. The combination of gold&silver foiling and embroidery, lustrous sequin and bead brings metallic visual effect with lights and shades.

Men's Knitwear

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The Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

Under the changeable fashion, warm and soft cashmere refuses complicated utility, and adopts fine stitches and the superior texture of the cashmere to display the fashion charm of urban business style. The fine-gauged texture in the new season creates an orderly linear space, adding elegance and calmness to pre-fall.


In the new season, business leisure men’s knitwear insists on compact stitches and meticulous beauty. Different from basic ottoman stitches in the past, this season men’s knitwear pays more attention to crossed stitches and the dense gap between 12 stitches and 14 stitches. The orderly crossed stitches create a tensile spacial sense and bring a 3D impact. Black, white and grey tones bring simple and charming fashion items.

Fine-gauged Knitwear

The structure of points, lines and plane is significant in men’s knitwear of urban business style. Unlike the previous seasons which adopt orderly points to create lines and patterns brought by crossed lines, the knitwear in the new season emphasizes the crossed planes more. The purl and kwise textures can imitate lines and gradually shape a geometric plane. The irregular contrast of planes has richer textures and comfortable touch than the flat jacquard.

Crossed Line and Plane

Previous seasons adopt rough heavy-gauged cables, while in the new season, men’s knitwear of the urban business style uses simple lines to be modern. Compactness and fineness become the key to fine-gauge. Rhomboid checks are not restricted to graceful cables, and use neat straight lines to display the clear checks, reinterpreting modern classics and easily creating an elegant image of business men.

Compact Rhomboid Checks

The combination of multiple stitches is a key craft to show the personalized business men’s knitwear. Fine-gauged cables are softer and more soothing when applied to cashmere. The stitch integrating purl, kwise and jacquard in a dotted line can create fine textures, with blue and green tones having moderate saturation to create a cultured and elegant image of business men.

Diversified Textures.jpg

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The Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear


The warm and soft knitwear is necessary in winter. Flexible and changeable stitch letters unlock the pattern craft for men’s knitwear. Strings, stitches, yarns and accessories are adopted to present exquisite styles, helpful for men’s knitwear development of fashion and leisure style.

men's knitwear

Changeable stitches are adopted to form lettered pattern, which is a focus of men’s knitwear. Different from the solid fine-gauged pullover with letters, lettered pattern in the new season pays more attention to the combination of line and plane. The slightly coarse hand-sewn stitches, dense and sparse dotted jacquard, 3D floating threads, and contrasting colors display the collision of traditional and modern crafts, so the knitwear will be more fashionable and vibrant.


One of featured designs of men’s knitwear is the loose silhouette and simple letters. Apart from the basic jacquard in different tones making contrast with the slid clothing, in the new season, lettered pattern advocates more about applying melange yarns and metallic yarns to create the lettered jacquard. The visual sense is enriched by the texture difference like the count of yarns and appearance.

Different Yarns

String is widely used in creative clothing in the new season. Satin or velvet strings are smartly woven into letters, with dazzling colors, a thick or thin voluminous feel to bring various 3D looks, thus decorations of letters are innovated.


Simple embroidered letters make the solid clothing no more monotonous. Dense and sparse stitches, different color tones and space structure combined with beads is chic and flexible. Styles of Just Cavalli display the outlines of pullover and embroidered letters, easily creating a fashionable and leisure vibe, fit for Chinese second and third-tier knitwear markets advocating simple designs.

Complicated Embroidery

Different from the roughness and flaunt of long tassels, this season floating threads will be daintier and shorter. One or two floating threads can display the 3D feature to the most, and make contrast with plane letters, thus the simple design is fully displayed and the style is practical and fashionable.

Tassels and Floating Threads


Urban Exploration – Clothing Collocation of Men’s Knitwear


As the post-1995 generation enters the workplace, business menswear keeps changing. The boundary of office uniforms and leisure clothing is vaguer. Outdoor elements are added to business knitwear. Melange yarns and casual blurring bring a retro feeling. Fluorescent colors decorated in geometric graphics create a younger and more practical business style, and show the new business style combining urban style and fashion.

nen's knitwear

Blurring is mostly used in men’s leisure and sporty styles. In the new season, it is also reflected in business style. Earth color tones and basic grey and black are main colors. Printing and dyeing technique displays the erosive color change. It is suitable to pair with suit sets to bring a mixing look.

Artistic Blurring

Polo shirts of business style emphasize the silhouette and the quality sense. Fine-gauge is the key point in this new season. Different stitches are used to show richer architecture texture. A solid color is the main, and few similar colors are also added to decorate. It can be styled with crisp khaki pants and well-fitting suits.

Fine-gauged Polo Shirts

Armhole design which is widely used in men’s knitwear could fully wrap men’s shoulder. It is combined with texture to change the angle of seam. Purl stitches make the item younger and more casual. It is suitable for basic pullover. It emphasizes the fine stitch and the texture of cashmere, and pursues the natural comfort.

Armhole Design

3D geometrics with a architecture sense like checks and small color blocks are main patterns in business knitwear. Regular all-over arrangement expresses the rigorous business feeling. The S/S 2021 highlights the integration of basic natural colors like burnt olive and skylight.

Colorful Geometrics

Business style adopts introvert technique to display the quality of clothing. Woven lining added to knitwear jackets is more functional. Etro adopts industrial rough cameo and classic folk printed lining to make a texture contrast.

Knitwear Jackets with Lining

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Simple Urban of Silhouette Trend for Men’s Knitwear


In this season, jackets move forward with youthful, simple, clean and cosy qualities. Contrasting colors, piecing, geos and letters are key elements. Colors and techniques are combined with currently popular elements. The neat silhouette of jackets is kept.

fashion trend jacket

Functional sport pockets are applied to the chest and left arm. Contrasting waterproof zippers add appeal.

Functional Pockets

The contrast piecing of different materials is often seen at the hood, closure and hem. Smooth wovens and matte knitwear make a contrast, emphasizing the outline and creating a dissecting effect.

Piecing at the Edge

The mixing of knits and puffa is common. In this season, cuts and dissecting are more dressy. Color, stitch and yarns are key.

Warm Puffa

Heavy-gauge geometric textures are key. Square textures work well with jackets, and kwise and purl stitches make a contrast. Transitional stitches are used. Solid all-over textures play a key part, and melange yarns make textures stand out.

Square Textures

Jackets with refined plain surfaces work well in transitional periods. Wool yarns are mainly used. Silhouettes and textures are underlined. Striped textures and pointelle are combined, as seen at Reiss. Regular stitch is applied to the neckline, hem and cuff to keep the crisp silhouette and add depth. Concealed zippers feel delicate.

Refined Plain Surfaces

Plain colors are chosen for all-over letters. Stripe-like effects are applied with asymmetric details. Different sizes and colors add newness.

All-Over Letters

Portraits and figures make a comeback this season. Letters are teamed up with portraits and figures. Prints are often seen at the back. Print can be paired with jacquard and embroidery.

Letters and Figures