Holly Green Color Evolution of Kidswear

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Brook Green is a key color for 2020. Fresh and elegant Brook Green highlights the original color of nature, with Lime Punch to lead the far-sighted palette. It perfectly combines future development with nature.

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With the deepened unisex awareness, the fashion industry pursues neutral colors more, especially in the dynamic clothing. Brook Green, as a neutral color, can be combined with white or soft yellow to bring a tranquil feeling. The match of purple with Brook Green is more fashionable and avant-garde.


Tranquil Holly Green continues the natural feel of Brook Green and emphasizes the return of natural colors. It is in line with the people’s desire for nature and the recovery of city in S/S 2021. Thus it becomes the important representative color of S/S 2021.


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The Theme Color Trend for Women’s Knitwear

Women's Knitwear

Oil paintings of Marc Chagall have bright and gorgeous colors, and bring a surreal dreamlike charm. Chagall draws inspirations from the plain images in nature, and subjects are mainly about lovers, romances, and Jewish legends. Chagall integrates love into the paintings. Different colors represent different good meanings, which is blended with the rhythmic textures of oil painting. This also inspires the development of knitwear colors. In view of trend and data analysis, we select four representative colors, “the flowing blue pigment” displays the neat cutting; “Baltic” has the crystal blue-green, quite inclusive; positive and optimistic “limelight” shows a ladylike temperament; “exuberance” renews the tones of commute clothing. (The inverted body in Marc Chagall’s painting is deeply moving. The figure will turn yellow or green after praying for a long time, so Chagall’s yellow and green represent sincerity.)

Women's Knitwear

Blue appears frequently in oil paintings of Chagall, and is known as Chagall Blue. Here we can see the vivid flowing blue. Chagall endows blue with a flowing sense, so the flowing blue brings vitality and calmness.

women's knitwear

Princess blue is fit for smooth cutting, neat silhouette and details (radial gilding/ natural crinkled brought by drawstring) to show the refined sense of blue. The asymmetric A-line skirt can be paired with the neat knitwear, quite soft.

women's knitwear

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