The Color Confirmation of Womenswear Market

Womenswear Market

POP released the S/S 2021 color trend report in February, 2020. And according to the market researches this time, the color prediction is perfectly accurate. Spring colors are inspired by the awakening of Romantic Times. Shell Pink is prominent, pairing with the tonal Sweet Pea Pink and complement of Pure White for a spring story, Brownie keeps balance, accentuated with Fairy Blue for a girly palette.

Womenswear Market

POP released the S/S 2021 color trend report in February, 2020. And according to the market researches this time, the color prediction is perfectly accurate. Mid-summer colors are influenced by modern architecture. Elegant Beige dominates, warm yet alienated. Pulp White feels simple, mixing with warm black for a sharp quality.

Womenswear Market

POP released the S/S 2021 color trend report in February, 2020. And according to the market researches this time, the color prediction is perfectly accurate. With the popularity of digital games and E-sports, impressive Time Blue on screens has great appeal. Digital Multicolor and Flame Red enliven the palette, reinforcing sport aesthetic of virtual futurism.

Womenswear Market

POP released the S/S 2021 color trend report in February, 2020. And according to the market researches this time, the color prediction is perfectly accurate. The unrealized space punk pf retro futurism develops technical sports for spring, featuring Digital Multicolor, balanced by Atom Green and Digital Purple. The result in the multi-dimensional space of “sport, music, time and universe”, while Mass-energy Black highlights the nostalgic technical edge of futurist surreal aesthetics.

Womenswear Market

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Markets in Guangzhou

Womenswear Markets

This report comprehensively analyzes the Resort items on sale in Guangzhou wholesale markets and current trends. The Resort styles in Guangzhou markets combine retro elements of court dress with current womenswear, like big arc turn-down collar, lace and ruffles. Large-scale pearl, drawstring and ruffles are worth attention.


In the market, the young lady style increases to the largest proportion of 36%, followed by the simple & sophisticated style of 32%. Street fashion brands (22%) and mimicking big brands (10%) still occupy a place. Items with retro court elements take up 50% of the young lady style, reflecting the retro court elements will return and prevail.


The emerging style in Guangzhou markets is decorated by western retro court elements, like lace, pearl, ruffles and the cape collar, quite exaggerated. (This style also appears in many big brands in S/S 2020, and is easy to prevail.)


Pearl is often used to create retro and luxurious female items. Pearls are arranged in a row, or a pattern, or as a decoration on the edge.


The TOP Jackets List of Womenswear

top jacket

The data in this report are from the TOP 100 list ranked according to downloading times from September to October. The sophisticated lady style and young lady style are still major styles. The proportion of jackets of avantgarde brands increase. The leisure style declines. A-line becomes the most used silhouette. Splicing is the key design in jackets.


In the TOP 10 list (From the left to right is 1-5, and 6-10.), jackets are mainly in the sophisticated lady style and young lady style. Avantgarde brands take a comparatively large proportion. Splicing and placement deconstruction show the jacket pays more attention to details.

TOP 10

Tweed jackets with delicate pearl buttons which have raw edges or hemmed edges to be decorative bring a noble and elegant feeling.


Jackets with splicing are mainly street fashion brands. H-line or A-line silhouette is deconstructed or color-blocked spliced. Colors with a strong contrast highlight the visual expressiveness.

Deconstructed and Spliced Jackets

Classic suit jackets are cropped. Delicate pockets and outer wind-proof structure add a capable and experienced sense to the wearer. Compared with conventional styles, the cropped suit jacket could optimize the proportion visually.

Cropped Suit Jackets

Stand-up collar appears again in the TOP 100 list. The creative structure decoration in the neck and the exquisite deconstruction catch people’s eyes on the neck, and emphasize the delicate sense.

Exquisite Stand-up Collar Jackets

Recommended Styles

Recommended Styles

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The Popular Shirts in Menswear Markets


In August, smart leisure and business styles see a rise. Street style rises steadily. Checks, stripes and letters are dominant in this season. Splicing stays the same, while printing elements see a decrease. Applique makes a comeback.


In top 10, international big brands and street brands are key, and some Chinese brands are also included. TIME HOMME and OVERPROTECTION each have two items in top 10. Most items are leisure. Checked and striped shirts almost account for half of all items. For other items, details and patterns are key.

Top 10

Decorative and practical pockets in different sizes are applied to different places to interpret the important role of pockets. Exaggerated pockets at KAPITAL and KAPITAL add depth and create a striking impact. Different materials at MMIC and OVERPROTECTION stand out.

Pockets fashion trend style

Splicing is prominent. The same material can be used to make different patterns. Two different kinds of materials can be spliced. Harsh and Cruel and Givenchy also add micro deconstruction.

Splicing fashion trend style

Printing ornaments in different sizes add fashion subtly. Landscapes, figures and plants as well as animals are most common. TIME HOMME and Dsquared2 apply real-life photo print with clashed and diverse colors. Alexander Wang’s abstract print is colorful.

The Printed Shirt


Lettering is indispensable, versatile and inclusive. With the rising of Chinese fashion, apart from common English letters and slogans, Chinese characters stand out.

Lettering fashion style

The slim shirt is popular as well. The solid colors and details are emphasized. Pattern and placket piping add interest. Orderly arranged letters and geometric patterns on all-over patterns add fashion.

The Slim Business Shirt

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The Fashion Trend Analysis of Popular Jackets in Women’s Markets


In August, avant-garde brand sees a rise, holding 23%. Smart casual style almost stays the same, holding 34%. Girly&sophisticated style sees a slight rise because of the application of tweeds.

Analytical Data

Fashion-forward brands dominate top 10. The suit neckline is the direction, and splicing is popular in top 10.

Top 10

The cropped shape is often seen on the tee, shirt and sweatshirt. This season, it is also applied to the jacket. The broad shape and leisure decorations create the comfortable look.

the jaket

Tweeds gain traction this season. The jacket with the Chanel style is elevated with splicing and piping.

Tweeds jacket Fashion Tweeds Coat for Women

The cinched cuff stands out this season. The inside quilted elastic bands or drawstrings area applied to have the warm, cosy and sporty effect.

The Cinched Cuff

Different deconstructed details create a contrast. Contrasting or clashing fabrics used for main materials or accessories make a statement.

Deconstructing and Splicing jacket



The Fashion Trend Analysis of New Aestheticism Womenswear at South Korean Market

fashion clothing in Korean market

Straight pleats make garments more delicate. The ripple-like pleats are attractive. All-over or placement pleats are applied to the hem or cuff, making a contrast with pleated fabrics.

fashion trend style

The displaced closures add interest and make a contrast. The asymmetric aesthetic brings a new look.

Displaced Closures

Tweed garments exude a romantic Chanel style which is simple, elegant, classic and luxurious.

The Chanel Style

The cropped shape is over the hip, making the body shape look slim and tall.

The Cropped Trench Coat

Extra panels on the shirt give a subtle tactile effect, updating basic and solid shirts. Placement panels at the shoulder and chest add depth and bring a youthful and artistic aesthetic.

Extra Panels

The two-layer collar is created by adding a scaled-down collar to the base collar.

The Refined Two-Layer Collar

The imperial high-bust dissecting line accentuates form and makes a statement. The bust part is key, and the dissecting line is moved upward to add glamour.

The Imperial High-Bust Dissecting Line



19/20 A/W Popular Coats Trend Analysis in Womenswear Markets

fashion coat

In May, dominant is the simple & sophisticated, followed by the neutral leisure. H-line holds 56%. Layer-style piecing is mainly applied. Volume and size are key to play with deconstruction.



In top 10, mid-length coats dominate. Wool and plush each hold half of items. H-line, loose and practical, is most popular.

fashion coat

In this season, plush is often used in a large scale and piecing. Plush coats are exaggeratedly voluminous. Mid-length pieces, suitable for daily activities, are more commercial.

Plush Coats

Super exaggerated floor-length coats create a powerful look. Checks are attractive to young consumers. Silhouettes are very versatile. Small dropped shoulders add a directional edge.

Floor-Length Coats.jpg

Self belts and waist-cinchers accentuate form and femininity. Loose hems deliver a urban feminine sentiment.

Waisted Shapes coat.jpg

Mid- and High-necks make a comeback. Leather buckle loops add a warm and directional edge. New necks are experimental and interesting.

High Neck coat.jpg

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