Pimpollo The Benchmark Brand of Kidswear


Pimpollo, the South Korean kidswear brand, always gains much attention in China. This season, designers splice different materials and details decorations to display the naive and lovely side of kids. Fun illustrations about animals and sleeping bag style bring a new fun experience to this season.

Brand Overview

Sweatshirts take up an important part in Pimpollo. Apart from normal stripes and polka dots, fun animals and illustrations become a new point. The pattern emphasizes the hand-drawn feel by kids. And sweatshirts are combined with outerwear collar, very creative.

Sweatshirts with Fun Patterns

In this season, ruffles in different parts of the dress become the major point. Ruffles in the hemline are simple and sweet, while ruffles in the collar have a design sense.

The Dress

Fleece is definitely the hot fabric in this autumn and winter. It is favored by kids due to its comfortable hand feel and warmth. Pimpollo integrates splicing of the outer with inner surfaces, embroidery in the collar and applique in pockets, enriching the visual impact and enhancing the wearing experience.


Puffa jackets are necessary in autumn and winter. Pimpollo favors all-over printing, splicing and collar. The fluffy collar is favored by kids because of its warmth and softness. Besides, it can also enrich the visual sense.

Puffa Jackets

The cute sleeping bag is the highlight in this season. Compared with sleeping bag styles in Chinese market, Pimpollo creates lighter and thinner styles. Sleeveless design is convenient and comfortable for kids. The cute animal illustrations, applique and hand-made decorations make the sleeping bag more fashionable and adorable.

Sleeping Bag


XXBIN The Benchmark Brand for Kidswear

kids fashion trend

XXBIN is a brand for fashionable kids created by the menswear team from “GENANX lightening fashionable brand” which is under the charge of Super. Following the design philosophy of health, comfort and personality, it is dedicated to supply individual and unique fashionable kidswear with a design sense. Inspired by the street, hip-hop, art and life, designers combine the local culture with current fashion to redefine and deconstruct the fashion. A unique style is brought by the playful cutting, exaggerated color proportions and the funny silhouette. The magic sound boy is the cartoon image of this brand. It has the super power to change the identity through time travel. And it brings infinite possibilities to the brand.

fashion coat

The high-neck brushed sweatshirt is wind-proof and warm, and adds the wearability. The mock-layer design with spliced materials is fashionable and cool. The distressed splicing has a design sense and brings a new wearing experience to the sweatshirt. The printed applique and 3D pocket are layered.

The Individual Sweatshirt

The bold color-blocking and the asymmetric splicing in the knitwear of XXBIN are highlights in this season. The eye-catching characters, the jacquard pattern of the magic sound boy, the cutout hole, and the ombre color-blocking and irregular hemlines are different from others. The dropped shoulder and the high-neck are comfortable and warm, and add the design sense.


Clothing with a set sense is a hot fashion trend. The asymmetric spliced color blocks, pockets with a design sense and the irregular zipper pocket add creation. When styled with tonal trousers, the set is fresh, lively and vigorous.

The Set

The spliced materials and multiple pockets make a mock-layered visual impact to the jacket. The printed jacket with the ombre of yellow and green is fresh and natural. And the funny colorful doodling prints and the rich color blocks are eye-catching in autumn and winter.

The Jacket

The outdoor workwear style has been a hot trend for a long time. Multiple color blocks, the irregular workwear pocket, the drawstring in the waist, wind-proof hood, the cool reflective stripes are energetic and vigorous. The eye-catching printed characters like ink painting are cool enough.

The Outdoor Workwear Style Outerwear

The woolen overcoat and the trench coat are mainly in British preppy style. But XXBIN is unusual. In the autumn and winter series of this season, designers add the layered sense through the asymmetric splicing, multiple pockets, embroidery, applique and the topstitched to bring a new experience to the overcoat. The colorful spliced color blocks and splashing-like prints are bold.

The Mid-length Outerwear

The colorful ombre enriches the autumn and winter. Blue is the key of the ombre. Blue gradually turns pink and yellow and lake blue turns sky blue. The tie-dye color blocks are lively and nifty. The casual doodles are unique in autumn and winter. The exaggerated impact like air brush is very eye-catching.

The Doodled Puffa Jacket





The 7th YOHOOD was held this month in Shanghai. There were two modes this year, and one of the two modes was YOHOOD WEEKEND which will be held at lots of fashion places for up to one week. Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center is still the place for this event. The theme is YEAR 3019 YOUTHQUAKE. There are more than 150 brand booths covering fashion, sneakers, extreme sports, food, art and toy. Artist Daniel Arsham and his team helped design the limited gifts. Cameras, archaeological gloves and storage disks are used.

Yohood fashion

Justin Bieber’s personal brand Drew House, Puma’s endorser Li Xian show up. MM6 Maison Margiela’s A/W 2019 collection was shown as well. In addition, BBC brought the A/W 2019 collection.


Every year YOHOOD collaborates with thematic artists. Daniel Arsham was in charge of the decoration and layout of this event. This year’s art protects include many brands including MISHKA, SECRET WALLS. The Battle competition was also held.

Art Exhibition

UFO, a trading platform, released the hottest sneakers with 8 releasing activities: Travis Scott x Air Jordan I and Sacai x Nike.

Sneaker Booths

The Schedule

The Schedule

The Animals Observatory of Winter Newness Fashion Style


The Animals Observatory, a fashion designer brand in Barcelona, Spain, was founded by Laia Aguilar and Jan Andreu. It’s plain palette and fashionable styles are popular among customers. For A/W 19/20, artistic painting elements are combined with popular colors to update products. Knitted items and outerwear are key.

kids fashion style


The Animals Observatory puts emphasis on color for girls’s knitwear. Jewelry blue and holiday red are classic colors reused. Deep olive brightens up the palette of A/W. Contrasting jacquard details on heavy-gauge items are stylish.

Girls' Knitwear

Deep red and orange are key colors. Jade green from S/S 19/20 is teamed up with artistic graphics and multicolored stripes to elevate boys’ knitwear.

Boys' Knitwear

Solid styles and simple artistic patterns in outerwear continue into this season. Knits, woven cotton, tweeds, lambswool and corduroy enrich styles.


Suspender pants feel a little sweet. The Animals Observatory adopts a range of fabrics and colors to add interest.

Suspender Pants

Stripes are common yet important. The Animals Observatory’s highly saturated contrasting colors and double-stripe prints are distinct. The disconnected stripes add newness.

stripped fashion style




Cyberpunk Hyperlink


Cabbeen collaborated with WHO MADE WHO to hold the Hyperlink party combining electronic music, installation art and futuristic technology. This show explores the relationship between humans, technology and future.


Hyperlink, a fashion party, attracted lots of fashionistas. This show combines cyberpunk and futuristic style. Cabbeen held show to nod to Neuromancer.

The Spacecraft

In this party, there are many “Futuristic People”, who are defined as hyperlinks. Psychedelic electronic music, neon green and neon lights appeared.

Fashion Bloggers Are Here

In this party, there are many “Futuristic People”, who are defined as hyperlinks. Psychedelic electronic music, neon green and neon lights appeared.


Cabbeen Design By SHANGGUAN ZHE mixes cyberpunk and futuristic military elements. Functional and practical details, full-print, Gothic typefaces and unique symbols are used to show uniquess. Neural networks, neon green and 3M reflective logos create a dark cyberpunk style. The burning totem at the back signals the awakening of those “Futuristic People”. This collection has been release on July 3, 2019.

Cabbeen Design By SHANGGUAN ZHE

Cabbeen Design By SHANGGUAN ZHE features camouflage, neon green and city scenes at night to create a dark cyberpunk feel. Different outfits represent different CG identities. 3M reflective materials, anti-cut compound fabrics, military silhouettes, rock&roll, street elements are included. This collection has been release on July 3, 2019.

Cabbeen Design By SHANGGUAN ZHE style


Palm Trees in Summer of Fashion Brand Scotch & Soda


Scotch&Soda is a Dutch fashion company founded in 1985. The inspiration of Scotch&Soda’s S/S 2019 collection came from mixed nostalgia, surfing, tropical plants and sailing hero Brutus. More plant-related elements are seen, and letters are not as popular. Scotch&Soda’s products are for sale in Europe, U.S., Australia and Japan.

fashion style

Scotch&Soda combines the poolside romantic cut and the 1970s Mediterranean tones on swimwear and casual and pared-back styles.

Romantic Vacation

Sailing hero Brutus is seen on girls’ souvenir jackets and T-shirts. The portrait of Brutus, sailing routes and smart styles are combined. The one-piece item is eye-catching.


Tropical green plants, delicious fruits and shells offer a tropical summer sentiment. Scotch&Soda combines these fruits and nostalgic stripes with ruffles. The mix-and-match ways should be paid attention to.

Tropical style

Palm trees and surfing are indispensable for summer. Scotch&Soda uses all-over plant prints, lettered tapes, romantic ruffles and pieced details provide a relaxed vibe. The pieced jacket with the broad leaf print is offbeat.

fashion style for girl

Vertical or horizontal stripes are combined with ruffles and bowknots to show playfulness and sweetness. The layered ruffles, raglan sleeves and bowknots are smart.



Unlimited Fashion of Brand MANAN


Founded in 2011, MANAN’s style is dark street. The main tones are black and white. Cuts, materials and techniques are offbeat and novel. MANAN employs new ideas to create unconventional garments.

fashion children's style

The mock-layer style adds interest to A/W. Different kinds of necklines and sleeves are combined randomly. Color blocking adds depth to the tees and sweatshirts.

The Mock-Layer Style

The exaggerated batwing sleeve is eye-catching this season. A variety of spliced details enrich the sweatshirts and coats. Lettered tapes and exaggerated letter print are extraordinarily bold.

The Broad Batwing Sleeve

The sporty preppy style emerges this season, being the key direction for most brands. The classic three stripes and color clocking add vibrancy.

Sporty and Preppy children's style

The half-and-half spliced long-line sweatshirt, exaggerated kangaroo pocket, weatherproof fabric, lettered tapes and text print add an offbeat twist.

fashion details children's style

The smooth and warm mink fur stands out. The knitted vest and dress is combined, and the back split is unique. The exaggerated and bold jacquard letters are statement-making.


In addition to the practical jacket, the British long cardigan is a new item. The exaggerated Chinese embroidery makes a statement.

The Coat

Pants have an important position for MANAN. The outdoor workwear pants and leisure sporty trousers are key for A/W 19/20. The dimensional multi-functional pockets, adjustable tapes and stylish camo all add interest.

The Statement Pant


Uncompleted Puberty of Fashion Brand CHAU·RISING


CHAU·RISING, an emerging original designer brand, released the A/W 19 collection with the theme of Uncompleted Puberty- Comeback. The resurged vintage trend is the antidote to the fast-paced lifestyle. Wools are soft and skin-friendly, providing a calming effect. The color is rich, and fluorescer is avoided. Premium fine white wools are dyed. Each color needs to be tested for 3 to 4 months for the perfect effect which is harmless and skin-friendly.

fashion style

Bright colors, destroyed designs and exaggerated methods show the rebellious, sorry and expanding emotions in puberty. Contrasting trims, athleisure side seams stand out. The irregularly spliced skirt has two dressing ways.

contrast style

The recreational spirit of the 1980s, night clubs and unisex culture all provide inspiration for the punk and athleisure style. Colorful straps are vibrant and rebellious. Different lengths provide youthfulness and vibrancy to knitwear.

fashion straps

CHAU·RISING’s wools come from Alxa in Inner Mongolia, one of quality wool-produced areas globally. CHAU·RISING insists using high-class white wools with the fineness degree of below 15.5 um and the length of over 36 mm. Contrasting splicing and cable texture create a fluid effect.

Color Blocking

CHAU·RISING chooses the currently popular animal skins for A/W 19. Color blocking, splicing add interest. Contrast trims are in line wit the athleisure and active style.


Energetic letters made of a variety of yarns are favored by CHAU·RISING. Embroidery, jacquards and hand scrawls are applied to flat knitwear. The all-over pattern renews jacquard. The detachable sleeve makes a statement.

letter fashion style


Reconstructed Fashion Brand GXG


Neon green is key in the GXG x UMBRO collection. Some monochrome items are also seen. Neutral colors such as black, white, khaki and navy appear. The tee, sweatshirt, jacket and knitwear are dominant.


GXG collaborated with UMBRO to release the “Urban Functional” items with the theme of “Stand Out More”. The silhouettes of workwear jackets and outdoor trench coats are more exaggerated. Bold neon fabrics, reflective prints and functional technical fabrics create the directional urban and functional look.


In the autumn of 2019, GXG collaborated with BE@RBRICK with the theme of “BOY AND HIS BEAR”. Amazing moments in life provide inspiration.


Bold color blocking is key this season. In addition to ice cream tones, the combos of neon green and black, yellow and grey, printed and solid fabrics are common. The colorways are youthful, in line with Gen Z.


Text plays a key role. For GXG’s autumn 2019 collection, embroidered words, overlaid or all-over text with structural repeats provide a premium and individual twist.


Abstract and detailed patterns make a statement. For A/W 2019, portraits, scenic views and cartoon animals are used.

Stylish Print

The polo shirt has become the fashionable and versatile item for fashionistas. The slim silhouette is avoided. Small-scale panelling, embroidery and print are more youthful. Black, white and grey are timeless.

The Chic Polo

View more: https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_6919-col_35/

Marine Serre


Marine Serre is a namesake designer brand. Every item is one of a kind. Recycled materials are used to offer a new aesthetic, blurring the boundaries between ready-to-wear apparel, haute couture clothes, tailoring and sportswear.


Worn tees, second-hand scarves, curtains, bed sheets, blanket and even diving suits can used again. Bold color combinations and creative details are directional and sustainable.

fashion trend sytle.png

Bold technical fabrics are paired with utility sportswear to add a futuristic feel.


Collections after terrorist attacks in Paris feature post-apocalyptic patterns. Tight sets, jumpsuits and half-finished cartoon patterns are incorporated with “Futurewear”.

Post-Apocalyptic Aesthetic.png

The French delicate classic top for Unheilig’s 2010/11 show tour is updated with crescent prints, stretch jersey sleeves and supporting sides. Structural cuts are used for daily dressing.

Nihilistic Hard Rock.png

Chinese opera faces are used for print to show the unconventional aesthetic.

Chinese Opera Faces.png