The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Indigo Memory Denim

Men's Indigo Memory Denim

Denim is originated from the indigo fireman uniform in Edo Age of Japan. And this wear resistant and windproof denim was later loved by American cowboys and miners. With the popularity of this distinctive texture, denim outerwear has also been accepted. In the current fashion world, denim item appears in every season. Except for the most classic jacket silhouette, vest, trench coat, shirt and redesigned denim suit are all added into consumers’ wardrobes. Denim is also a must-have element in the trendy sets recently.

Men's Indigo Memory Denim

Set is the essential dressing style for lazy people, and denim set is presented on several A/W 21 runways. All-over printing and splicing are ingeniously integrated to make denim set acceptable and unified.

Men's Indigo Memory Denim

Practical denim vest provides thermal property and fashion sense. And it is also a must-have item in layering. Except for the practical details of pockets, fancy crafts like applique, printing, embroidery and splicing are also applied on loose or tight-fit silhouette to present the swanky fashion.

Men's Indigo Memory Denim

Young and stylish hooded denim coat is both durable and versatile. Mock-layered hooded design and pullover silhouette provide people with more possibilities. Functional zippers are added in detail to improve the design sense and practicality. Boundless trend meets the need of multi-occasional dressing.

Men's Indigo Memory Denim

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Denim Trend for Menswear and Womenswear

1Denim Trend

With the return of Bohemian style, the lifestyle of pursuing freedom and close to nature is becoming more and more popular, bringing an eternal holiday for S/S 2021. Eternal Holiday brings lots of prints and fresh gorgeous color match, reinterpreting holiday looks of denim items. Denim fabric creates an exotic folk vibe for holiday denim through natural dyestuff and hand-sewn details. Modern tropical prints and blurred patterns are quite novel.

denim trend

In the quick-paced modern life, people begin to pursue the comfortable slow fashion and yearn for the natural resort style, which represents the fashion is returning to nature. Inspired by exotic resorts and midsummer energy, Eternal Holiday brings lots of prints and color match, reinterpreting daily looks of denim and creating new summer looks.


Bright and exotic spice tones revive. This color match erodes Eternal Holiday, and its pleasing vibe evokes the hot feeling of holiday. Colored denim replaces pastel colors, breaking the dullness of blue denim and presenting gorgeous holiday looks.

Kermes Colored Denim

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