The Pleat Craft Trend for Women’s Gown Dress

Women's Gown Dress

Contemporary women’s pursuit of dress freedom is not only shown on styles, the prettiness and changes of fabric are also noteworthy. The extensibility and flexibility of pleat provide unique fashion imagination and rich visual effects. The craft language of pleat changes the flat structure of haute couture. This kind of unlimited yet gathered, flat yet crinkled effect strengthens the 3D effect and unique rhythm of clothing. The dynamic and liner beauty brought by pleats also allows the wearers to present dimensional body shapes.

Women's Gown Dress

Multiple kinds of pleats are decorated on shoulders to outline the charming body of women, which is graceful and powerful. The large-scale loose pleats present rich and individualized layers, and the fusion with fresh colors is extremely peaceful.

Women's Gown Dress

Sleeve is an important position for gown dress. The pleated voluminous sleeve is rather distinctive. Besides, exaggerated sleeve can also cover the flaws of body to beautify the shape.

Women's Gown Dress

Delicate bows are presented vertically to show elegancy instead of sweetness. The combination with gown dress and body curve improves the visual effect of women body.

Women's Gown Dress

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2020 Spring Summer Sparkling Sequin Women’s Wedding Dresses

wedding dresses

Sequins are widely used on wedding dresses through different placement. Sparkling sequins are one of the most popular accessories for gowns, particularly eye-catching.

wedding dresses

Sequins and stones are seen in linear arrangement, can be horizontal or vertical, straight or curvy. Shiny decorations are edgy yet elegant.

Linear Decoration wedding dresses

Beautiful flowers are preferred by fashion designers. Sequins team with flowers to characterize wedding dresses, delivering a natural vibe.

Flower & Sequin wedding dresses

Three-dimensional large flowers are artistic, embellished with glittering sequins to create visual interest.

Large Flower wedding desses

Dense placement has a modern feel this time, contributing to shiny wedding dresses.

Dense Placement wedding dresses

Geometric design is classic and distinctive, applied to bridal gowns for a simple yet elegant effect.

Geometric Effect wedding dresses

Although the patterns are abstract, the glossy design reminds of the starry sky, mysterious and graceful.

Romantic Starry Sky