The Color Trend for Women’s Underwear and Loungewear

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Economic globalization causes ecological crisis, which leads to a new normality. People are redefining the core of life, and searching for consolation from their family and friends or even an item. Therefore, healing and eco-friendly sustainable colors become the key. Saturated eye-catching colors present positive energy and provide contrast with dark hue. The lustre of metallic colors brings luxurious texture to this economic turmoil period.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Gentle pastel tone uses Loden Frost, Pale Banana and Egret to provide sweet feminine temperament with peacefulness. The combination with brown tone presents the understated theme of healing and romantic. Lustrous color is suitable for silk, while gentle color is suitable for lace, gauze and vintage woolen loungewear. Decorative Egret shows the vintage warm appearance and interprets the inner world of women.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Warm and healing Loden Frost connects human and the outer world. Its physical and mental healing function endows vitality, fixes broken hearts, cuts the extra volume and breaks through the dullness. New hope reconstructs consciousness in the cells of the body and prepares for a new beginning.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Delicate lace and silk are selected to interpret this warm and healing Loden Frost. The combination with Cream and Aztec presents classical romance. Straps and bowknots inject feminine temperament into this theme and create a vintage and healing sweet underwear collection.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Bright and Vigorous Underwear

Women's Underwear

For the young market, comfy silhouettes pair with dynamic brights and bold patterns to inject optimistic moods, renew practical two-mile wear and release vigorous and inclusive underwear and loungewear collections. Brights and statement-making prints inject an air of youth into home hub themes. Jersey T-shirts are worn over full-cup bras, and cutouts fit low-intensity activities and everyday wear. Comfortable and versatile silhouettes are employed. Marble prints upgrade classic slip dresses and underwear sets. Boxy shorts update sleepwear sets, and this silhouette has been popular among young ladies. In view of the popularity of knitted sets, jumpsuits fit for sofa and streets can be explored.

Women's Underwear

Comfort is the focus. Color-blocked lace or spliced patterns make simple triangle bras more fashionable and attractive to young ladies and teenagers. Abstract animal prints or modern flora textures contribute to multiple pieces of briefs which echo each other in colors and prints, thus promoting sales.

Color-Blocked Triangle Underwear

Panels in tonal colors but different textures are stitched to show newness, such mesh and stretchable fabrics, matte and sheeny fabrics. Besides, color blocks give a vigorous feeling to basic styles, fully showing the appeal of trendy colors. In light of consumers’ attention to new eco-friendly materials (especially close-to-skin items), organic cotton, breathable and non-toxic dye are advised.

Stitched Briefs women's underwear

Modern sports bras tap into consumers’ demand for various occasions. The broad elastic band below the chest offers stronger support, fit for low-intensity exercises. Cutouts are youthful and individualized. High-neck design is recommended, so the item can be worn as a top.

Cropped Tops

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The Color Trend for Women’s Digital and Energetic Underwear and Loungewear

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Consumers’ pursuit of novelty drives the development of enhanced natural colors. Enhanced natural colors consist of strongly digital organic colors, vigorous and optimistic. Dynamic and positive brights upgrade familiar styles and details. Unique hot hues can transform basic shapes, prints, fabrics and embroideries. This report will deeply interpret strongly digital positive brights.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Festival Fuchsia is a key color for S/S 2022. Its supernatural feature and mood-boosting quality make it ideal for both the real world and digital world. Festival Fuchsia, Grape Wine and Bright Cobalt inject vitality into embroidery. Handicrafts create print and dye effects, fit for embroidered intimates, sleepwear and loungewear, or holiday series.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Pink evolves to be saturated rose red and mixes with a blueish tinge in S/S 2022. Festival Fuchsia will sweep all seasons with its saturated quality sense, ideal for both offline and online. In this society full of challenges, bold pink will show its strong appeal to new optimists and bring positive energy and vitality. It has been popular in the young market.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Festival Fuchsia is statement-making and independent. Handcrafted embroideries soften this color, with fine straps and lace for sexy bright collections which are put in display area to attract young consumers.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

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La Perla The Benchmark Brand of Women’s Underwear

Women's Underwear

Founded in 1954, La Perla is one of the world’s top underwear, womenswear and swimwear manufacturers. La Perla underwear has a profound cultural connotation and artistic temperament and brings underwear fashion into youngsters’ world. It is known as the Rolls Royce in the underwear industry thanks to its noble style and long history. Its core essence is the top handicrafts, refined design links, integrating innovation and tradition, displaying Italian characteristics and international positioning and the high quality.

Women's Underwear

Data shows in recent one month most products use embroidery and lace as decorations and embroidery occupies a large share. Lace and embroidery cover four in the top 5 salable items, and show a growing momentum. The silk sleepwear ranks the first.

Women's Underwear

Crossed cutouts and vane embroidery are complicated, delicate and elegant. This design comes from Arabian weaving craft in the 13th century. Ada Masotti, the founder, was fascinated by the complicated knots at the first sight and then used these knots as decorative elements on intimates. That is how the barely-there sexiness of La Perla comes.

Women's Underwear

Layered embroidered gauze is breathable, revealing seduction in sweetness.

Women's Underwear

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Enjoying The Life of Theme Design & Development for Women’s Underwear

Women's Underwear

Under the background of excessive consumption and environmental crisis, sustainability has become an inevitable trend. With women’s pursuit of freedom, underwear will pay more attention to the light unconstrained feeling, as well as the chic feel. Natural soft fabrics like bamboo fiber and nontoxic dyestuff satisfy consumers’ demand for comfort and health. The defect color and texture create soft and highly elastic underwear. Dyestuff is penetrated into the fabric to create different natural patterns, renewing natural floral prints and embroidery. The silhouette and color bring a nostalgic appearance for underwear. Lace is added to make details and styles popular with more consumers.

Women's Underwear


Natural tones and cosy warm tones are complementary to each other, fit for health and environmental protection theme. The natural style and retro color proportion express consumers’ desire for consolation. Natural tones and nostalgic colors return back.

Women's Underwear

Inspired by non-permanent materials and biodegradable biological fabrics, plant printing craft is used to create a natural texture of dried flowers. In ready-to-wear market, the dried flower is quite popular with women who pursue a natural lifestyle, so it extends to underwear. It creates a nostalgic vibe for underwear, fit for soft elastic underwear like bras or tights.

Women's Underwear

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Cosy and Functional Bras Silhouette Trend of Women’s Underwear

fashion trend

More brands start to pay high attention to cosy underwear. Sports bras and corsets are increasingly popular. In S/S 2020, consumers prefer soft and lightweight bras. At the same time, nude, honey, spice color and coco color are essential. Simple cut, elastic lace, knits and neat edges elevate items.

fashion trend style

Cosy and leisure corsets are ideal for layering. The support structure on two sides provide support, and it is fit for summer looks.

Soft Tube Top.jpg

Minimal and cosy high-waist knickers and bras without linings feel smooth. Translucent sheer-like fabrics with stripes add interest.

High-Waist Matching Sets.jpg

The tight one piece feel modern. The low crew neck and adjustable straps are functional and chic. Soft cotton fabrics feel comfortable.

Second-Skin One Piece.jpg

The combination of underwear and loungewear is more popular. More functions and details are mixed. The soft jersey bra is cosy and fit for exercising. The elongated bra provides better support.


The classic triangular bra is ideal for summer. Bold trims add newness. Sportif elastic straps add a leisure aesthetic. Long-line bras and high one are popular for mass markets.

fashion style 1


2020 Spring Summer Urban Charm Design & Development of Women’s Underwear

fashion underwear

Limoges, evergreen and black play important roles in this season. Dark natural tones are original. The metallic lustre of fabrics increase brightness, which is suitable for luxury underwear and fashionable outer underwear.

blue underwear.jpg

Limoges is eye-catching. It is suitable for underwear and pajamas.

blue underwear suit.jpg

Clothing Collocation — Limoges

Clothing Collocation.jpg

Evergreen is ideal for luxury underwear, nightgown and outer underwear.

Evergreen underwear.jpg

Clothing Collocation — Evergreen

Clothing Collocation Evergreen.jpg

Black is critical for the modern style, which elegant and makes neutral colors high-class.

Black color underwear.jpg

Clothing Collocation — Black

Black underwear

This collection is for high-class clothing and glossy fabrics such as silk satin, lace and velvet. It is the best option for corset, pajamas, and nightgown.

Main Fabric.jpg