The Land of Snow of Pattern and Craft Trend for Kidswear


Frozen is set in the fictional kingdom of Arendelle which is inspired by Norwegian spectacular natural scenery, including snow-capped mountains and tranquil fiords. In terms of characters’ costumes, the animation team also draws many inspirations from the unique architectures, culture and traditions of Norway.


As the snow queen, Elsa’s dress shows an ethereal and pure sense with the help of crystal clear snow. And sequins, beads and rhinestones are applied to the fabric to make the dress sparkling. And the pattern is mainly the snowflake. The hemline is equipped with plain geometric and linear patterns. While Anna’s dress tends to have a warm quality sense. The symmetric floral patterns and fringes are decorated in buttons. And color-blocked geometric patterns are added to cuffs and the neckline.

Pattern Analysis of Characters' Costumes

Elsa exudes infinite charm under the sky or in the snowfield. The posters show the most gripping scenes to arouse people’s curiosity about the story of Arendelle. Anna and Elsa will go deep into the mysterious magical forest to discover the truth about the source of Elsa’s magic, and the long-hidden secrets of the kingdom of Arendelle, a magical kingdom with elements of wind, fire water, and soil.


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The Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

Under the changeable fashion, warm and soft cashmere refuses complicated utility, and adopts fine stitches and the superior texture of the cashmere to display the fashion charm of urban business style. The fine-gauged texture in the new season creates an orderly linear space, adding elegance and calmness to pre-fall.


In the new season, business leisure men’s knitwear insists on compact stitches and meticulous beauty. Different from basic ottoman stitches in the past, this season men’s knitwear pays more attention to crossed stitches and the dense gap between 12 stitches and 14 stitches. The orderly crossed stitches create a tensile spacial sense and bring a 3D impact. Black, white and grey tones bring simple and charming fashion items.

Fine-gauged Knitwear

The structure of points, lines and plane is significant in men’s knitwear of urban business style. Unlike the previous seasons which adopt orderly points to create lines and patterns brought by crossed lines, the knitwear in the new season emphasizes the crossed planes more. The purl and kwise textures can imitate lines and gradually shape a geometric plane. The irregular contrast of planes has richer textures and comfortable touch than the flat jacquard.

Crossed Line and Plane

Previous seasons adopt rough heavy-gauged cables, while in the new season, men’s knitwear of the urban business style uses simple lines to be modern. Compactness and fineness become the key to fine-gauge. Rhomboid checks are not restricted to graceful cables, and use neat straight lines to display the clear checks, reinterpreting modern classics and easily creating an elegant image of business men.

Compact Rhomboid Checks

The combination of multiple stitches is a key craft to show the personalized business men’s knitwear. Fine-gauged cables are softer and more soothing when applied to cashmere. The stitch integrating purl, kwise and jacquard in a dotted line can create fine textures, with blue and green tones having moderate saturation to create a cultured and elegant image of business men.

Diversified Textures.jpg

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The Forthright and Free Cutting Craft for Women’s Knitwear

Women's Knitwear

As people advocate a simple and comfortable lifestyle, the cutting craft of knitwear is gradually developing towards ready-to-wear, aiming to make life simple and efficient. Because of soft lines outside and firm lines inside and the neat cutting, women’s knitwear needs just silhouette change instead of decorations like jacquard, sequins and rhinestones. The neat and proper silhouette makes it favored by the lady style and the mature lady style.

Women's Knitwear in 2021

Asymmetric collar tips are individual and fashionable. Compared with the past, it pays more attention to the contrast of colors and the outline. The concave-convex texture of stitches is the key research direction. The clear layers are quiet and restrained, forthright and sincere.

Diagonal Collar

The feature of sloping shoulder is asymmetry and imbalance. Different materials and cables arranged in different directions are combined to create unique clothing. The tensile space sense breaks the tedium of regular pullover, fit for early spring.

Sloping Shoulder

Layered match is reflected by the one-piece pullover. To avoid the heaviness of mock sleeves, knitwear in this season chooses light and comfortable scarf-style panels. Thus resting indoors and walking outdoors will be freer and more casual, and the bleak season becomes more flexible.

Layered Attached Panels

As a symbol of Hanfu, diagonal plackets are increasingly applied to women’s knitwear in the new season and become a major wind vane for the simple and sophisticated style. Neat diagonal cutting is elegant, simple, nonchalant, individual and calm with the help of plain colors and soft cashmere. Buttons can highlight the forthright and sincere feature.

Diagonal Plackets

Buttons replace regular stitching, and this technique is bolder in knitwear. Buttons in the shoulder and sleeves are casual, showing the free and diversified wearing styles. It’s also helpful for cutting details of simple and neutral style.


Recommended Styles

Recommended Styles

The Dimensional Layers Pattern Craft Trend for Women’s Sweatshirts

Women's Sweatshirts

In this new season, ordinary print is applied less on sweatshirts. Beads and sequins appear on lots of pattern to make a statement. Moreover, the combos of crafts see a rise.


The shares of different pattern change in this season. Letters see a decrease, holding 42%, while animals and plants see a rise.


Animal patterns see a rise this season. The combo of print and applique, or print and beading is more popular. Quilting and sequins are often seen on animal patterns. A variety of pattern techniques elevates the artistic quality, meeting the needs of Gen Z and Y.


Dimensional florals are emerging. Applique and sequins create the dimensional effect. Cross stitch is a key technique this season. In this season, Alexander McQueen and other brands all use cross stitch to decorate patterns.

Dimensional Florals

In this season, dimensional letters stand out on sweatshirts. Beading and sequins create the 3D effect. And embroidery is combined with rhinestones and sequins to add a richer visual.

Dimensional Letters

Misplacing, applique and embroidery are used with large-scale offset printing to offer a layered effect. Statement-making offset printing becomes a key option for fashion-forward brands.

Combined Layers


The Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear


The warm and soft knitwear is necessary in winter. Flexible and changeable stitch letters unlock the pattern craft for men’s knitwear. Strings, stitches, yarns and accessories are adopted to present exquisite styles, helpful for men’s knitwear development of fashion and leisure style.

men's knitwear

Changeable stitches are adopted to form lettered pattern, which is a focus of men’s knitwear. Different from the solid fine-gauged pullover with letters, lettered pattern in the new season pays more attention to the combination of line and plane. The slightly coarse hand-sewn stitches, dense and sparse dotted jacquard, 3D floating threads, and contrasting colors display the collision of traditional and modern crafts, so the knitwear will be more fashionable and vibrant.


One of featured designs of men’s knitwear is the loose silhouette and simple letters. Apart from the basic jacquard in different tones making contrast with the slid clothing, in the new season, lettered pattern advocates more about applying melange yarns and metallic yarns to create the lettered jacquard. The visual sense is enriched by the texture difference like the count of yarns and appearance.

Different Yarns

String is widely used in creative clothing in the new season. Satin or velvet strings are smartly woven into letters, with dazzling colors, a thick or thin voluminous feel to bring various 3D looks, thus decorations of letters are innovated.


Simple embroidered letters make the solid clothing no more monotonous. Dense and sparse stitches, different color tones and space structure combined with beads is chic and flexible. Styles of Just Cavalli display the outlines of pullover and embroidered letters, easily creating a fashionable and leisure vibe, fit for Chinese second and third-tier knitwear markets advocating simple designs.

Complicated Embroidery

Different from the roughness and flaunt of long tassels, this season floating threads will be daintier and shorter. One or two floating threads can display the 3D feature to the most, and make contrast with plane letters, thus the simple design is fully displayed and the style is practical and fashionable.

Tassels and Floating Threads


The Craft Trend for Men’s Leather and Fur(Business and Leisure)

ANAREPORT_5d68eb569e272_2378In recent years, business, leisure and sports were mixed. Comfort, functionality and sustainable fabrics are paid more attention to. Refined crafts and details play a key role.


Spliced fragments add a vibrant and humorous feel to the simple and slick business menswear. Different colors and textures add interest.

Spliced Fragments

Different edges make a contrast with the body fabrics, underlining the silhouettes. Delicate leather and edge dressing in different colors show a simple and clean effect. What’s more, fringes, acrylic coatings, woven strings and stitch add newness.

Different Edges

Drawstrings and tapes, important decorative elements in smart and leisure garments, can adjust volume and add diversity. Etro’s crossed straps are novel. Craig Green adds straps at the neckline.

The Sporty Drawstrings and Tapes

With the popularity of workwear, practical pockets and workwear silhouettes are key. In this season, workwear pockets are more refined. The flat pockets and diverse collaging are good options for elite business men.

The Combo of Flat Pockets

Different materials at the closure and neckline bring a postmodern delicate feel, and they also create a two-layer effect to show a smart and leisure style. Feng Chen Wang’s two-layer closure half covers the workwear pocket.

The Two-Layer Design

Natural materials and traditional crafts stand out. Woven structures and exotic animal skins bring special appearances. Sporty mesh and fluid sheen are futuristic. The minimalist silhouette and rich handfeels add a luxe twist.

Special Textures


The Washing Craft for Women’s Denim

denim jean

Inspired by watercolor techniques, designers analyze washing crafts in a brand-new way. With the popularity of environmentally-friendly crafts, more socially responsible ways are adopted to create more expressive washing effects. And they are combined with laser washing craft to bring more innovation to denim. And acid pickling becomes the focus. Highlight and blank washing effect creates an optical surface pattern. Mottled water soluble worn-out with a protective texture, textured brushstrokes, color washed blurring, as well as bright and dark layered coating effect display the unique charm of denim washing inspired by watercolor techniques.

women's denim

Tie-dye, acid pickling and laser washing create a 3D effect of highlight and blank, bringing a visual impact to items. Dark-colored topping crafts are combined to create blue and black tones for weft knitted denim.

Highlight and Blank

This craft gives priority to rewashing. Redyeing and recreation are used to renew the appearance of washing in S/S. As the protective texture of denim is improving, variegated and stained washing appearance become the focus.

Mottled Water Soluble Effect

Textured brushstroke is the scratched brushstroke and brush texture created by the combination of stone wash and enzyme wash. And the washing effect similar to animal prints renews denim textures, and becomes a new point of denim.

Textured Brushstrokes

With the popularity of environmentally-friendly crafts, digital and laser washing technique will continue to infiltrate people’s daily life. The water soluble effect of blurring enrich denim’s color. Denim is digitally faded, and equipped with textured patterns, bringing a new optical surface pattern for denim washing.


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