The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Delicate Athleisure Clothes

Women's Delicate Athleisure Clothes

People are now chasing for a comfortable and free living condition, which also causes influence on the dressing style. The leisure wear after exercising tends to be relaxing and premium, and loungewear affects the design of athleisure clothes as well. Minimalist outfits, comfortable cardigans, sweatshirt dresses and delicate pieces bring us more delicate looks.

Women's Delicate Athleisure Clothes

Minimalist outfit keeps its momentum in S/S 22/23, and comfortable items are still the mainstream, which blur the boundaries between loungewear and leisure wear. The outfits in joyous colors feel more comfortable. Silky fabric, large lapel, bishop sleeve and sleeve pleats can all enrich the items with simple tailoring.

Women's Delicate Athleisure Clothes

The bare-midriff styling plays an important role in the S/S season. Patterns are still presented by natural tie-dyeing. Workwear pockets combine comfortable leisure wear together to complete a youthful and casual outfit.

Women's Delicate Athleisure Clothes

Deep V-neck design exudes a cozy and athletic feel, which is youthful and cross-seasonal. Unique ribbed neckline creates delicacy. Besides, loose dropped-shoulder sleeve and tie-dyed pattern can all be used to update comfortable items.

Women's Delicate Athleisure Clothes

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The Craft Trend for Kids’ Knitwear

Kids' Knitwear

As an important category of A/W, knitwear features detail crafts. Asymmetric patchwork underlines individualized design; rainbow stripes echo the colorful world of kids; tassels strengthen the sense of elegancy. Ruffle, 3D crochet, pastel gradient, heavy-gauged cable and heterogeneous splicing are also the important expressions of knitwear.

Kids' Knitwear

Irregularly divided style and mismatch color blocking show the sense of asymmetry and create a more stylish visual effect. Irregular color blocking of knitwear enriches the whole picture. Color-blocking jacquard and asymmetric structural division provide more newness.

Kids' Knitwear

Lively and bright colors suit the naive and innocent kidswear the most. The rainbow stripes on knitwear inject a more joyous visual vibe. Placement and all-over horizontal stripes and vertical stripes all use dazzling and bright colors to provide people with healing warmth.

Kids' Knitwear

Dip dyeing and tone-on-tone splicing create the gradient effect of pastel colors. Fresh and graceful pastel colors make the A/W knitwear charming and eye-catching. Mohair and velvety styles are more suitable for such effect. The hazy visual feeling not only weakens the silhouette and also upgrades the comfort.

Kids' Knitwear

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Silhouette Trend of Women’s Pre-Summer Romance Cardigans

fashion cardigans

Cardigans are versatile in every season. Resort 2020 cardigans are worn over other items. Simple designs and a range of colors are key. Cardigans can be matched with shirts, T-shirts, dresses, suits and coats. Color blocks, craft techniques and patterns are applied into cardigans in resort 2020.


The share of cardigans increased on A/W 2019 catwalks. In addition to soft and sweet colors and ready-to-wear garments, skirts and accessories are accentuated.

romantic cardigans

Elegant tones are soft and tranquil. Densely arranged buttons, delicate fringing and diagonal closures on solid cardigans are appealing.

Refreshing and Elegant cardigans

We always emphasize “Point”, “Line” and “Plane”. Contrast colors, jacquard colored lines, contrast stitches are widely applied to cardigans.


“Line” and “plane” are often mixed. Bright colors renew cardigans. The application of color blocks are more popular in this season.

Youthful Color Blocks cardignas

Patterns on the back play an important role. Refreshing solid colors on the front piece are impressive, and the patterns on the back piece are surprising. Simple jacquard patterns are recommended.

Art on the Back cardigans

Cardigans in resort 2020 go in a youthful direction. Playful appliques are interesting. Modern illustration-style appliques are key.

Interesting Appliques cardigans

Florals are vibrant and energetic. They are used for jacquard patterns on cardigans. Color blocks are accentuated to add vibrancy.

Florals cardigans

Thick knitted pieces and simple stitches are applied to cardigans. Asymmetry, color blocking and patterns are combined with stitches to create hot items in resort 2020.

Cool and Youthful

Hip-length cardigans accentuate form, and they are playful and leisure. Letters and jacquard landscapes bring vibrancy. Colors are much bolder.

long length cardigans