The Silhouette Trend for Teenagers’ Cross-Seasonal Dressing Knitwear

kidswear trend

As a key cross-seasonal item, the improved basic style and everlasting classic style of knitwear are very important. Besides, the individualized items which can stimulate and attract consumers are also essential. Improved retro POLO pullover, versatile hip-length cocoon cardigan, sports hoodie, suspender vest and sleeveless broad-shoulder vest are the key styles of knitwear this season.

kidswear trend

Influenced by the outerwear underwear trend, the suspender vest this season breaks through the convention and presents an outerwear style through various yarn, knitting, cable craft and delicate jacquard patterns. Combining with shirt, T-shirt and bottom shirt below reveals the multi-occasional and multi-functional layered effect.

kidswear trend

Different from the traditional preppy style, the sleeveless broad-shoulder vest this season creates a loose oversized silhouette style. Collocating with bottom shirts or shirts below can show a leisurely style. Asymmetric splicing of color lumps, abstract jacquard patterns and handcrafted worn-out cable crafts provide the vest with more fashionable elements.

kidswear trend

The stiff loose silhouette of hip-length cocoon cardigan presents better inclusivenessand strengthens the cross-seasonal property. The upper wide and lower narrow collocation improves the overall chic, and the deep-V placket design lengthens the neck proportion. The diversified form and versatile property is shown through fun jacquard patterns, asymmetric color lumps and various yarn.

kidswear trend

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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Indoor Sportswear | POP Fashion

The pursuit of maintaining body shape and health and the longing for social interaction arouse consumers’ interest in indoor gym. And the design target is changed from elites to those who just started to exercise and need physical assistance. Tight-top, one-piece suit, knitted suit, elastic shorts and cycling shorts all apply fit tailoring to stimulate wearers’ confidence and inject comfort and fashionable elements into every item.

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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Bright and Vigorous Underwear

Women's Underwear

For the young market, comfy silhouettes pair with dynamic brights and bold patterns to inject optimistic moods, renew practical two-mile wear and release vigorous and inclusive underwear and loungewear collections. Brights and statement-making prints inject an air of youth into home hub themes. Jersey T-shirts are worn over full-cup bras, and cutouts fit low-intensity activities and everyday wear. Comfortable and versatile silhouettes are employed. Marble prints upgrade classic slip dresses and underwear sets. Boxy shorts update sleepwear sets, and this silhouette has been popular among young ladies. In view of the popularity of knitted sets, jumpsuits fit for sofa and streets can be explored.

Women's Underwear

Comfort is the focus. Color-blocked lace or spliced patterns make simple triangle bras more fashionable and attractive to young ladies and teenagers. Abstract animal prints or modern flora textures contribute to multiple pieces of briefs which echo each other in colors and prints, thus promoting sales.

Color-Blocked Triangle Underwear

Panels in tonal colors but different textures are stitched to show newness, such mesh and stretchable fabrics, matte and sheeny fabrics. Besides, color blocks give a vigorous feeling to basic styles, fully showing the appeal of trendy colors. In light of consumers’ attention to new eco-friendly materials (especially close-to-skin items), organic cotton, breathable and non-toxic dye are advised.

Stitched Briefs women's underwear

Modern sports bras tap into consumers’ demand for various occasions. The broad elastic band below the chest offers stronger support, fit for low-intensity exercises. Cutouts are youthful and individualized. High-neck design is recommended, so the item can be worn as a top.

Cropped Tops

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The Special Companions Silhouette Trend for Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

The bride is the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. If the bride is the brightest moon in the sky, the bridesmaids are little stars. They complement each other. Bridesmaids play an essential role. Therefore, their dresses are also meticulous and match the wedding theme.

Bridesmaid Dresses

One-shoulder gowns are popular with their elegance and sexiness. Quality fabrics such as silk make gowns comfortable and elevated.

One-Shoulder Style bridesmaid dresses

Slop-shoulder and one-sleeve designs are more unique. Silk is sheeny and premium. Trousers are worth a try. Trousers are less elegant but neater, with feminine elements such as ruffles to soften this kind of style.

One-Shoulder and One-Sleeve Style bridesmaid dresses

Fine shoulder straps work with the V-neck design for simple yet seductive styles. Jewellery on the neckline brightens the gown. Silk and gauze can pair with pleats, beads and embroideries for unique gowns.

Slip Style bridesmaid dresses

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The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Everlasting Classics Swimwear

Men's Swimwear

Vintage defines the S/S 2021 men’s swimwear style. Retro color-blocking, prints and silhouettes show newness. Preppy style in the 1990s and sailing themes keep inspiring men’s swimwear. Symbolic primary colors in blocked patterns display this theme. Retro piping and side stripes inject novelty into sports shorts, showing the charm of 1970s vintage beach. More and more urban stylish men favor five-inch baggies. The solid, loose and short inseam shorts are advised. Board shorts return back with the shorter fitted silhouette, neat colors and simple prints. Retro feel is integrated into sporty cutting, and bold geometric prints renew the semi-formal style.

Board Shorts

Board shorts are the first choice of surfers. Without a lining but with a flat laced waistband, this signature style is a must for resort. The minimalist style and shorter length improve the item and add a retro touch. New technical fabrics are feasible, but the key is to make the item classic to the largest extent.

Multi-Occasion Shorts

This type of exquisite shorts is fit for either the beach or the cafe, showing multifunctional and trans-boundary appeal. The flat waistband, practical button, front zipper and tailored cutting seem no change, but new prints bring novelty. Various solid colors and bold geometric patterns show novelty based on delicacy.

Running Shorts

As more and more men would like to wear shorter shorts and sportif designs prevail, running shorts become necessary currently. High-tech fabrics and recycled textiles deliver a modern feel, but the novel design is the vintage piping. Two-tone piping and side stripes contribute to a modern yet nostalgic style.

Five-Inch Baggies

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The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Jackets


With the improvement of people’s living standards and consumption awareness, it has become an important trend to escape from the city and embrace nature. Currently, we have to stay at home because of the outbreak, and it’s a good time to learn and recharge ourselves. And we can also know about how to travel outdoors responsibly and to be more fashionable when wearing outdoor clothing. A comfortable jacket is key to outdoors. The hooded jacket, the pullover jacket and the stand-collar jacket combine the neat cutting with rich colors, bringing more diversified design language to jackets.

Men's Jackets

Rich color-blocking is always an important design element for the loose and comfortable hooded jacket. The North Face and Peak Performance use low-key color-blocking and diversified accessories to heighten the feature of outdoor brands. Chinese brands like CROQUIS and OVERPROTECTION have become important with their unique features and trend-following steps. Besides, the classic sports brands, Adidas and Nike, still make efforts on outdoor clothing.


Protectiveness has always been an important direction for outdoor jackets. With a zipper on the collar, the pullover jacket has been a fashionable item. Spyder and Givenchy use strip decorations as design elements, with rich colors to bring an energetic and unruly feel. Blue Marble, The North Face and Shangmuye mainly use small-scale color-blocking, with diversified cutting and layered details to make the jacket more sportif and individual.

The Wind-proof Pullover Jacket

The stand-collar jacket is favored by consumers with its neat silhouette. In the new season, color-blocking is a critical design direction for stand-collar jackets. NIKE, Lilbetter and Rico Lee apply color-blocking of black, white and grey, with placement bright colors to add unique charm to the style. Tommy Sport and KENZO adopt large-scale deep blue and white, placement warm color blocks, and irregular cutting. NikeLab ACG and Alexandra Moura use mainly multiple color blocks, displaying the free and casual side of stand-collar jackets.


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Soft Stitches of The Craft Trend for Women’s Knitwear


As knitwear gets more ready-to-wear and consumers increasingly pursue high-quality clothing, traditional embroidery gains more attention. In A/W 21/22, embroidery pays more attention to the color contrast with the knitwear body, different combined elements, the combination with other crafts and handmade embroidery effect, bringing a simple yet chic visual feeling.


Color-blocked letters, as well as integrating floral and stripe into letters are recommended. Machine embroidery can well control the pattern effect, displaying the combined multiple elements.

Women's Knitwear


Fine hand-embroidery enriches the expression forms. Color-blocking on placement is exquisite. Hot florals as main patterns are mostly applied to the neckline, hemline and cuffs, making a sharp contrast with the knitwear body.

Delicate Hand-embroidery

Emphasizing edges is a key design of knitwear. When yarns are turned into hand-made overlocking, color-blocking, asymmetric design and silhouette are emphasized. The rough visual impact displays the aesthetics of handicraft.


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Awakening Fashion of The Silhouette Trend for Men’s T-shirts

Men's T-shirts

The T-shirt is fit for all the year, and can bring infinite possibilities to the look. Individual T-shirts could interpret the style of the brand. The silhouette change could also endow the clothing with various styles. The loose silhouette is undoubtedly a design point. Different techniques can endow the T-shirt with a lethargic and casual feel. In addition, the mock-neck T-shirt is worth attention.

Men's T-shirts

Deconstruction could break the ordinariness. Asymmetric design changes the basic silhouette, more creative. Different length and width are combined with unusual designs. The bright asymmetric cutting is combined with simple and low-key colors or leaping colors, creating relaxing, individual and creative designs.

Deconstructed Loose T-shirts


The loose silhouette is favored by many youngsters. Text, pattern and embroidery are combined with crafts to express the loose silhouette, very practical. Bernhard Willhelm x CAMPER LAB uses the black and white ombre, together with the embroidered tasseled texts, fashionable and individual.

Loose Short-sleeved T-shirts

The loose silhouette is combined with rich and colorful printing, easily creating fashionable and casual styles. The photo-style printed pattern is also changed. The hot photo printing turns to be the artistic negative or conceptual photos, film photographs of stories and art pictures. The nostalgic and artistic sense is extended to T-shirts, fashionable and superior.


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The Fluffy Appearance Silhouette Trend for Women’s Puffa Jackets

Women's Puffa Jackets

Influenced by the challenge and anxiety brought by the NCP, people will attach more importance to safety, comfort and practicality of clothing. Thus clothing will also add more loose yet steady structures to meet people’s demands. In A/W 21/22, puffa jackets will take on a fluffy look, with different waisted forms to show the importance of the well-fitting silhouette and accessories. Tonal set, A-line silhouette and the half-open neck will focus on the loose structure changes.

2Women's Puffa Jackets

Under the background of diversified combination, clothing will pay more and more attention to layered changes. The two-piece is an indispensable expression technique. In A/W 21/22, the two-piece puffa jacket is mainly waisted, emphasizing the belt. The jacket is layered with the vest, and the focus in on the knot or buckle on the waist, showing the steady structure.


The long overcoat-style puffa jacket has a comfortable silhouette and keeps the lapels of overcoats. It is mainly without quilting, to further blur the boundary between overcoats and puffa jackets and deliver a fluffy lethargic feel. A belt is added and wrapped.

Long Overcoat-style Puffa Jackets

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The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Denim Jackets


The workwear style and the casual denim items never fade. Comfort and wearability are key points of men’s denim jackets for A/W 20/21. Changeable silhouettes explore the evolution and integration of different elements. The loose truck jacket blends with voluminous designs on the main body and sleeves. The shirt-style denim jacket pays more attention to the meticulous cutting and design to enhance the charm. The hooded denim jacket uses eco-friendly washing craft to create styles with a unique design sense. The fur collar is applied to the borg collar denim jacket, quite layered. Various silhouettes and crafts innovation gradually blur the original look and create unique denim looks.


The loose truck jacket caters to the street wear trend, and gradually become the key trend in current market. Voluminous designs are applied to the main body and sleeves, creating the pure loose silhouette. Bold prints, bleaching and tie-dye effect inject novelty, and make the style vibrant and avant-garde. Positive and negative surfaces are reversed, breaking the regular design idea and make the style younger and more street fashion.


The shirt-style denim jacket remains popular in the modern young market. Meticulous cutting and design enhance the charm. The big flap pocket and patch pocket are ergonomic and practical. The big metal buttons, placement splicing and zipper on the plackets start from the perspective of diversified combination and pay more attention to the match of details in different parts.


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