The Craft Detail Trend for Womenswear


How do we define female attitude in modern times? They are independent, brave and fearless. With women’s rising status, more and more women focus on self-affirmation and praise. They are brave to show the true self and fully display their own beauty, which is reflected by sexy craft details on the chest. Their free will, wild vitality and primitive temperament drive diverse designs on the chest.


Pleating releases more volume on the chest, or underwear structures are directly used to dresses or blouses, gradually abandoning cumbersome structures. Structures on the chest are underlined to display female own charm.

Underwear Structures

Lingerie look gets more prevalent in S/S 2022. The bra-style inner gradually replaces vest inner, or it is worn singly. Skimpier coverage reveals female independence and bravery to show themselves.

Lingerie Look

The blouse improved from bras is a key item influenced by new femininity. It is a key craft to use underwear structures to flatter the chest and make the chest more 3D, thus presenting female confident and elegant charm.

Blouses Improved from Bras

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2022 White Paper on Fashion Trend

Fashion Trend

2022 White Paper on Trend

Based on the following up and observation of society, technology, environment, politics, industry and creative fields, this report will predict future visions that will change industrial trends in 2022, and will analyze their impact on business, culture and other industries.

Fashion Trend

2022 White Paper on Trend — Theme

The global health crisis exposes the fragility of companies’ concepts and systems. Asian countries, led by China, are leading the market recovery with faster response speed and better supply chain system. Future is not yet clear, but new visions and value systems are emerging and we are entering a new normal.

Fashion Trend


Nine themes of 2022 White Paper: Mental Model, Fashion Democratization, Gender Fluidity, Virtual Reincarnation, Blue Sea Creation, Digital Currency, Bacterial Technology and Bionics 3.0.

Fashion Trend

Mental Model

A mental model is an analogous expression to explain someone’s psychological activity.

Fashion Trend

Mental Model — Background

Psychology penetrates our lives, and people attach more psychological appeal to products. More brands realize that psychology is a bridge between product design and customers.

Fashion Trend

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