The Lace Fabric Trend for Elegant & Fairy Womenswear

lace fabric

Lace is a representative fabric for womenswear to exude an elegant and noble temperament. Spring/Summer 2024 lace fabrics focus on lightness & softness, precise 3D effect and orderly aesthetics. Linear patterns present the lightness of lace through warp-knitting jacquard and mesh embroidery. The combination with printing creates a sleek visual effect. Precise embroideries with three-dimensional ropes develop sophisticated water soluble lace and 3D embroidered lace. Orderly motifs and openwork form visual conflicts.

lace fabric

Lightness & Softness

Develop Background: To satisfy the need for practicality, lace fabrics are developed to be lighter and softer.

Material: the blending of viscose, cotton and nylon; stretchy fibers

Style & Texture: light & fairy; linear flowers; fineness

Technique & Performance: warp-knitting jacquard; printing; embroidery

lace fabric

Lightness & Softness — Recommended Patterns

lace fabric

Lightness & Softness — Application

Develop Points: Light and soft lace is combined with active elements to develop more fashionable pieces. Fine embroidered lace is more suitable for intimate pants and casual sets. Stretchy fibers are added to make comfortable bottoming shirts.

Relevant for: tops; pants; set

lace labric

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