A/W 22/23 Color Evolution of Fur

women's Fur

The yellow colors of A/W 22/23, especially the natural and vintage Amber Yellow, will bring a warm and safe sense to A/W collections. However, the low-saturation yellow tone of A/W 21/22 chased for the inner healing and peacefulness, and the artistic atmosphere.

women's Fur

As the continuous color of A/W 22/23, green has been evolved to be brighter and more saturated. While the green colors in A/W 21/22 combined wild loneliness with pacifism to chant the natural song of exiled spirits. Although green only occupies a smaller proportion among all the colors, it still increased by 20% year-on-year.

women's Fur

A/W 22/23 khaki better presents the natural gravel texture. Its gentle and plain hue exudes a minimalist and comfortable feeling. The warm and neutral color combination of A/W 21/22 shown the premium comfort.

women's Fur

Brown tone has kept its momentum for the recent three seasons, which reveals the comfort and peacefulness of old times in A/W 22/23. While the brown tone in A/W 21/22 maintained its classic comfortable emotion and practicality, and stressed the natural and casual home environment.

women's Fur

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The Color Trend for Women’s Underwear and Loungewear

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Economic globalization causes ecological crisis, which leads to a new normality. People are redefining the core of life, and searching for consolation from their family and friends or even an item. Therefore, healing and eco-friendly sustainable colors become the key. Saturated eye-catching colors present positive energy and provide contrast with dark hue. The lustre of metallic colors brings luxurious texture to this economic turmoil period.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Gentle pastel tone uses Loden Frost, Pale Banana and Egret to provide sweet feminine temperament with peacefulness. The combination with brown tone presents the understated theme of healing and romantic. Lustrous color is suitable for silk, while gentle color is suitable for lace, gauze and vintage woolen loungewear. Decorative Egret shows the vintage warm appearance and interprets the inner world of women.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Warm and healing Loden Frost connects human and the outer world. Its physical and mental healing function endows vitality, fixes broken hearts, cuts the extra volume and breaks through the dullness. New hope reconstructs consciousness in the cells of the body and prepares for a new beginning.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Delicate lace and silk are selected to interpret this warm and healing Loden Frost. The combination with Cream and Aztec presents classical romance. Straps and bowknots inject feminine temperament into this theme and create a vintage and healing sweet underwear collection.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

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2022 White Paper on Fashion Trend

Fashion Trend

2022 White Paper on Trend

Based on the following up and observation of society, technology, environment, politics, industry and creative fields, this report will predict future visions that will change industrial trends in 2022, and will analyze their impact on business, culture and other industries.

Fashion Trend

2022 White Paper on Trend — Theme

The global health crisis exposes the fragility of companies’ concepts and systems. Asian countries, led by China, are leading the market recovery with faster response speed and better supply chain system. Future is not yet clear, but new visions and value systems are emerging and we are entering a new normal.

Fashion Trend


Nine themes of 2022 White Paper: Mental Model, Fashion Democratization, Gender Fluidity, Virtual Reincarnation, Blue Sea Creation, Digital Currency, Bacterial Technology and Bionics 3.0.

Fashion Trend

Mental Model

A mental model is an analogous expression to explain someone’s psychological activity.

Fashion Trend

Mental Model — Background

Psychology penetrates our lives, and people attach more psychological appeal to products. More brands realize that psychology is a bridge between product design and customers.

Fashion Trend

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Theme Mechanical Green Color Trend for Womenswear

theme color trend

In the latest outfits and street snaps of fashionistas, the mechanical green makes a sci-fi visual impact and frequently appears in street snaps. With a technical and individual atmosphere of a high saturation color tone, mechanical green will be the new fashion theme color in the 20/21 autumn and winter technical sportif street fashion.


Mechanical green, a true color outside reality, results from unexpected image coding errors in electromechanical imaging due to the interference of short-term pulse wave. It can be interpreted as an automatic or man-made bug. Mechanical green exists in mechanical or man-made jamming malfunctions in science fiction space in the future.

H+ Color

Mechanical green is expressed through functional wind-proof fabric. It lies mostly in sportif street fashion to explore the complicated relationship between sports and science, producing more creative and practical looks in futuristic style.

Mechanical Green-- Clothing Collocation

Survivors from the future pass through an underground city full of dense moisture. The shaky mechanical green rays reflect in their bodies. Added by military illusional green, these all create a gloomy and miserable atmosphere, containing surviving pictures only seen in the darkness.

Color Proportions-- Mechanical Green, A Main Color( Winter)

The practical wide shoulder silhouette of the military uniform and workwear supplies inspirations to long overcoat. The subversive design details are fully expressed in cutout and new camouflage pattern. On account of safety, the Instagram style decorations are used to make a visual impact brought by the deconstruction and reorganization of the NextGen civilized world.

Mechanical Green, A Main Color-- Clothing Collocation( Wide-shoulder Long Overcoat)

After “New Human Supplement Program”, human beings will step on the unknown evolution path. Exploring the complicated and variable colors between technical imagination and reality, the silver dichroism effect of reflective particles is applied as clothing surface effect. With the cold yellow and mechanical green, the boundary of reality and virtual world is obscure.

Color Proportions-- Mechanical Green, A Complementary Color( Late Winter)

The futuristic style displays reflective particles silver through puffa jacket, matching 3D stitch sports pants with a technical wind-proof kneecap to break the function rule. Diverse sportif outfits explore more collocation possibilities of individual design and practical wearability.

Trend for Womenswear


Energy Blue of Theme Color Trend for Womenswear


Highly saturated energy blue is used by the young generation to convey attitudes, offering sunny, confident, brave and upbeat qualities.

KOL's blue style

Active energy blue starts to gain traction, and continues into S/S 2020 in a large scale for a light and smart sport look. Fashion and active dressing is emphasized.

Energy blue style

For S/S 2020, stretch fabric is key for a light life and sport styling in energy blue. Tight items are emphasized to provide an active, confident and brave style.

Energy Blue fashion style

Color blocks and streamlined lines are utilized to show fast and clear sports. Pale green adds a youthful touch.

blue fsahion dress

As a key color, energy blue is complemented with pale green and white for the summery and active feel.

Energy Blue, A Main Color

Super cyan is outstanding, smartening up the summery palette when matched with rose red. As a complementary color, energy blue adds interest.

Energy Blue, A Complementary Color

Super cyan is often complemented with highly saturated rose red and ordinary white. Light active sun-proof garments are key. The youthful and active dressing is emphasized for the color proportions.

Sun-Proof Garments