The Updated Retailing Analysis of Showroom Shanghai

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With the development of Chinese fashion and the rise of buyer industry, Showroom has become well-known. Fashion week has the functions to display and release without providing any ordering services. And the emergence of Showroom helps designer brand to solve the ordering problem, and promotes the development of designer brands and fashion industry. A/W 21/22 Showroom is more professional and delicate than the traditional showcase, except for all the elements the traditional ones have, Showroom knows more about the requirement of buyers and the styles of goods. Professional Showroom attracts medias, bloggers and buyers through its more accurate market positioning and individualized display. Showroom also provides interaction opportunity to fashion buyers and designers. Buyers can have a close look of designs or even touch the fabric, directly feeling the tailoring and details. Showroom Shanghai includes MODE, OntimeShow, TUDDO, DFO, ALTER, Not and TUBE.

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Showroom Shanghai 2021 A/W Exhibition (the 16th exhibition of Showroom) will be held on the Shanghai Exhibition Center (No.1000, Middle Yan’an Road) ,2nd Floor (Central Hall,East&West Platform Hall) from April 9th to 12th, 2021. Founded in the spring of 2014, although the country has seen vigorous development within the field of independent fashion design for a decade now, showrooms continued to remain a blank page. Fashion Week’s official organizers have previously focused on the showcase and issue of products without providing any ordering services. The emergence of Showroom Shanghai was able to fill the gap, bringing a positive and significant improvement to the industrial chain and professionalizing the Chinese fashion industry, allowing it to take one step further into the international market.

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As the only official trade show for Shanghai Fashion Week, MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show is committed to the improvement of fashion industry and to meeting the needs of domestic fashion retail market. Featuring highly efficient service, rich resources and a full range of media channels, Mode Shanghai aims to be an optimized business platform for buyers and fashion business insiders, providing a brand new exhibition experience for all. A/W 2021 MODE was held in Shanghaimart during April 8 to 11,2021. And there were about 300 exhibitors, 71% Chinese brands, 29% foreign brands, 76% womenswear, 29% unisex, 24% accessory and 4.6% lifestyle.

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With the popularity of Chinese fashion, Showroom gathers many outstanding independent designer brands for promotion. Seizing Chinese market is the public secret to get progress in this changing fashion industry, and the valuable commercialized brands are the key. The following brands are the noteworthy Chinese designer brands currently. Shutingqiu, Yueqiqi, SusanFang, HAIZHENWANG and Chrisou by Dan are also the prospective commercialized brands.

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2021 The Comprehensive Insight of Fashion Consumption Trend in China Part ONE

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To the fashion industry, 2021 is a year with both challenges and new opportunities. During the process of digitalization and intellectualization, the coronavirus epidemic actually becomes the catalyst of industry revolution which speeds up the development of trend. Consumers’ behaviour has changed, and their requirements are continuously updating. And the unprecedent changes rapidly become the new normality. In 2021, digital consumption will keep dominating and growing. And we should grasp this key opportunity to help enterprises to have insight into requirement changes and to strengthen their relationship with consumers.

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In the past few years, China’s rapidly growing economic strength, consumption culture and population structure is leading to the eastward gravity of global fashion industry. China has been the first country to hit the plateau in this post-epidemic era, consumers are keeping desensitizing to the epidemic fluctuation. And the whole consumption trend and confidence index start to get better in the third quarter. The expense of Chinese consumers is continuously rising, and because of the expansion of middle class, China still has a large contribution space to the fashion industry.

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Embrace Gen Z

Along with the quietly changing global population structure, the young Gen Z has been the focused crowd in this new era. Every aspect of the society is keeping up with the growth of Gen Z, so the commercial opportunities are emerging around these young people. As being aborigines of the digital networks, the life styles of Gen Z cause qualitative changes because of the technological revolution. They have a more independent character, pay more attention to their life experiences and own better understanding of searching for the best value and service. There are 260 million of Gen Z in China. Although half of them are students, their contribution to fashion consumption is in a yearly 3.5%-4.5% growth for the better family economic foundation.

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Based on the era background of digital marketing, we need to take advantage of the social and sharing Gen Z to create a trend, and let the public follow this trend. The cultural circle of hobbies and their pursuit of diversity and individuality can be the cutting point of design. Those entry luxury niche brands, which have stories, craftsmanship, texture and also recognition, might be their future consumption trend.

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Focus on Sustainability

The coronavirus epidemic improves consumers’ consciousness of health, environment and social responsibility. More and more consumers would have moral anxiety after the consumption, they are afraid of causing negative effect to the environment and society, then their guilty and shame would emerge. According to the samples of R.I.S.E sustainable fashion lab this year, including 2251 consumers and 20 brands, 84% of consumers have a high cognition of environmental sustainability, and 90% of these high-cognitive people express that the producers of fashion industry should make the environmental influence public during the producing process, and they are willing to learn the contribution which fashion industry has made in social responsibility.

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The expansion of sustainable market needs the mutual support and promotion between consumers and producers. On one hand, we need to guide consumers to pay for the sustainability. And on the other hand, innovative designs can increase and popularize sustainable products. Besides, improving the recycling rate is the main direction of new commercial mode, and also the key direction of brands, designers and enterprises. Brands all over the world have launched their eco-friendly series products, such as the H&M Conscious Exclusive series, and Reclothing Bank’s “Basic” series, “Ready To Wear” series and “Haute Couture” series.

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New Luxury Generation

The global luxury market is damaged by the epidemic in 2020. However, China has been the first to revive, about a 20%-30% growth in 2020. And China will soon occupy half of the global volume in luxury consumption. The younger consuming trend is obvious in the current stage, about 90% of consumers are likely to accept local luxuries, and the new luxury generation among 18-35 years old will contribute a 69% improvement in the coming future. With the all-over penetration of mobile internet, Chinese users are experiencing changes among information channels, content carrying mode and shopping locations. The whole channels of luxuries have been initially emerged.

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The epidemic rebuilt users’ shopping habit in a rising trend. Since offline consumption is the main channel of luxury brands, they need to speed up their cooperation with online retailers and social medias. The combined online and offline marketing can create an immersive artistic interaction, and the application of films and pop-up stores can lively spread the brand value and break the border. The localized design better fits the younger consumers. Dior Men 2021 Autumn Series held the first online show in Beijing. Kim Jones and Kenny Scharf perfectly integrated graffiti Chinese elements into this season’s new products.

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Anta Chao Nest shoes were unveiled in Xintiandi, Shanghai on December 6, 2020. As a leading brand in the China sporting goods industry, Anta continues to innovate, and for the first time teamed up with internationally renowned footwear designer SALEHE BEMBURY to create a new topic of symbiosis with sports vitality and nature-Anta nest shoes. Nest shoes run through the city life inspired by nature. The pioneering concept encourages young people to embrace nature, gain new inspiration and life force outdoors, and lead the innovative urban outdoor trend. Anta has created a pair of world-class influential nest shoe, bringing innovative co-branding and trendy products belonging to young people, and injecting continuous innovation vitality into the brand.

fsahion shoes

Pioneer concept inspired by nature to activate the vitality of the city

SALEHE BEMBURY personally designed this joint series. When talking about the design inspiration of Anta nest shoes, the designer said that he accidentally captured a photo of a bird breaking its shell in the nest. This momentary action and color inspired his creative inspiration. The “nest” structure deservedly became the main design of this product, and it has attracted attention on social platforms at home and abroad before the official release. What’s more worth mentioning is that the “nest” structure, as the finishing touch of this product design, not only achieves its unique visual appearance, but also brings a nest-level stable wearing experience.

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“Nest” structure is the finishing touch to the design of Anta’s nest shoes

Outdoor sports and hiking are highly respected lifestyles by SALEHE BEMBURY. In this co-brand cooperation, Anta uses “Nature is nest” as its creative highlight, directly hitting the points of contemporary urban consumers and awakening their inner desire for nature. Anta takes this as an opportunity to explore the proposition of the balance and integration of the city and nature-urban life is hustle and bustle. Nature can inspire unlimited inspiration and vitality. Starting from this moment, starting from nature, we will implement the sports spirit in all aspects of urban life and lead the innovative urban outdoor trend.

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Anta Nest Shoes Portuguese Leaf Green Color Inspired by Nature

In addition to conceptual innovation, Anta also incorporates natural elements into technology. The one-piece knitted mesh fabric is soft and fits like the surrounding nature. With the ANTA NEST nest-shaped stable structure and non-slip rubber outsole, the structure is nest-level stable and nest-level comfortable performance. As the designer said, “The strength of the branch itself is very weak, but the moment it is woven and condensed into a nest, it gains infinite power.” Nest shoes not only have a natural and flexible design, but also wrapped comfortably in 360-degree. It can also be worn at outdoor scenes. The nest shoelace gives consumers not only the desire for nature, but also allows consumers to wear nature under their feet, no longer confined to the narrow space between steel and concrete.

white shoes

One-piece knitted mesh fabric and non-slip rubber outsole constitute nest-level comfort performance

Bright design sweeps the world, leading a new sporty style

With the successive exposure of ANTA and SALEHE BEMBURY cooperation shoes, the natural color scheme and avant-garde design style have aroused the attention and expectations of the whole network. After reported by well-known trend media at home and abroad, such as HYPEBEAST, ULSUM and NOWRE, the attention and praise continued to soar.

fashion shoes(Netflex popular drama actress Diane Guerrero uses Monroe pink nest shoes to create an urban outdoor look)

Nest shoes are also very popular among celebrities and KOLs, such as American actress and writer Diane Guerrero, the Streetwear Model & IG Goddess Adrianne ho, etc, all have used the sports fashion styles created by nest shoes to share their own matching experience.

Nest shoes creative setting

Embrace young consumer groups to create industry-leading products

The Nest shoes presented by ANTA and SALEHE BEMBURY this time are an update of young people’s urban life based on natural outdoor inspiration. It is an all-round improvement of natural concepts. The design inspiration comes from the bird’s nest in nature, and ANTA and SALEHE BEMBURY use the return of Natural design concepts and unique nest-shaped design to create a new trend for sports brands. It shows the balance between man and nature, city and nature. The new generation of young consumers not only pay attention to the functionality of products, but also pay attention to the output of brand values, and pursue individual expression and spiritual resonance. And this time Anta attacked with the concept of experiencing nature in the city, advocating the new trend of urban outdoor, which is bound to bring new surprises to young people.

The advent of Nest Shoes greatly empowers Anta’s brand power and product power, and strengthens consumers’ recognition of the Anta brand. As an indispensable backbone in the sports circle, Anta has always been committed to embracing young people, injecting vitality into the brand through continuous innovation, and creating innovative co-brand projects and trendy products for young people.

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VOGUE BUSINESS IN CHINA first released the New Fashion Capital Index Report

Condé Nast China’s fashion industry media Vogue Business in China released the 2020 “New Fashion Capital Index Report” on November 21. The report provides practitioners with a reference for the ranking of China’s new generation fashion city index through the professional perspective of the fashion industry. This report firstly authoritative released this year, and a release summit was held in Chengdu.

Chinese fashion

The report aims to redefine the “fashion power” of Chinese cities from a new perspective, depicting the fashion landscape of China’s new generation of cities except Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and provide a strong reference for industry practitioners to formulate future business development strategies.

Chinese fashion

This must-read “New Fashion Capital Index Report” was developed by Vogue Business in China and the world-renowned consulting firm EY-Parthenon. Through months of polishing the dimension setting and data calculation method, according to ” The five first-level dimensions of “fashion consumption strength”, “fashion business potential”, “fashion cultural charm”, “fashion innovation talents” and “fashion development ability” are important dimensions to conduct in-depth desk research and data analysis* for Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing etc. (Twelve Chinese cities including Changsha, Xiamen, Tianjin, Qingdao, and Dalian).. In the end, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Chongqing’s composite index ranked top three in 2020. The report will be updated and released every year, continuously optimizing the index system and algorithm, and strive to become an authoritative report on urban research in the fashion industry.

Bao Yimin, the editorial director of Vogue Business in China, said: “In the past ten years, most fashion brands have captured the four major consumer cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen’. In order to get ready for the next step of expansion, you must truly understand China as a vast, densely populated, culturally diverse and complex market. Therefore, Vogue Business in China focuses this report on cities other than Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen’ to help brands understand the next echelon better, cities that also have strong consumption power and fashion potential.”

Chinese fashion
Chinese fashion
Chinese fashion
Chinese fashion

The 2020 “New Fashion Capital Index Report” launch summit is one of the most important events for Vogue Business in China in the past one year since it entered China. The event was held in the memory of the eastern suburbs of Chenghua District, Chengdu. The summit was hosted by Mr. Bao Yimin, the editorial director of Vogue Business in China, and discussed with industry experts, business and cultural leaders how the city can achieve new breakthroughs and usher in important development opportunities for the fashion industry. The event also deeply explored the diverse charms of Chengdu as the number one city in this report index, and what it is worth learning from.

Chinese fashion

The rules and difficulty of the game in the Chinese market are quietly changing. It is unrealistic for any brand or company to wish to maintain the status quo to maintain development. We believe that the changes in the Chinese fashion market in the next 10 years will be completely different from the situation in the previous 10 years, which also means that practitioners must have a new mindset, vision, pattern and strategic thinking to deepen the Chinese market.

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2022 White Paper on Fashion Trend

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2022 White Paper on Trend

Based on the following up and observation of society, technology, environment, politics, industry and creative fields, this report will predict future visions that will change industrial trends in 2022, and will analyze their impact on business, culture and other industries.

Fashion Trend

2022 White Paper on Trend — Theme

The global health crisis exposes the fragility of companies’ concepts and systems. Asian countries, led by China, are leading the market recovery with faster response speed and better supply chain system. Future is not yet clear, but new visions and value systems are emerging and we are entering a new normal.

Fashion Trend


Nine themes of 2022 White Paper: Mental Model, Fashion Democratization, Gender Fluidity, Virtual Reincarnation, Blue Sea Creation, Digital Currency, Bacterial Technology and Bionics 3.0.

Fashion Trend

Mental Model

A mental model is an analogous expression to explain someone’s psychological activity.

Fashion Trend

Mental Model — Background

Psychology penetrates our lives, and people attach more psychological appeal to products. More brands realize that psychology is a bridge between product design and customers.

Fashion Trend

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How does the climate crisis transform the luxury industry

Consumers and investors are increasingly concerned about environmental issues. From alternative raw materials to which categories are growing faster, Luca Solca studied four issues facing the luxury goods industry.

Geneva, Switzerland-Consumers and investors are increasingly concerned about the environment, and four related forces will reshape the luxury goods market. More importantly, as climate and population growth put greater pressure on our planet, these concerns may intensify over time.

Environmental consumers will increasingly ask themselves which products are the most environmentally friendly, and then buy these products. But this is not an easy question to answer. Under which conditions the environment is much eco-friendly? How much is the water consumption? How about the carbon dioxide emissions? How serious is the pollution? If the mining industry is more environmentally friendly, then hard luxury goods will be the best choice.

Think about this, watches and jewelry have been worn thousands of times before being replaced, and most fashions have been worn dozens of times at most. More importantly, the environmental footprint of maintaining hard luxury goods is negligible. In contrast, the washing and dry cleaning of ready-to-wear garments has created a very negative environmental impact throughout its life cycle, and this effect is as serious in its production process.

Even if we take into account the pollution factor (the CO2 emissions of the mining industry are 2-10 times that of the fashion and accessories manufacturing industry), for those hard luxury brands trying to reduce the impact, using recyclable precious metals may be a very wise move. For example, 71% of Pandora’s gold and silver comes from recycled materials, and the brand’s goal is to reach 100% by 2025.

Alternative raw materials

The consumers ‘concern about animal welfare and the link between animal products and the environment are continuing to rise. Almost all major luxury brands have begun to ban the use of animal fur, which was the pillar product of the luxury industry in the past. As the recent controversy over crocodile farming has shown, we expect that the use of rare leathers may have a similar ending. In December 2018, Chanel announced that it would no longer use rare leather and fur in its collection. Wherever Chanel goes, others will follow.

The problem with leather is the same: Synthetic leather is the choice of only a few brands today, mainly because leather is largely regarded as a by-product of meat production. But as people continue to reduce beef intake, cowhide substitutes will definitely become more and more important. Luxury companies must improve their usage of raw materials, especially when a specific raw material is at the core of their brand’s DNA. Prada’s move to recycle nylon is the best example of proactive management in this regard.

Try to resell, challenge the brand perception

Luxury and fashion products are opening up to a wider audience, and the secondary market is about to usher in major developments. Although environmental issues may be a factor that drives people’s increasing interest in “second-hand” products, the main factor is actually the decline in the price of iconic luxury products for consumers and the increase in retail traffic. Resale giants The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective and Chrono 24 are at the forefront of the “second-hand” revolution, followed by a long list of players available.

Luxury brands are slowly embracing this trend and have established similar special partnerships and initiatives with existing physical and digital retailers such as Selfridges and Farfetch. Just not very long ago, Gucci collaborated with The RealReal to launch an online store.

The demand for second-hand products is often concentrated on big brands, even more than the demand in the primary market. A special study pointed out that Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel and Gucci accounted for most of the second-hand demand for handbags, while Rolex dominated the watch market. This may increase the popularity of products on the Internet and on the street, which also means that luxury giants must further increase their efforts to fight with the brand vulgarization.

Stricter ESG reporting

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) reporting is still in its Primary Stage, much like financial reporting before the introduction of stock market regulators. In the luxury goods industry, companies often emphasize indicators that make themselves look good, while only making limited disclosures in other areas. But driven by consumer and investor demand, this situation may change quickly.

The negative environmental impacts of the fashion and luxury goods industries mainly occur in their extended supply chains. Observing the company’s specific performance and comparing vertically integrated companies at different levels will yield meaningless results.

Even if we look at elements such as carbon emissions that have received much attention recently, we found that Richemont is one of the few companies that report emissions within the “Scope 3”, which means that it not only discloses the third-party suppliers’ Direct emissions and their indirect emissions are also disclosed. The other exception is Kering Group, which also provides more extensive information disclosure. We expect this to become standard practice in the future.

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Fashion Clothing Design in China

The social environment has improved, the order of all walks of life is gradually return to normal, and the fashion industry in China is also ready to recover. Local fashion week is about to be held.

Chinese clothing brands have a long history of not developing as well as Western clothing brands, but since the reform and opening up, their growth rate cannot be underestimated. From traditional clothing companies to independent designer brands, what is their current status?

The brand awareness awakening of traditional corporations

With the rise of the southeast clothing manufacturing industry in the 1980s, the first batch of Chinese clothing brands came into being. The times have changed and the competition is fierce. Nowadays, every unbeatable brand will not be eliminated by the times and must keep up.

Lining, who has just finished the big show in the Dunhuang Desert, has realized the transformation from a traditional sports brand to a sports fashion brand. It hosted a catwalk at the International Fashion Week, inviting fashion stars to endorse the brand, attend the fashion show event, open a fashion flagship store, and bold cross-border cooperation. The series of actions are all changes made by this traditional sports brand to adapt into the times.

The perfect combination of professionalism and fashion, and the enthusiastic feedback has shown that this initiative has achieved good results.

fashion design

As another clothing brands in the first batch, EP was dedicated to creating mid- to high-end women’s clothing with oriental beauty.

16 years later, EP Yaying launched a dual-brand strategy, with “the world’s EP, China’s Yaying” as its brand vision, EP focused on oriental clothing with more international and modern aesthetic. Yaying is focused on traditional and classic Chinese aesthetic clothing.

fashion IP

It is the 24th year since the establishment of the earliest designer brand exception in China. The founder Mao Jihong believes that “culture is the core of design”, and then founded Fangsuo Bookstore and moved the exception into the bookstore. Fangsuo is not so much a bookstore, it is more like a cultural space selling lifestyles at the same time, where exceptional brands become soulful and three-dimensional. In addition to clothing, they are closer to consumers from different angles of life.

During the epidemic, thanks to the opening of brand Micro Mall stores, Mao Jihong appeared in front of the camera of the first live broadcast festival in Guangzhou, personally communicated with consumers online, keeping up with the pace of the times.

fashion clothing design

Of course, not all marketing strategies in the new era are suitable for traditional companies. How to respond quickly and present the company’s own strengths with different marketing methods is the long-term strategy for the brand.

The international road of Chinese clothing brand

In recent years, more and more Chinese brands now are listed as the global fashion week attendees.

According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 90 Chinese brands that published works in the four major international fashion weeks in 2018.

The development of the Internet has also brought convenience to online shopping. Chinese brands are constantly launching attacks on foreign online malls to seize overseas markets.

Beside brand’s own management, it has an invisible mission of “how to convey the beauty of the East”. This issue has been around since the birth of Chinese clothing brands. How to keep the oriental elements and develop among these brands?

Not matter its domestic or international markets, the foundation of a brand and its clear positioning are important. For example, the Yaying Group mentioned above that they know the EP’s design style and modern design are difficult to blend, so they seek intro another direction. The EP brand faces the international market, and oriental elements need to be incorporated into more modern designs.

fashion style

The Edition, a mid-to-high-end women’s clothing brand under the EPO Group, directly positions the brand accurately and precisely as “GENTLEWOMEN” (female gentleman).

The wide silhouette and elegant feeling, coupled with the Chinese elements embellished in the details, create the beauty of the national style with the atmosphere. It interprets the sonorous and unrestrained side of modern China. At the same time, it portrays the portraits of independent contemporary Chinese women.


Of course, there is no shortage of young designers who express their attitudes straightforwardly in Chinese texts.

fashion style

The situation of “big manufactory country, small brand country” is under reversion and rewritten by different aspects of Chinese style. In addition to the efforts of the brands established in this part of the early days, a new generation is coming.

The status quo of independent designer brands

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the new generation with design dreams and fashion pursuits has obtained the opportunity to study in the professional art and Design College. A large number of new designers who have returned from their studies have started their entrepreneurial path. More bold and innovative independent designer brands is springing up. This is not much smoother than the entrepreneurial reform of the predecessors.

fashion style

In the face of fierce competition in the market, traditional companies have a solid foundation, brands also have mature operating models with luxury goods and fast fashion, so there are no much market share left for independent designers.

While they continue work hard on creation, it is not easy for them to face plagiarism and price war from low-threshold online shopping stores. Fortunately, local fashion weeks, offline buyer stores, and theme activities on online shopping platforms are constantly giving new designers a greater platform.

In cross-border cooperation, there were cross-border gift boxes of cutting-edge designer brand MUKZIN and Maltesers before, and cross-border catwalks by CHUYI.STUDIO and Huolala. The endless creativity continuously stimulated the young market.

fashion clothing design
fashion design

At the same time, it can be said that many of the “predecessors” recognized the new designer’s ability of joint cooperation, such as the joint series of designer Xia Yiqi and HanDu, and the joint series of earlier designers ANGEL CHEN and H&M, which are enough to prove the design standards of recent designers.

fashion collaboration
fashion clothing design

Designer ANGEL CHEN also won the top four in the Netflix fashion show “Next in Fashion”, once again showing the world the strength of the young generation of Chinese designers.

fashion design

Among the 20 designers shortlisted in the semi-finals of the LVMH Young Fashion Designer Award this year, the name of the young designer YUHAN WANG appeared.

fashion clothing series

Most of the early independent designers in China also emerged from domestic fashion competitions. Today, these young people can confidently stand on the international arena and achieve high-profile results.

Their reach and vision are not limited to clothing. They also concerned about the close relationship between art, culture and fashion. For example, in addition to the design and development of clothing, ROARINGWILD, a local street fashion brand that has been in existence for 10 years, has also contributed to the promotion of local street culture to gather more young people with the same hobby to participate.

fashion trend

Compared with the predecessors, the cross-border cooperation of the new designers is more bold and avant-garde. And in terms of brands, they can quickly adapt to various marketing methods. There are also many young independent designers such as Liu Qingyang, Susan Fang, Shangguanzhe, Xander Zhou, Wang FENGCHEN, Ms. MIN, etc., who have gained the favor of many loyal fans at home and abroad. The new era brought by the new generation is better and better.

fashion design

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The fashion trend reflects the current social situation in the post-epidemic era

Under the epidemic situation, the frenzy of fashion week is no longer reappearance. Instead, it is a digital release mode with different time. At the same time, fashion design is quietly changing. From the original luxury to today’s simple and lasting, fashion style is adapting to the social situation, have you found it? Of course, for others, they will still choose to invest in bold and gorgeous fashion works in today’s environment, just like the crystal shoes of the brand AMINA MUADDI.

Presumably, in recent months, except for the occasional video conferencing and personalized styling, the rest of the people live in casual or sports attire. What will people look like when the world recovers after the epidemic?

After the upheaval, some of the most interesting moments in fashion have emerged. Just like a group of design masters who deliberately restore the elegant, sexy and charming charm of women after World War II, Christian Dior is the leader in this historical revolution.

Dior new look

Clothes can reflect the state of the world and people’s inner thoughts. After the economic collapse, bright will feel something wrong. At the same time, people will tend to value things that are well made and durable. Facing the uncertainty of the market, the investment choice will be more serious and different.

AMINA MUADDI“When we get out of the epidemic, we want beautiful things,”Alessandro Michele, Gucci‘s creative director, said recently.

gucci 2021S/M

Sarah Staudinger, staud designer, said: “we’re looking for classic designs that transcend the seasons, slowing down to make fashion more sustainable.”


In which direction will fashion lean? Is it close to crazy charm or more restrained luxury? The answer may not be the same.

Retro, denim are long lasting fashion classic! The collision between retro and present, always explore the infinite possibilities of classic elements in the future development, showing a unique temperament. Retro large lapel, a traditional status symbol, helps to lengthen the neck line, improve the overall thin effect, but also gives exquisite clothing charm.


The lattice or stripe style is classic and simple, lasting for a long time in every season. The trend has never left the fashion stage and has a permanent fashion charm. By different colors of grain splicing, you can achieve innovative classics, flexible for any collocation, any occasion, high economic benefits!

“Clothes are simple, but simple concepts are used to fight against the chaos of nothing,” Miuccia Prada said of her collection. This is a time for seriousness, reflection and reflection. What do we do, what is fashion, what are we doing here? “


What is fashion? Fashion can last forever! Durable denim elements are durable fashion, elegant and cool mix and match style, achieve a unique fashion attitude, but also provide high-value clothing options for the return of normal life after the epidemic.


Petah Marian, senior strategist at WGSN insight, a trend forecasting company, believes that when we study the purpose of fashion and the meaning of luxury goods, we are entering an era of reflection. People have redefined luxury through the epidemic, she said. Living in a society that has been shrouded by the epidemic for nearly a year, health and peace, community and interpersonal relationship have become more and more valued elements.

Marian believes that many people will get rid of the symbolic flashiness and replace them with valuable things in the context of economic austerity. They can move towards luxury through more tactile perception and humanistic aspects, such as the softness of clothes, or understand how garment makers make clothes.

After the epidemic, brands tend to choose the earth color that can soothe people’s hearts, let the audience feel the nature and tranquility given by nature, and also revere everything in the nature. Color can reflect the real feelings of the audience’s heart, but also can pacify the mind. The warm, natural and healing colors of the earth are neither gorgeous nor flashy. They convey a low-key sense of closeness. They are full of peaceful atmosphere and warm the hearts of the audience after the epidemic.

Tiffany Hsu, fashion buying director of online luxury retailer mytheresa, believes that durable luxury goods will be the investment trend in the current fashion sector.

“I think we’re going to see a more restrained version of luxury, more about quality and permanence that you can wear at any time, which is what modern luxury really means,” she said


“After the closure of the city, people will be looking for simple and fashionable works like khaite, works like the row and Jil sander that are very suitable for indoor and outdoor use,” said Tiffany Hsu. We’ve also seen a rise in sales of high-end jewelry, which is a very permanent fashion again. “

In the end, timeless works will become our most cherished fashion works. For one person, it could be feather heels; for another, it could be perfect, tailored black pants. In fact, for everyone, it will mean different things for everyone to be well dressed and exquisite to step into society again, but this is definitely something to celebrate!

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Entering Douyin and Shanghai show, Louis Vuitton accelerates its deployment in the Chinese market

On August 6, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton held an offline fashion show in Shanghai to showcase the 2021 spring and summer menswear collection. At the same time, it was also broadcasted live on Douyin, Weibo, WeChat and other platforms. The number of views on Weibo exceeded 50 million and the number of likes exceeded 390,000, which attracted the attention of the industry. On the same day, Wu Yifan (Kris Wu), Fan Chengcheng (Adam Fan), Di Lieba (Dilraba Dilmurat) and other celebrities attended the show. Wu Yifan (Kris Wu), as the brand ambassador, wore a white suit from the 2021 early spring series and a giant doll on his shoulders.

Wu yifan fashion star

Industry insiders believe that digital fashion shows have become the norm during the epidemic, Louis Vuitton has been so lavishly displayed its 2021 spring and summer menswear collection in Shanghai through the “offline + online” approach, which shows that the brand is accelerating its deployment in the Chinese market and think highly of  the younger generation as consumer groups.

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Through Shanghai fashion show Louise Vuitton settled in Douyin, view numbers reach to 40 million

The Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2021 menswear collection fashion show is inspired by the “floating bottle”. As early as July 9, Louis Vuitton released the series of short films and cartoons at Paris Fashion Week, featuring Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2021 menswear in the red containers departed from Paris and drove slowly eastward along the Seine, arriving in Shanghai and Tokyo. In the cartoon, the lively animated characters Zoooom with friends follow the container shipment.

LV fashion brand

The fashion show held in Shanghai this time is the fifth fashion show since Virgil Abloh, the brand’s menswear art director, takes the helm of Louis Vuitton menswear. Virgil Abloh is known as the representative of the new wave of fashion, cross-border architecture, home furnishing, art and other fields. He joined Louis Vuitton in 2018, abandon the stereotyped appearance of high fashion, and integrated it with street culture, and launched Several hot items. In this spring/summer 2021 menswear collection, Virgil Abloh is inspired by “innocence”, launching menswear with clashing colors, jackets with exaggerated silhouettes, and 25 items made of recyclable materials.

While holding an offline fashion show in Shanghai, Louis Vuitton officially entered the Douyin platform via online live broadcast on August 3, launching the topic “LV21 Men’s Wear Show” to preview the fashion show. Till 11 a.m. on August 7, the account has 68,000 followers and reach nearly 100,000 likes. The 2021 spring and summer menswear show has been played more than 40 million times.

Accelerate the layout of the Chinese market, and the future luxury brands will be focused online

In fact, Louis Vuitton is not the first luxury brand to test the Douyin platform. As early as 2018, Dior opened an official Douyin account. Since then, first-tier brands such as Gucci and Bulgari have also joined. Louis Vuitton previously entered “Red Book” in 2019 and became the first luxury brand to enter the platform. This year, it also conducted its first live broadcast on “Red Book”. This time, Louis Vuitton used the topic of the Shanghai fashion show to enter Douyin, which shows that its emphasis on the Chinese market and millennial consumers. It is also in line with Virgil Abloh’s younger and street-oriented design trends in recent years.

Louis Vuitton’s parent company LVMH Group recently released data for the first half of the year. During the report period as of June 30, LVMH Group achieved income of 18.393 billion euros, a year-on-year decrease of 27%, and profit fell 68% to 1.671 billion euros. Net profit was 522 million euros, a sharp drop of 84% year-on-year. Among them, the revenue of the LVMH fashion leather department, where the core brand Louis Vuitton is located, fell 23% year-on-year to 7.989 billion euros, and profit fell 46% year-on-year. LVMH stated in its financial report that under the strong promotion of the Chinese market, the performance of the Asian market improved significantly in the second quarter, and the decline narrowed to 13% from the 32% in the first quarter.

Statistics show that global luxury goods sales reached 310 billion US dollars in 2019, of which the Chinese market accounted for 35%. Affected by the epidemic, global sales of luxury goods have been severely frustrated, and the speed of recovery in the Chinese market has caused major brands to shift their focus to the Asian market dominated by China. Industry insiders predict that the sales weight of luxury brands in the Chinese market will increase substantially in the future. However, compared with opening stores, the future focus of luxury brands represented by Louis Vuitton will be on e-commerce and digital marketing.

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Flag-patterned clothing made the world’s premiere on ANTA TMall Super Brand Day to create a fashion feast

On July 27th, ANTA launched the first Tmall Super Brand Day. During this event, ANTA 2022 Winter Olympics official licensed product flag series sportswear was released. This event ANTA leveraged the influence of Tmall’s first marketing IP on the entire network. The digital empowerment of new products has brought more new choices to consumers, and also allowed ANTA Tmall Super Brand Day to get a satisfactory performance. Data shows that during this event, ANTA’s one day sales surged by 1777% year-on-year, setting a record for the highest single-day sales except Double Eleven, and ranking among the TOP2 in the industry.

The ANTA Tmall Super Brand Day not only brought a fashion feast for consumers , but also marked that ANTA and Tmall have joined hands to cooperate further, setting a new model for the electronic and digital development of the apparel industry.

A number of stars attend to support the fashion show

As a global leader in sportswear from China, ANTA has always adhered to the concept of “Keep Moving”, which coincides with Tmall’s never-ending exploration in the field of e-commerce. The press conference jointly organized by the two parties is based on the theme of ” The Circle of life “. ANTA 2022 Winter Olympics official licensed product flag series sportswear conference was held. Zhang Jike, Zou Shiming, Fan Zhiyi and Lang were invited to the event. The celebrities from the cultural and sports world such as Lang, Guan Xiaotong, Jin Dachuan came to join the show with nearly 70 Chinese supermodels, bringing consumers an audio and visual feast, it was a party that blends fashion, art and clothing.

The whole press conference was exciting and shining with stars. From the opening of the live performance by pianist Lang Lang, to the opening show by ANTA Sports’ global spokesperson Guan Xiaotong wearing ANTA’s new sportswear, to other stars and supermodels and super large-scale drone starry performances to help out this conference. The climax is non- stopped, and the belief in the “unending movement” has become more popular.

Join forces to create a new brand story, support the world premiere of national flag clothing product line

As we all know, China has won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. As the official sponsor of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, ANTA received exclusive authorization for the first time in 2020 to sell national flag-related footwear and clothing products. It is also the first time that China has opened up the right to sell clothing with national flag patterns. For ANTA, the launch of the “national flag sportswear” is more of a strong output at the brand level. This time, in cooperation with Tmall Super Brand Day, its related national flag clothing products will be launched on July 27th. The global debut of the brand day on the day reflects that while ANTA continues to enrich its brand stories, it also give us hopes to use the Tmall platform to allow users to generate more brand perceptions and write a new chapter of the brand story to more consumers.

On the same day, Li Jiaqi, the NO.1 live broadcaster, not only visited the conference site in person, but also opened an ANTA national flag uniforms special session in the live broadcast room. He also shared ANTA’s importance with popular sports stars Zhang Jike and Guan Xiaotong in the live broadcast room as soon as possible conference finished. They showed the support to ANTA new product and promote the the national flag clothing products released by ANTA together.

The Trendy gameplay enhances user enthusiasm, online channels upgrade the consumer experience

In the early stage of this conference event, two parties started a joint warm-up promotion. ANTA and Tmall Super Brand Day jointly launched a new gameplay of “Alibaba Zoo cheering for the Olympics”. Dozens of IP animals with their own fan base all incarnately become the Olympic mascots, attracting countless eyes with their own special skills, and successfully earned enough attention.

At the same time, Tmall has also cleverly integrated the “See Now Buy Now” show sale model, which is the most popular fashion brand in recent years, with this event, allowing consumers to enjoy the consumption process while invisibly deepening their understanding of the brand. Cognition. The two parties have achieved remarkable results in terms of sales volume, customer acquisition and brand enhancement.

As an outstanding representative of professional sports brands, core value of ANTA’s product has a strong appeal in the sportswear market. At the brand improvement stage, it will expand the market through updated channels and use marketing methods that are closer to consumers to increase interaction, build the brand image to a new level. The excellent results achieved in this cooperation with Tmall Super Brand Day are the best proof.

Introduction to Tmall Super Brand Day:

Tmall Super Brand Day is Tmall’s most influential brand marketing super IP. It is good at integrating the ecological power of the entire network to create its own Double Eleven festival and provide the world’s top brands with a stage of ultimate innovation.

In the past five years, it now become the biggest carnival for brands and their consumers to communicate. Tmall big data strengthen the brand’s digital marketing capabilities, form a deep link with consumers, through a concentrated event, a super day full of rituals, bring a double explosion in volume and sales, and reach each with unprecedented energy. It connect users and catalyze super brands to bring new consumer a new consumers experiences.

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