The Craft Detail Sleeves Trend for Women’s Knitwear

women's knitwear

The minimalist aesthetics always occupies a certain space in the fashion world. This season women’s knitwear emphasize the appearance change and transfer stitches to create 3D sleeves. The appropriate space is free and easy for the body. Smooth lines are in line with human curves. Subtle changes of details display the fun of simplicity.

women's knitwear

The one-piece sewing is the main expression of designs on sleeves. Buttons, long straps and contrasting overlocking create soft and natural sleeves. The simple and flowing visual effect is the direction of the new season.

Designs on Sleeves for women's knitwear

The draping sleeves have layered crinkles. Compared with disorderly gatherings in previous seasons, the draping sleeves are more regular, with tensile stitch textures to leave some space for the arm.


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The Fabric Trend for Womenswear Shearling

Womenswear Shearling

Environment and the apparel industry have a close relationship. Shearling is eco-friendly and sustainable. Shearling is elastic, absorbent and warm. In this age, the premium handfeel is the direction for all wool products. The understated, nonchalant qualities work well with consumers.

women's fur

Polar fleece is hot for A/W 20/21. The rich handfeel enhances the visual effect and warmth-keeping capacity. It is airy and elastic. Polar fleece works well with the elegant and playful girly style.

Polar Fleece

Tuscany shearling is refined, soft, thick and curly, adding a sweet and warm feel. Fashion colors provide a premium effect.

Tuscany Shearling

Mongolian fur is fine, even, soft, elastic, curly and separated, adding a noble and slouchy effect. The solid colors are clean and elegant, bringing the romantic and noble feel.

Mongolian Fur

Swakara shearling is produced in Namibia. The unique regional features bring the lightweight, soft , reversible and shiny qualities. Swakara shearling is one of the best kinds of wools for high-class fur apparel. In this season, patched materials, stylish color blocking, diverse accessories appeal to the youth market.

Swakara Shearling

Different kinds of shearling are spliced to add a rich and interesting visual. Simple and playful color blocking is bold.

The Mixed Shearling


The Popular Shirts in Menswear Markets


In August, smart leisure and business styles see a rise. Street style rises steadily. Checks, stripes and letters are dominant in this season. Splicing stays the same, while printing elements see a decrease. Applique makes a comeback.


In top 10, international big brands and street brands are key, and some Chinese brands are also included. TIME HOMME and OVERPROTECTION each have two items in top 10. Most items are leisure. Checked and striped shirts almost account for half of all items. For other items, details and patterns are key.

Top 10

Decorative and practical pockets in different sizes are applied to different places to interpret the important role of pockets. Exaggerated pockets at KAPITAL and KAPITAL add depth and create a striking impact. Different materials at MMIC and OVERPROTECTION stand out.

Pockets fashion trend style

Splicing is prominent. The same material can be used to make different patterns. Two different kinds of materials can be spliced. Harsh and Cruel and Givenchy also add micro deconstruction.

Splicing fashion trend style

Printing ornaments in different sizes add fashion subtly. Landscapes, figures and plants as well as animals are most common. TIME HOMME and Dsquared2 apply real-life photo print with clashed and diverse colors. Alexander Wang’s abstract print is colorful.

The Printed Shirt


Lettering is indispensable, versatile and inclusive. With the rising of Chinese fashion, apart from common English letters and slogans, Chinese characters stand out.

Lettering fashion style

The slim shirt is popular as well. The solid colors and details are emphasized. Pattern and placket piping add interest. Orderly arranged letters and geometric patterns on all-over patterns add fashion.

The Slim Business Shirt

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Avocado Green Color of The Most Hottest Color for Spring Summer 2019

Avocado green color

Avocado features many kinds of yellow tones, and the warmer tones and ombre effect provide more inspirations for designers. Avocado is refreshing and premium, cutting across the fashion industry this summer. The limited edition avocado eye shadows at Colourpop and Nars were soon sold out, and many garment brands have released new items in avocado tones, from seductive satin dresses, refreshing shirts, street suits, haute couture garments.

The Green Tone through Summer

Avocado is modern and nostalgic. From 1960s to 1970s, avocado was almost ubiquitous.

Vintage Avocado

Fashion bloggers such as Aimee Song, Barbara, Brittany Xavier and Darja Barannik have already show their avocado items, leading the trend.

INS Fashion Bloggers's Avocado

Avocado is so hot that Weibo even launched a Avocado Styling contest. Lots of netters show their avocado items.

fashion style

Maggie Marilyn features luxe and innovative elements. Its S/S 2019 collection includes avocado for a youthful and energetic look.

Maggie Marilyn

Rejina Pyo infuses a refreshing feel to feminine qualities. It features refined and playful designs. Cardigans, skirts and button-collar shirt dresses in avocado feel confident and simple.

Rejina Pyo

Shrimps, a new fur brand in London, has special views. In this season, avocado and patterns are combined to create an artistic aesthetic.


Cult Gaia became famous on Instagram. Its resort collections are highly recommended. The lace resort dress in avocado is appealing.

green color

Avocado is the hottest color for S/S 2019. Green provides a healthy and natural feel, but in the Victorian era, green means death. Wilhelm Dye and White Lead, a garment company, invented a new dye called Emerald Green, but it contained arsenic. With the development of technology, the dye is non-toxic and used widely.



POP-Up Stores are Coming. Which Style Do You Like?


POP-up stores are seen as short behavior art. “Limited”, “First Launching” and “New Product” are often seen in pop-up stores. POP-up store are always eye-catching through using new technologies, unique storefronts and varying colors. For fashion industry, spring is the fashion season for new styles.



Peacebird Men re-interprets the classic characters in Sesame Street. Trouble Andrew and Reilly show their 2 special collaboration collections, exploring new possibilities.


Oishi x AKOP

Oishi joins hands with Han Huohuo to release the Oishi x AKOP collection. Salted egg yellow is the main tone, with black and white tones. The inspiration comes from the salted egg potato chips of Oishi. Oishi’s garments in collaborated collections will be for sale in pop-up stores. The interesting point is that the outside fitting model wears a large salted egg, and the new salted egg chips are placed in the yellow shopping cart.

Oishi x AKOP.jpg


The Lacoste x Keith Haring collection uniquely interprets street fashion. Lacoste keeps a balance between classics and fashion, while Keith Haring is rebellious and unruly. The walls are inspired by Keith Haring’s classic works. The dancing figures set a basic tone. The collaborated items are bright and vibrant. The vintage subway seats and street vending machines are placed in stores. The soft colors and light are artistic.



UNDER PEACE once collaborated with HELLO KITTY, SpongeBob and others. In 2019, UNDER PEACE joined hands with Junji Itou, a famous Japanese horror cartoonist. Junji Itou’s best work Tomie is chosen. The grown-up, classic and interesting style is combined with Under Peace’s military, street and skateboard.


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After working with Supreme five times, what is the charm of Stone Island

Now it is a time when everything is functional. It may not be the same for everyone. But with the hot of the functional style, the brand fire with the concept of function.


The functional brand ACRONYM which is dominated by Errolson Hugh, Italy’s “Stone Island” have quickly gained widespread attention in the past two years.

Errolson Hugh's fashoin style

Recently, In the Supreme’s spring and summer series, I believe everyone has seen the fifth cooperation between Big Brother and Stone Island that was officially released.

Supreme Fashion Style

But frankly speaking, the function style is still a small niche, and some of the trend players know it for the two brand collacation series.

Most of them are familiar with it because of the cooperation in 2016. After that, the good things have emerged, and the cooperation with Sup has not been interrupted. This time, a series of products are also known for their popularity. Many people are satisfied.

fashion style for men

Silk Light Jack is sure to be a lot of people’s intentions among those style. This is the classic style that Stone Island has produced in the past 90s years. Silk Light is a fabric developed by Massimo Osti around 1987-88 and used for the first time in ready-to-wear.

The fabric is waterproof and windproof, it is similar to lightweight nylon and polyurethane coating, which gives the fabric a look that looks like silk and has high practicality. The shiny appearance is also makes people think that this is a patent leather.

waterproof jacket

As a long-established brand, the brand’s fabrics and dyeing technology have long been famous, and today’s products have already advanced. In the history of the brand, the emergence of a variety of styles can meet your needs, like retro style, you can look at the works of Stone Island more than ten years ago or even decades ago, it still not outdated.

As a very vertical brand, it is wonderful to have so many choices. Even if the current “islanders” are mostly functional enthusiasts, if you have a strong interest in Stone Island, flip through its vintage? Finding your own military style, sports and other styles, even Tannin products are not difficult.

demin coat

The beginning of Stone Island begins with the C.P. Company founded by Massimo Osti in 1975. Stone Island was originally an experimental branch of the CP Company, and its main advantage was the technological fabric. Due to the breakthrough in the development of innovative and technological fabrics, Massimo Osti officially took this branch out of operation in 1982. Stone Island was founded.

Stone Island

Until 1996, Massimo Osti officially left Stone Island until 1996, and since then Stone Island has been handed over to Carlo Rivetti.

Carlo Rivetti

The real power of Stone Island is that it can be applied to all garments. The fabric technology is most familiar to everyone that is undoubtedly the epoch-making fabric technology on the Ice Jacket launched during the period 1989-1990 – Heat Reactive.

Thermochromic fabrics are characterized by the fact that the pigment molecules of the heat-sensitive coating exhibit different shades as the temperature changes.

Simply put, the color of the garment changes as the temperature of your body changes, it giving the garment an artistic look. The color-changing trench coat in the 16-year Supreme x Stone Island co-branded collection uses this Heat Reactive thermochromic technology.

Supreme x Stone Island

In addition to the research and development of technical fabrics, Stone Island has a unique secret in fabrics what is the fabric dyeing technology, also known as Garment Dyed garment coloring.

Stone Island fabric

Nowadays, the dyeing process that we generally see is to dye the fabric that needs to be used first, and then to fabricate the fabric with the dyed finish.

But Stone Island is the opposite. Because they want to be free from fabric restrictions, it is made by first fabricating the fabric and then dyeing the entire garment. This is also the source of the Garment Dyed ready-to-wear name.

Garment Dyed

Stone Island’s Garment Dyed ready-to-wear coloring technology completely breaks the independent reaction of the cloth to the dye, and who can dye any texture of the sam e color and color.

In 2003, Stone Island succeeded in coloring one of the most difficult fabrics polyester fiber in the world, it is further to expand the application range of the entire process. And, a few years ago, Carlo Rivetti revealed that Stone Island has now produced more than 60,000 dyed formulations.

Stone Island

Constantly review and delve into the transformation and performance improvement of fiber and fabric to ensure that the garment is not only beautiful but also practical.

However, in addition to cost too thoughts on fabric technology, Stone Island also established the brand’s high-end branch “Shadow Project” (shadow series) in 2008. Coincidentally, Errolson served as a design planner.

Shadow Project

The overall color scheme is bolder, with a more lively and brighter color, tailored and styled is more suitable for everyday wear or outdoor sports.

But after all, the production technology is there, the price is high, and people who generally don’t have any money are still unacceptable.

red stylepurple style

It is said that today’s fashion and high-end technology are more closely integrated today, high-performance and more functional clothing is believed to be a brand new wearing experience!

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The fashion industry is actually the world’s largest source of pollution

In the past few years, the fashion industry has not only exposed all kinds of discrimination allegations, it has also become the world’s largest source of pollution. We are not talking about fashion giants, but “luxury goods.”

Currently, about 87% of the produced globally 5.3 million tons clothing each year is burned or discarded. At the current rate, the textile industry will discharge more than 20 million tons of plastic microfibers into the ocean by 2050 . By 2030, we expect to use two resources of the earth, and the demand of clothing will increase by 63%.

And in 2018, some reporters discovered that Burberry has destroyed nearly 30 million pounds worth of clothes, bags, perfumes and shoes – those that appeared on the runway and in the brand boutiques. Burning out of unsalable inventory is an open secret to the fashion industry. Over the past few years, Richemont, with Cartier and Chloé, as well as Céline and Chanel, have been approved for destroying millions of pounds of unsalable stock. Bond Street may not be much different from “Made in Bangladesh.”

We must ask ourselves how these environmental slaughter are associated with the value of luxury goods. Why are luxury brands so backward in their pursuit of environmental protection? Most importantly, how do they completely discard the meaning of luxury?

Every fashion big brand does this, or has done this. why? Because the establishment of luxury brands is based on the premise of scarcity and unparalleled importance of exclusivity. The price cuts for the products are bad enough. If they can’t sell them, they don’t become as cheap as the fast-moving brands or they are thrown into the trash. Excessive luxury brands appear in discount malls such as TK Maxx, which dilute the brand’s stock price.

In addition, if “luxury” products become too easy to buy, they can easily fall into the hands of counterfeiters. The £450 million black market is not only illegal, but also causes vulnerable groups and illegal immigrants to be exploited as cheap labor. The benefits generated may be used to organize crime and smuggle weapons, drugs and population.

However, these products are burned – most of them are not degradable (zippers, synthetic fibers and plastic buttons) – it is certainly not the answer. This approach reflects a broader systemic problem in the fashion industry. For example, the fear of the “sheet business.” Does a normal person buy bed linen at full price? Everyone who knows how to pursue a good deal knows that you can always buy the same product with less money. This also applies to T-shirts or designer brand off-season skirts.

The public’s shock to this incineration product reflects the cultural shift in the luxury industry that is a crossroads from the rise of e-commerce, social media and mid-end brands.

Luxury should be represent the scarcity, tailoring and deliberation in production and design. However, in the 1980s, luxury brands became large businesses, and fashion became an international industry. The boutique opened in Dubai, the lipstick was sold in Beijing, and the suitcase was opened in Moscow. A large number of perfumes, cosmetics and sunglasses began to grow in revenues for major fashion brands. The products that could not be sold were burnt down at the temple of Mamen.

Before we think that it’s too late and desperate, we need to remember that the brand-name packs that burn in the fire of hell are not all. There is also a brand in the world that respects the definition of the word “luxury”. For example, in Hermès, everything is handmade, meaning they can control their supply chain and only launch a limited number of products each year – so they have a reputation list. The French brand also has an innovative project called “Petit H”, where craftsmen make small pieces of fabric and leather, smart and stylish.

fashion bagfashion bag

HERM’S Petit H series made of leftover leather

The younger generation of designers are not only happy to develop sustainable production methods, but also to make it sexy. Richard Malone is known for his brightly colored, sculpturally tailored women’s wear, but it is less well known that most of the materials he uses come from marine waste, fishing nets, plastic bottles and acrylics in school uniforms, recycled into cleverly tailored knitwear, and In general, the “green” fashion in people’s minds is very different. It’s hard to imagine the full color of the clothes. He was also worked with a group of female textile workers in Tamil Nadu, India, and hired them to dye them in a natural, low-consumption, pollution-free way. Richard is just one example of this generation of young designers who use innovative and low-key methods to make clothes and care about environmental issues.

blue style

fashion style

fashion style



Richard Malone 2019 READY-TO-WEAR

But when is moral high ground able to stop people’s love for beauty? Compared to what this dress does, we are more likely to care more about how it looks like wearing it. That’s why Malone’s clothes perfectly match the realities of women’s life – sculpted shoulder-length long coats, high-waisted flared pants, streamlined cut cross-knit dresses that are not only hand-made, but also it is easy to machine wash.

“Fashion has changed a lot. The changes in the past 20 years are incredible,” Richard said. “For me, it’s important to create products that are practical, not unrealistic. We can’t afford factory production, so we Make it yourself. This is what consumers want, they are smart, they can see through marketing and promotion.”

fashion style

Richard Malone

The Irish designer previously worked for several luxury brands, where he witnessed the burnt exotic leather and unsalable materials. “The quality of some luxury brands is no different from that of high street products,” he points out. “The quality is the same, just the difference, the difference between 2000 and 200,000.”

This brings us back to the most important question: how to solve the status we are facing? For many brands, the answer is a circular economy. This is a “cycle” of value, and products and materials are recycled, remade, and reused. This is a way to replace the traditional linear cycle of the product – manufacturing, use, and disposal. At last year’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit, H&M, Stella McCartney, Nike, and some ironic Burberry gave a speech about making the cycle of manufacturing, using, and discarding the apparel industry a thing of the past. H&M even promised an admirable plan: to be fully cycled and renewable by 2030.

“Fortunately, the environment is changing through information transparency, technology and consumer awareness,” said Julie Gilhart, former fashion director at Barneys New York and a fashion consultant who has long supported sustainable development. She pointed out that more than 77% of Millennials are more inclined to buy environmentally friendly brands, but prices and aesthetics cannot be ignored.

All of this is also requires widespread acceptance of the second-hand trading market. The market has expanded with the rise of companies such as The RealReal and Vestiaire Collective that sell proven second-hand designer clothing and luxury goods in the form of Net-a-Porter. In April, Stella McCartney and The RealReal, pioneers of animal abuse, entered into a partnership to participate in the circular economy. Their concept is that when you hang a Stella McCartney product on a second-hand trading platform, you get a £100 voucher for the brand’s new product. Simple but equally genius.

“This method of cleaning and rebuilding the wardrobe is completely recyclable,” Gilhart explains. “Stella strongly encourages people to sell their clothes to a dealer like the RealReal so that her clothes are not thrown into the trash. Keep their value for a long time.”

long yellow dress

red and grey color suits for men

long sexy green dress

long coat for men

long grey coat

red fur for men

Stella McCartney 2019 READY-TO-WEAR

It is clear that the fashion industry is ultimately for consumer service. Many consumers pay more attention to price, novelty, quality and design than the moral considerations of purchasing choices. Just look at the endless appetite of young people like Boohoo, Miss Guided and ASOS, and you can see that they will choose cheaper, not carefully designed, produced or recyclable clothes – Especially when they know that the “luxury” brand is the same as the fast-moving brand.

Now, the fundamental solution to the problem depends on the fashion brand itself, especially for those aspiring brands, who need to set a real standard and definition of what is “luxury” – a source of pride and deliberation.