The Lace Fabric Trend for Elegant & Fairy Womenswear

lace fabric

Lace is a representative fabric for womenswear to exude an elegant and noble temperament. Spring/Summer 2024 lace fabrics focus on lightness & softness, precise 3D effect and orderly aesthetics. Linear patterns present the lightness of lace through warp-knitting jacquard and mesh embroidery. The combination with printing creates a sleek visual effect. Precise embroideries with three-dimensional ropes develop sophisticated water soluble lace and 3D embroidered lace. Orderly motifs and openwork form visual conflicts.

lace fabric

Lightness & Softness

Develop Background: To satisfy the need for practicality, lace fabrics are developed to be lighter and softer.

Material: the blending of viscose, cotton and nylon; stretchy fibers

Style & Texture: light & fairy; linear flowers; fineness

Technique & Performance: warp-knitting jacquard; printing; embroidery

lace fabric

Lightness & Softness — Recommended Patterns

lace fabric

Lightness & Softness — Application

Develop Points: Light and soft lace is combined with active elements to develop more fashionable pieces. Fine embroidered lace is more suitable for intimate pants and casual sets. Stretchy fibers are added to make comfortable bottoming shirts.

Relevant for: tops; pants; set

lace labric

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The Artistic Beats Color Trend for Woolen Fabrics

S/S 2023 color trend focuses on more positive and saturated hues. After experiencing a destructive pandemic, color can be a carrier to convey the power of optimistic lifestyles, and also a healing therapy that crosses regions, races, and even cultures. We divide the palette of fabrics into six color groups: Cherry Blossom, Enthusiastic Orange, Caramel Coffee, The Wizard of Oz, Ocean Amber, and Interstellar Galaxy. Colors with more positive and healing hues will be the mainstream in S/S 2023.

The colors of S/S 2023 woolen fabrics focus on surreal natural tones with high saturation, bringing sensory experiences to consumers. Metaverse colors under this digital era satisfy the shift from life to screens. Woolen fabrics use acid dyes, media dyes, complex dyes, and disperse dyes to show a complete palette with beautiful hues. Popular colors are brought to the forefront in S/S 2023, including artist styles and Left Bank aesthetics. Extended colors and classic basics come from the color contrasts and consumers’ preference of past years,which will be prevalent for woolen fabrics in S/S 2023.

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The Fabric Trend for Down Jacket

Down Jacket

Down jacket is the most important media to keep out the cold in autumn and winter. Except for the must-have thermal performance and tri-proof functions, the appearance of textiles improves the visual values and the artistic and fun surfaces may provide positive psychological suggestions. This report will introduce you digital graduated fabric, kaleidoscopic fabric, retro recyclable fabric, playful checked fabric, lustrous metal fabric, and impressive leather to inspire the development of A/W 22/23 down jacket fabric.

Down Jacket

Fabric Concept: Different from the tie-dyed effect in the past seasons, the graduated colors in A/W 22/23 present digital, scientific colors and changeable shades with a blurred soft-focus filter. Different colors and shades are fused to form rich changes of light. Ultralight nylon, polyester-polyamide blend, polyamide-cotton blend, and regenerated polyester are combined with digital printing and eco-friendly printing to reveal an artistic tonality.

Recommended Brands: Moschino, Angel Chen, Chen Peng

Down Jacket

Fabric Concept: Different from the floral print fabrics in the past seasons, the design in A/W 22/23 extracts flowers and abstract patterns from kaleidoscope to form a fantastic dreamland. Ultralight nylon, polyester-polyamide blend, polyamide-cotton blend, recyclable cotton, and rege-nerated polyester are combined with digital printing and eco-friendly printing to send out a fantastic and fun atmosphere.

Recommended Brands: Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant Etoile, KENZO, Dolce & Gabbana, YellowPelota

Down Jacket

Fabric Concept: Retro recyclable fabric is mainly presented by repeated geometric patterns, paisley, Baroque motif, and totem. Ultralight nylon, polyester-polyamide blend, polyamide-cotton blend, recyclable cotton, and regenerated polyester are combined with digital printing and quilting to exude great charm.

Recommended Brands: Etro, Burberry, FENDI, Moncler, Coco Au Lait

Down Jacket

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The Fabric Trend for Song Brocade(Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage)

Fabric Trend

Originating in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and produced in Suzhou, Song brocades, together with Yun brocades of Nanjing and Shu brocades of Sichuan, are known as China’s top three famous brocades. Showing gorgeous colors, delicate patterns, and soft textures, 14th to 19th centuries were the prime time for Song brocades. Influenced by the modernized western industries and wartime in the early 20th century, the techniques of making traditional Song brocades have been nearly vanished. In 1995, a reproduction center for silk and brocade relics was founded in Suzhou, whose in-depth researches and reproductions of traditional crafts and ancient brocades created opportunities for reviving Song brocades. On May 20th, 2006, the technique of producing Song brocades got the approval of the state council listed in the first batch of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage in China.

The History of Song Brocades

Fabric features: Gorgeous colors; delicate patterns; resilient and soft textures; more wash resistant; patterns with strong layers and smooth tactility.

Patterns: Geometric motif is used as frames, filled by flowers, auspicious grass, eight treasures(ancient coins, books, paintings, plucked instruments, chess, etc.) , the eight immortals, and eight auspicious symbols(pots, umbrellas, law wheels, lotus, fishes, sea snails, etc.)

Features of Song Brocades

Pale and sweet colors are used instead of the thick tones and realistic flowers on traditional Song brocades. These freehand florals, branches, and leaves present delicate details and vitality.

Modern Song Brocade Jacquard

Inspired by the windows in traditional Suzhou gardens, shapes are regrouped to from novelty rounded geometry. Diversified arrangements show rhythmic visual effects and exude a strong modernized touch.

Modern Song Brocade Jacquard

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