A/W 22/23 Color Evolution of Fur

women's Fur

The yellow colors of A/W 22/23, especially the natural and vintage Amber Yellow, will bring a warm and safe sense to A/W collections. However, the low-saturation yellow tone of A/W 21/22 chased for the inner healing and peacefulness, and the artistic atmosphere.

women's Fur

As the continuous color of A/W 22/23, green has been evolved to be brighter and more saturated. While the green colors in A/W 21/22 combined wild loneliness with pacifism to chant the natural song of exiled spirits. Although green only occupies a smaller proportion among all the colors, it still increased by 20% year-on-year.

women's Fur

A/W 22/23 khaki better presents the natural gravel texture. Its gentle and plain hue exudes a minimalist and comfortable feeling. The warm and neutral color combination of A/W 21/22 shown the premium comfort.

women's Fur

Brown tone has kept its momentum for the recent three seasons, which reveals the comfort and peacefulness of old times in A/W 22/23. While the brown tone in A/W 21/22 maintained its classic comfortable emotion and practicality, and stressed the natural and casual home environment.

women's Fur

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The Color Trend for Women’s Underwear and Loungewear

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Economic globalization causes ecological crisis, which leads to a new normality. People are redefining the core of life, and searching for consolation from their family and friends or even an item. Therefore, healing and eco-friendly sustainable colors become the key. Saturated eye-catching colors present positive energy and provide contrast with dark hue. The lustre of metallic colors brings luxurious texture to this economic turmoil period.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Gentle pastel tone uses Loden Frost, Pale Banana and Egret to provide sweet feminine temperament with peacefulness. The combination with brown tone presents the understated theme of healing and romantic. Lustrous color is suitable for silk, while gentle color is suitable for lace, gauze and vintage woolen loungewear. Decorative Egret shows the vintage warm appearance and interprets the inner world of women.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Warm and healing Loden Frost connects human and the outer world. Its physical and mental healing function endows vitality, fixes broken hearts, cuts the extra volume and breaks through the dullness. New hope reconstructs consciousness in the cells of the body and prepares for a new beginning.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Delicate lace and silk are selected to interpret this warm and healing Loden Frost. The combination with Cream and Aztec presents classical romance. Straps and bowknots inject feminine temperament into this theme and create a vintage and healing sweet underwear collection.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

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The Apricot Gelato Color Trend for Women’s Knitwear

Women's Knitwear

Apricot Gelato is selected from the theme Sunlit City. The warm and gentle interlace sunlight releases the life and mental space which the urban city is longing for. The urban commuting style is presented through minimalist and New Scandi color tones led by positive psychology and optimistic awareness. The changing density of knitting is the main method to present the interlace light and shade effect on women’s knitwear. The hollow-out textured pattern and transparent silk are used to create the transparent effect. With the help of more fitted silhouette, it can redefine the strong and independent image of modern urban women.

Women's Knitwear

Apricot Gelato is the key of urban commuting style in this season. Designs like fitted tailoring, hollow-out, outerwear underwear can perfectly show the sexual appeal of female. Neat and tight-fit silhouette, leather splicing and metallic accessories increase the power and build more stylish independent urban women.

Women's Knitwear

Apricot Gelato is gentle and inclusive, which is suitable for minimalist and light commercial commuting collections to present the elegance. Details like hollow-out and vent can increase the sexual appeal. The tonal colors like Doe and Egret are the main colors. And the complementary Della Robbia Blue is used to brighten the palette.

Women's Knitwear

Line segmentation is the key point of taking Apricot Gelato as the main color. It is suitable for applying on tight-fit dresses, bottom shirts and short-cut cardigan through tailoring, changing knitted texture and color lump splicing. The simple and powerful linear feeling brings elegance and warm healing sense.

Women's Knitwear

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The Reversed Future Confirmation of Menswear Color Trend

Menswear Color Trend

Reversed Future is one of S/S 2021 theme color trends released by POP in October 2019, presenting a parallel world that never happened. Retro futurism contributes to a palette that merges nostalgia and futurism. Technical Orange Tiger, Digital Multicolor, Bright Violet and Vivid Blue are basics, pairing with Purple Heather, Sharp Green and Lemonade. Anthracite, Star White and Limestone mitigate and add depth, exploring an unknown journey.

Menswear Color Trend

Unveiling mysterious Purple Heather is to travel through the time tunnel. Just as digital waves are free from the constraints of space, Purple Heather takes us to the parallel world of the past and the future. On S/S 2021 menswear catwalks, Purple Heather reinterprets the design language of street menswear with its mysterious and elevated hue.

Menswear Color Trend

Technology changes our era. The high temperature of magneto-caloric effect brings heat as well as Orange Tiger, driving us to explore the future and the unknown. As a bold bright on S/S 2021 catwalks, Orange Tiger injects new energy into street items such as outerwear and knitwear.

Menswear Color Trend

This colorway is inspired by infinite imagination of the virtual world. As a key color of early spring, energetic Orange Tiger meets cold Digital Multicolor. Star White and Anthracite give a real touch, while Vivid Blue enriches the palette. Digital Multicolor adds a lavish futuristic technical feel and displays the retro futuristic aesthetics.

Menswear Color Trend

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Holly Green Color Evolution of Kidswear

Holly Green

Brook Green is a key color for 2020. Fresh and elegant Brook Green highlights the original color of nature, with Lime Punch to lead the far-sighted palette. It perfectly combines future development with nature.

S/S 2020 -- Brook Green Color Inspiration

With the deepened unisex awareness, the fashion industry pursues neutral colors more, especially in the dynamic clothing. Brook Green, as a neutral color, can be combined with white or soft yellow to bring a tranquil feeling. The match of purple with Brook Green is more fashionable and avant-garde.


Tranquil Holly Green continues the natural feel of Brook Green and emphasizes the return of natural colors. It is in line with the people’s desire for nature and the recovery of city in S/S 2021. Thus it becomes the important representative color of S/S 2021.


Green has been popular in retail markets for several seasons. In S/S 2021, natural colors will be more popular. Holly Green is tranquil and low-key, displaying its unique temperament. It may be as influential as Millennial Pink and Snorkel Blue.

holly green

View more details: https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_8007-col_125/

Potter’s Clay Color Trend for Kidswear


For S/S 2020, potter’s clay provides a natural and deep feel, enlivening the S/S palette.

Potter's Clay -- Celebrities' Outfits

With the increasing popularity of folk arts, heritage embroidery and crochet provide inspiration. Potter’s clay creates a romantic garden style.

Romantic Folk -- Potter's Clay

Garden-style woven fabrics are mainly used, and potter’s clay goes through the outfit, styled with dawn white and translucent white. Crochet and folk embroidery update garments.

Romantic Folk -- Color Combinations

Homespun folk embroidery and fringing applied to the top, pants and dress bring a delicate and rustic aesthetic.

Romantic Folk -- Clothing Collocation

Potter’s clay offers a understated, soft, rustic and simple aesthetic. The loose and nonchalant silhouettes work well for children’s daily life.

Comfortable Life -- Potter's Clay

Potter’s clay is paired with pale earthy tones, grey and white. The colorways are bright, natural and comfortable. The loose silhouette add a simple and cosy aesthetic.

Comfortable Life -- Color Combinations

Cosy dressing and layering are emphasized. Simple styles without extra details are appealing. For boys, the crisp outerwear piece in potter’s clay is styled with the simple shirt and lantern pants. For girls, vests and tees can be styled with the simple apricot skirt.

Comfortable Life -- Clothing Collocation

Potter’s clay works better for large blocks. New cuts are clean and neat. Shirts in potter’s clay is eye-catching.

Recommended Style -- Shirts

5 Popular Fashion Color in 2020

In 2020, there are 5 popular color for women in clothing fashion, the one is namely mint green.

mint green.jpg

Purist Blue

Purist Blue.jpg

Cassis Purple


Cantaloupe Orange


Mellow Yellow

mellow yellow.jpg

These colors are both refreshing and advanced, and everyone is worthy of a selection.

Next, let’s take a look at how beautiful the 5 color items are!

Neo-Mint Green

In this year, avocado green can be said to be super-popular, and you can see people wearing green skirts everywhere. In 2020, green is also popular, and the popular is mint green. This is Di Lieba’s private style at the airport a few days ago, wearing a mint green long-sleeved T-shirt, fresh and natural, it is very comfortable. Match with a pair of jeans is super beautiful.

Neo-Mint Green t-shirt.jpg

This mint green color is a quiet feeling of comfort, to wear this color dress will become extraordinarily small and fresh, but this small fresh is super high quality, there is no sense of cheap.

The mint green suit is also super nice, without losing the black sense of calmness,

mint green dress.jpg

but not so dull, without losing the white refreshing feeling, but not so dazzling, without losing the high sense of royal blue, but not so difficult to control, this mint Green is simply putting all the advantages together.

mint green suits.jpg

Purist Blue

The blue of the sky gives people a feeling of freedom, but the clear blue water gives a sense of purity, so the color is like seeing lake that is giving people a clear and comfortable feeling. The light color is not a bit mixed. Color interference.

In the recent temperament queen Ni Ni wore a dress of clear purist blue that is showing her fresh and gentle intellectuality.

purist blue long dress

The purist blue suit is super nice, it doesn’t look very full, it’s more of a clear sense of high quality, and it’s more refreshing with a little white.

purist blue suit

The casual loungewear that were originally at home became super-advanced after meeting the purist blue color, and even more so that the smooth satin fabric was super cool and comfortable, and it was very extravagant. The purist blue gave a clear nature feeling without pollution.

purist blue loungewear.jpg

Cassis Purple

Purple is a very individual color, lavender gives a romantic feeling, and cassis purple also adds a cool handsome, the color is more solemn and advanced, and then the simple skirt will be under this purple embellishment. It is very expensive.

cassis purple coat

Everyone has seen a lot of checkered skirts. There must be very few cassis purples. You will definitely feel that this color should be very old-fashioned, but how do you know if you don’t wear the upper body? Look at this cassis purple plaid dress worn by this blogger is super nice, the color is very unique.

cassis purple check dress.jpg

The cassis purple sweater will become super-advanced that is giving a very personal feelings. It feels a bit like a black magic fairy, and the belly is black and cool.

cassis purple sweater.jpg

Cantaloupe Orange

The above colors are relatively cool, and cantaloupe orange is one of the warmer colors, giving a sense of vitality, but it doesn’t look very frivolous at all, and it is super-advanced.

Look at this cantaloupe orange dress to give a comfortable feeling, you will fall in love with it.

Cantaloupe Orange dress.jpg

Many people will think that the colorful pants will be very cheesy. Look at this cantaloupe orange pants. Although it is gorgeous but not irritating, it is impossible to make it tacky. You can put a beige dress on it. Color matching is not difficult.

orange pants.jpg

In some accessories, you can also make some cantaloupe orange embellishments. If you are wearing a more monotonous and deep clothes, you can use this color bag to make the embellishment, it will make the whole body match more energetic, and the match will be more a sense of fashion.

Cantaloupe Orange bag.jpg

Mellow Yellow

The blend of yellow and gold colors is hard to imagine, and it will definitely look cheesy. This year’s fashion color has the color of mellow yellow, and I don’t want to look good again that is giving people a kind of extravagance. Very energetic feeling, see if this dress is very heart-warming.

Mellow Yellow dress.jpg

When the shirt touches the mellow yellow, it will become very different. The high-level feelings come to the surface. It is not tacky and old-fashioned. It is a pair of beautiful jeans and adds a touch of refreshing feelings.

mellow yellow shirt.jpg

The mellow yellow suit is also super-advanced, full of extravagance, but such a suit is still difficult to control, or try this color to other everyday clothes and skirts, how can it not look very much cheap.

mellow yellow suit.jpg

Do you fall in love with this “5” fashion color in 2020? Which one do you like the most, and quickly get a piece of fashion color, let’s take a step together!


Purple Heather Color Evolution of Women’s Fur

fashion trend color

With the rising of young consumers, bright colors are getting more popular. The slightly neutral pink purple is refined. The purple tones for A/W 19/20 are inclined to be youthful and sweet. Winsome orchid feels sweet, romantic and feminine, adding a soft quality.

Winsome Orchid fashion color

Winsome orchid is used on fur coats in a large scale. It is often matched with achromatic colors or red and brown to deliver a warm mood. Textures can soften or warm up colors. Tonal jacquard patterns add interest.

purple color fashion style

The palette of A/W 20/21 shows the coexisting of reality and the digital field. LiFi provides a much faster and safer way for data transmission. Technology is more friendly, which implies the change from delicate color to technical bright colors. Refreshing pastel colors are more saturated with color blue tones and a bit of magenta。


Purples change from warm red pink tones to cold blue tones. Purple Heather containing a bit of grey is more adaptable for seasonal continuity. It is ideal for collaboration items.

purple color style

Purple heather for A/W 20/21 is mostly seen on cropped leather jackets, parkas and fur coats. Olive green or bright red orange tones can be matched with purple heather to show a youthful street feel. The pale pastels can make a contrast of lightness and darkness.

purple color coat.jpg

Tonal items are mainly matched with garments in purple heather. Metallic pastels can be paired with light gold. Basic style are key here. Color piecing or mini structures underline Gen Z’s offbeat qualities.

purple coat collocation

The new minimalism replaces maximalism. Silhouettes and colors are calmer, more unisex and conceptual. Pared-back silhouettes work best for cropped coats in purple heather. Wider shoulders, mini structured sleeves and half-hippie accessories accentuate a relaxed and stylish look.

fashion trend purple style.jpg