The Color Trend for Women’s Digital and Energetic Underwear and Loungewear

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Consumers’ pursuit of novelty drives the development of enhanced natural colors. Enhanced natural colors consist of strongly digital organic colors, vigorous and optimistic. Dynamic and positive brights upgrade familiar styles and details. Unique hot hues can transform basic shapes, prints, fabrics and embroideries. This report will deeply interpret strongly digital positive brights.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Festival Fuchsia is a key color for S/S 2022. Its supernatural feature and mood-boosting quality make it ideal for both the real world and digital world. Festival Fuchsia, Grape Wine and Bright Cobalt inject vitality into embroidery. Handicrafts create print and dye effects, fit for embroidered intimates, sleepwear and loungewear, or holiday series.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Pink evolves to be saturated rose red and mixes with a blueish tinge in S/S 2022. Festival Fuchsia will sweep all seasons with its saturated quality sense, ideal for both offline and online. In this society full of challenges, bold pink will show its strong appeal to new optimists and bring positive energy and vitality. It has been popular in the young market.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Festival Fuchsia is statement-making and independent. Handcrafted embroideries soften this color, with fine straps and lace for sexy bright collections which are put in display area to attract young consumers.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

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Key Items of Women’s Tranquil and Comfortable Loungewear


In S/S 2021, as the boundary between work and life becomes more and more blurred, loungewear also becomes more exquisite. Soft touch, natural blends and sustainable organic fibers are the focus of the design. Natural blended fabrics are adopted to innovate loungewear and to ensure breathability and sustainability of the design. Natural patterns are used to enhance the attraction of jams. Soft cotton design of resort style is used to renew the night dress. Colors and printing set the keynote for bathrobes. The simple appearance and comfortable silhouette are combined with modern clothing, which is the key of core market and fashion market in loungewear.

Overview of Inspirations

Under the background of the continuous development of environmentally-friendly consumption, more and more consumers choose to work at home, so they need convenient loungwear which is also fit for going out. Natural and harmless fabric is adopted. Soft, draping, simple and practical elements are mostly used. Exquisite neutral colors enhance the quality sense of loungewear. And low-key patterns renew the soft and elastic style.


The kimono silhouette is adopted to create the minimalist style. The keynote is set through colors, printing, silhouette and fabric. Blended fabric of linen and cotton is used to create bathrobe with natural patterns. And the fabric with various patterns is also a good choice to create bold styles of traditional Japanese style.

Bathrobe with an Overlapped Collar

The voluminous dress is quite statement-making in street wear and designer brands. Cotton fabric is used to create the simple voluminous A-line. The simple drawstring is used to heighten the voluminous feel. This item is fit for both indoors and outdoors. The minimalist appearance emphasizes details of sleeves and shoulder strap of the resort style.


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The Secret Land Full of Florals Pattern Trend for Women’s Loungewear


As consumers spend more and more time at home, they spend more and more money on loungewear. Online shopping drives consumers to have a higher demand for patterns. This season pattern is inspired by catwalks. Bold plant and floral patterns are used to create loose loungewear and bring a bold visual impact. Exquisite and dainty prints are used to bring a sweet and fresh style. Retro series is extracted from the past years to attract consumers who pay attention to environment protection.


Retro florals rise in Fendi and Dior, leading the return of the 1960s and adding a playful feel to cosy loungewear. These fashionable retro florals are added to loungewear to meet consumers’ demand for multifunctional products, fit for both bedroom and the beach.

Retro Florals

Mini size is used to create classic patterns or ditsies, bringing a subtly abstract, fresh and retro feel to print. This kind of mini prints is easy for consumers to accept and wear.


Eye-catching cartoon style is replaced by the soft hand-drawn prints and illustration-style plant patterns, with sweet slogans to add a playful feel. This kind of pattern is quite ideal for loungewear.

Recommended Patterns

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19/20 A/W Women’s Sports Suit Loungewear


As people pay more attention to the sport, sports suit become more and more sophisticated. The decorative letters, stripes and color-blocking bring freshness.

Sports Suit

The lettered edging is applied to the hood, pocket ,lower hem, side seam and trouser legs, creating various look.

Sport Suit with Lettered Edging

The loose silhouette in pastel shade creates a feminine elegant look.

Color-blocking Sports Suit

The colorful rib on collar and sleeves enlivens the sport suit and creates a more lively look.

Sports Suit with Colorful Rib

The design of multiple straps create a casual yet sharp look, as seen on Ambush, SJYP and BOSS, while the necklace-like strap is original, referring Kith’s design. Chest and back are key positions.

Sport Suit with Straps

The lace-up design on the shoulder, chest and back can perfectly complement the figure and makes the item more stylish.

Lace-up Sports Suit

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