Chinese Fashion Brands Dazzled Us At S/S 19 New York Fashion Week

Chinese Fashion Style

Laoganma sweatshirt? Yunnan Baiyao hoodie? Chinese fashion brands materialized them in the NYFW China Day. There were chic sweatshirts, sport jackets and leisure tracksuits. The fashion brands played with traditional patterns and collaborated with time-honored Chinese brands.

Tmall Style

No.1 Tmall

Tmall’s “New China Fashion Era” partnered with China Pop-up Market at Opening Ceremony.

Angel Chen Fashion Clothing Designer

No.2 Angel Chen

This season, Angel Chen takes inspiration from Mistress Ching, a pirate during the Qing Dynasty. The collection incorporates traditional Chinese references and sea cultures, tapping into a pirate spirit.

Vivo Style

No.3 vivo

Vivo joined force with Angel Chen for a creative show. The technical elements of Vivo X23 were infused into the S/S 19 collection, bringing a visual feast.


Fluorescent Green

Green Fashion Clothing Style

Inspired by the light sensitive aesthetic of Vivo X23, fluorescent green appears on fashion clothes to reflect a rebellious style.

Purple Color Clothing Style

Purple is an auspicious color in China. Patterns against purple bases. The dark graphics mimic Chinese landscape paintings or tattoos of pirates.


Traditional Style

Laoganma Fashion Clothing Style

The famous fashion retailer Opening Ceremony partnered with Tmall for a China Day pop-up store. From Summer Palace, Shanghai VIVE, Yunnan Baiyao to Onecup, the time-honored Chinese brands shone out in New York.


Chinese Drogan Style for Coat

Chinese dragons and corsairs are decorated on garments in the form of treasure map. Dragons are dancing, colorful and brilliant.

Meghan, Nicky and Selena Wore the Same Oscar De La Renta Resort 2019 Printed Dress

Meghan, Nicky and Selena‘ Prints Dresses
Meghan, Nicky and Selena’s Prints Dresses

Female celebrities occasionally wear the same dress. At 2019 S/S New York Fashion Week, Nicky Hilton, a international socialite, happened to wear the same dress as Meghan Markle’s and Selena Gomez’s.

Nicky’s Oscar De La Renta Prints Dress

The same dress they wore is a Resort 2019 printed dress, which belongs to Oscar De La Renta. Although the styles are different, they are from the same collection and have distinctive features.

Nicky Hilton’s Resort Dress

Yesterday Nicky Hilton was present at 2019 S/S New York Fashion Week. With that resort dress, she looked more elegant. Nicky has two children, but that almost doesn’t affect her body shape. Slender body shape in a printed dress conveys freshness. With a handbag and a pair of white high heels, resort style shows elegance and freshness.

Selena Gomez wore the same resort dress
Selena Gomez wore the same resort dress

In June, Selena Gomez wore the same resort dress at the “Hotel Transylvania 3” premiere. The separate top and skirt set has the high waist design. With the perfect matching of a clutch bag and shoes, the overall style is eye-catching.

Princess Megan’s Loose Dress with Blue-white Porcelain Printing

In June, Princess Megan and Prince Henry joined the wedding of Princess Diana’s niece. She wore the loose dress with blue-white porcelain printing, which also belongs to Oscar De La Renta. In addition, a white hat and symbolic hairpin were worn to match the dress.

Oscar De La Renta’s Model With That Blue-white Porcelain Printing Dress

Just taking a glance at the model with that dress on, we can assume that this dress is not for everyone. A slim body looks a little draggy, while a fat one appears a bit swollen.

If one item is often in the sight of people, that certainly proves it is too attractive. Those three celebrities shows three different kinds of style. Which one do you prefer?