2021 The Comprehensive Insight of Fashion Consumption Trend in China Part ONE

fashion trend

To the fashion industry, 2021 is a year with both challenges and new opportunities. During the process of digitalization and intellectualization, the coronavirus epidemic actually becomes the catalyst of industry revolution which speeds up the development of trend. Consumers’ behaviour has changed, and their requirements are continuously updating. And the unprecedent changes rapidly become the new normality. In 2021, digital consumption will keep dominating and growing. And we should grasp this key opportunity to help enterprises to have insight into requirement changes and to strengthen their relationship with consumers.

fashion trend

In the past few years, China’s rapidly growing economic strength, consumption culture and population structure is leading to the eastward gravity of global fashion industry. China has been the first country to hit the plateau in this post-epidemic era, consumers are keeping desensitizing to the epidemic fluctuation. And the whole consumption trend and confidence index start to get better in the third quarter. The expense of Chinese consumers is continuously rising, and because of the expansion of middle class, China still has a large contribution space to the fashion industry.

fashion trend

Embrace Gen Z

Along with the quietly changing global population structure, the young Gen Z has been the focused crowd in this new era. Every aspect of the society is keeping up with the growth of Gen Z, so the commercial opportunities are emerging around these young people. As being aborigines of the digital networks, the life styles of Gen Z cause qualitative changes because of the technological revolution. They have a more independent character, pay more attention to their life experiences and own better understanding of searching for the best value and service. There are 260 million of Gen Z in China. Although half of them are students, their contribution to fashion consumption is in a yearly 3.5%-4.5% growth for the better family economic foundation.

fashion trend


Based on the era background of digital marketing, we need to take advantage of the social and sharing Gen Z to create a trend, and let the public follow this trend. The cultural circle of hobbies and their pursuit of diversity and individuality can be the cutting point of design. Those entry luxury niche brands, which have stories, craftsmanship, texture and also recognition, might be their future consumption trend.

fashion trend

Focus on Sustainability

The coronavirus epidemic improves consumers’ consciousness of health, environment and social responsibility. More and more consumers would have moral anxiety after the consumption, they are afraid of causing negative effect to the environment and society, then their guilty and shame would emerge. According to the samples of R.I.S.E sustainable fashion lab this year, including 2251 consumers and 20 brands, 84% of consumers have a high cognition of environmental sustainability, and 90% of these high-cognitive people express that the producers of fashion industry should make the environmental influence public during the producing process, and they are willing to learn the contribution which fashion industry has made in social responsibility.

fashion trend


The expansion of sustainable market needs the mutual support and promotion between consumers and producers. On one hand, we need to guide consumers to pay for the sustainability. And on the other hand, innovative designs can increase and popularize sustainable products. Besides, improving the recycling rate is the main direction of new commercial mode, and also the key direction of brands, designers and enterprises. Brands all over the world have launched their eco-friendly series products, such as the H&M Conscious Exclusive series, and Reclothing Bank’s “Basic” series, “Ready To Wear” series and “Haute Couture” series.

fashion trend

New Luxury Generation

The global luxury market is damaged by the epidemic in 2020. However, China has been the first to revive, about a 20%-30% growth in 2020. And China will soon occupy half of the global volume in luxury consumption. The younger consuming trend is obvious in the current stage, about 90% of consumers are likely to accept local luxuries, and the new luxury generation among 18-35 years old will contribute a 69% improvement in the coming future. With the all-over penetration of mobile internet, Chinese users are experiencing changes among information channels, content carrying mode and shopping locations. The whole channels of luxuries have been initially emerged.

fashion trend


The epidemic rebuilt users’ shopping habit in a rising trend. Since offline consumption is the main channel of luxury brands, they need to speed up their cooperation with online retailers and social medias. The combined online and offline marketing can create an immersive artistic interaction, and the application of films and pop-up stores can lively spread the brand value and break the border. The localized design better fits the younger consumers. Dior Men 2021 Autumn Series held the first online show in Beijing. Kim Jones and Kenny Scharf perfectly integrated graffiti Chinese elements into this season’s new products.

fashion trend

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Anta Chao Nest shoes were unveiled in Xintiandi, Shanghai on December 6, 2020. As a leading brand in the China sporting goods industry, Anta continues to innovate, and for the first time teamed up with internationally renowned footwear designer SALEHE BEMBURY to create a new topic of symbiosis with sports vitality and nature-Anta nest shoes. Nest shoes run through the city life inspired by nature. The pioneering concept encourages young people to embrace nature, gain new inspiration and life force outdoors, and lead the innovative urban outdoor trend. Anta has created a pair of world-class influential nest shoe, bringing innovative co-branding and trendy products belonging to young people, and injecting continuous innovation vitality into the brand.

fsahion shoes

Pioneer concept inspired by nature to activate the vitality of the city

SALEHE BEMBURY personally designed this joint series. When talking about the design inspiration of Anta nest shoes, the designer said that he accidentally captured a photo of a bird breaking its shell in the nest. This momentary action and color inspired his creative inspiration. The “nest” structure deservedly became the main design of this product, and it has attracted attention on social platforms at home and abroad before the official release. What’s more worth mentioning is that the “nest” structure, as the finishing touch of this product design, not only achieves its unique visual appearance, but also brings a nest-level stable wearing experience.

fashion shoes

“Nest” structure is the finishing touch to the design of Anta’s nest shoes

Outdoor sports and hiking are highly respected lifestyles by SALEHE BEMBURY. In this co-brand cooperation, Anta uses “Nature is nest” as its creative highlight, directly hitting the points of contemporary urban consumers and awakening their inner desire for nature. Anta takes this as an opportunity to explore the proposition of the balance and integration of the city and nature-urban life is hustle and bustle. Nature can inspire unlimited inspiration and vitality. Starting from this moment, starting from nature, we will implement the sports spirit in all aspects of urban life and lead the innovative urban outdoor trend.

fashion shoes

Anta Nest Shoes Portuguese Leaf Green Color Inspired by Nature

In addition to conceptual innovation, Anta also incorporates natural elements into technology. The one-piece knitted mesh fabric is soft and fits like the surrounding nature. With the ANTA NEST nest-shaped stable structure and non-slip rubber outsole, the structure is nest-level stable and nest-level comfortable performance. As the designer said, “The strength of the branch itself is very weak, but the moment it is woven and condensed into a nest, it gains infinite power.” Nest shoes not only have a natural and flexible design, but also wrapped comfortably in 360-degree. It can also be worn at outdoor scenes. The nest shoelace gives consumers not only the desire for nature, but also allows consumers to wear nature under their feet, no longer confined to the narrow space between steel and concrete.

white shoes

One-piece knitted mesh fabric and non-slip rubber outsole constitute nest-level comfort performance

Bright design sweeps the world, leading a new sporty style

With the successive exposure of ANTA and SALEHE BEMBURY cooperation shoes, the natural color scheme and avant-garde design style have aroused the attention and expectations of the whole network. After reported by well-known trend media at home and abroad, such as HYPEBEAST, ULSUM and NOWRE, the attention and praise continued to soar.

fashion shoes(Netflex popular drama actress Diane Guerrero uses Monroe pink nest shoes to create an urban outdoor look)

Nest shoes are also very popular among celebrities and KOLs, such as American actress and writer Diane Guerrero, the Streetwear Model & IG Goddess Adrianne ho, etc, all have used the sports fashion styles created by nest shoes to share their own matching experience.

Nest shoes creative setting

Embrace young consumer groups to create industry-leading products

The Nest shoes presented by ANTA and SALEHE BEMBURY this time are an update of young people’s urban life based on natural outdoor inspiration. It is an all-round improvement of natural concepts. The design inspiration comes from the bird’s nest in nature, and ANTA and SALEHE BEMBURY use the return of Natural design concepts and unique nest-shaped design to create a new trend for sports brands. It shows the balance between man and nature, city and nature. The new generation of young consumers not only pay attention to the functionality of products, but also pay attention to the output of brand values, and pursue individual expression and spiritual resonance. And this time Anta attacked with the concept of experiencing nature in the city, advocating the new trend of urban outdoor, which is bound to bring new surprises to young people.

The advent of Nest Shoes greatly empowers Anta’s brand power and product power, and strengthens consumers’ recognition of the Anta brand. As an indispensable backbone in the sports circle, Anta has always been committed to embracing young people, injecting vitality into the brand through continuous innovation, and creating innovative co-brand projects and trendy products for young people.

fashion shoes
fashion trend

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VOGUE BUSINESS IN CHINA first released the New Fashion Capital Index Report

Condé Nast China’s fashion industry media Vogue Business in China released the 2020 “New Fashion Capital Index Report” on November 21. The report provides practitioners with a reference for the ranking of China’s new generation fashion city index through the professional perspective of the fashion industry. This report firstly authoritative released this year, and a release summit was held in Chengdu.

Chinese fashion

The report aims to redefine the “fashion power” of Chinese cities from a new perspective, depicting the fashion landscape of China’s new generation of cities except Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and provide a strong reference for industry practitioners to formulate future business development strategies.

Chinese fashion

This must-read “New Fashion Capital Index Report” was developed by Vogue Business in China and the world-renowned consulting firm EY-Parthenon. Through months of polishing the dimension setting and data calculation method, according to ” The five first-level dimensions of “fashion consumption strength”, “fashion business potential”, “fashion cultural charm”, “fashion innovation talents” and “fashion development ability” are important dimensions to conduct in-depth desk research and data analysis* for Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing etc. (Twelve Chinese cities including Changsha, Xiamen, Tianjin, Qingdao, and Dalian).. In the end, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Chongqing’s composite index ranked top three in 2020. The report will be updated and released every year, continuously optimizing the index system and algorithm, and strive to become an authoritative report on urban research in the fashion industry.

Bao Yimin, the editorial director of Vogue Business in China, said: “In the past ten years, most fashion brands have captured the four major consumer cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen’. In order to get ready for the next step of expansion, you must truly understand China as a vast, densely populated, culturally diverse and complex market. Therefore, Vogue Business in China focuses this report on cities other than Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen’ to help brands understand the next echelon better, cities that also have strong consumption power and fashion potential.”

Chinese fashion
Chinese fashion
Chinese fashion
Chinese fashion

The 2020 “New Fashion Capital Index Report” launch summit is one of the most important events for Vogue Business in China in the past one year since it entered China. The event was held in the memory of the eastern suburbs of Chenghua District, Chengdu. The summit was hosted by Mr. Bao Yimin, the editorial director of Vogue Business in China, and discussed with industry experts, business and cultural leaders how the city can achieve new breakthroughs and usher in important development opportunities for the fashion industry. The event also deeply explored the diverse charms of Chengdu as the number one city in this report index, and what it is worth learning from.

Chinese fashion

The rules and difficulty of the game in the Chinese market are quietly changing. It is unrealistic for any brand or company to wish to maintain the status quo to maintain development. We believe that the changes in the Chinese fashion market in the next 10 years will be completely different from the situation in the previous 10 years, which also means that practitioners must have a new mindset, vision, pattern and strategic thinking to deepen the Chinese market.

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The Analysis of Womenswear Fast Fashion Benchmark Brands

Fashion Benchmark Brands

This report focuses on ZARA, H&M and Urban Revivo. This season collaborative IP patterns frequently appear. Urban leisure style becomes the main style in early autumn. Breathable cotton and linen as well as natural silk remain key fabrics. The dress is the most popular item. Shirring still holds a large share.

Fashion Benchmark Brands

1. Zara selects Mica Arganaraz for its A/W advertising campaign. 2. The collaboration collection of H&M and Giuliva Heritage is on sale on 3 September. Its minimalist style resembles Jil Sander. 3. H&M joins hands with Justin Bieber for a street collection. 4. H&M teams up with Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour for a co-branded series. Liu Wen leads the summer styling.

Fashion Benchmark Brands

Dresses, trousers and tops hold the highest percentage. Outerwear shows an obvious growth, followed by skirts and vests. Cartoon images, daily casual items and blazers dominate. As for silhouettes, casual loose shapes are main. Wide-shoulder design is employed. Vests and other tops also increase.

Fashion Benchmark Brands

Giuliva Heritage is founded in 2017 by a couple, Gerardo Cavaliere and Margherita Cardelli. Margherita always borrows clothes from her husband’s wardrobe, and later they reinterprets womenswear with menswear outlines. The brand is famous for its neutral and modern lines, as well as nonchalant yet tasteful items.

Fashion Benchmark Brands

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Fast fashion enters into the slow crossover period

fast fashion clothing

Breaking, renunciation, and separation seem to have once again been integrated into part of today’s life. After experiencing various turbulent situations, facing the still unstable future, people are constantly making choices to clarify the most precious and important things to them.

“The complex to the simple” in fashion industry is a response to this consumer behavior trends. Among them, cheap fast fashion brands in particular should be aware of the changes, otherwise, they are very likely to become the first batch of stragglers and be eliminated out of the market. Uniqlo and H&M are the first brands to take action.

After nearly a decade, minimalist fashion designer Jil Sander once again cooperates with Uniqlo to launch the +J series in this fall. It is revealed by the Officials that this cooperation will continue the low-key and simple style, and focus on high-end uniform design. In 2009, the two reached their first cooperation, and then ended the cooperation in 2011. In the FW 2014 and SS 2015, Uniqlo re-enacted the classic items in the +J series, which receive a positive response from the market.

During its selection on new partners, H&M also made a similar choice. Its collaboration series with Italian fashion brand Giuliva Heritage will be officially launched on September 3rd. The latter was founded by Margherita Cardelli and Gerardo Cavaliere in 2017. It is known for its traditional hand-cut formal wear and classic design aesthetics. As part of the H&M Conscious series, its related cooperative products will be manufactured with recyclable materials and recycled fibers.

H&M and Giuliva Heritage's collaboration series design

H&M and Giuliva Heritage’s collaboration series design

Fast fashion brands used to have been favored by young consumer groups with relatively low purchasing ability as affordable replacements to catwalks styles. These consumers often want to keep in line with the ever-changing trends at lower prices, and put the requirements for product quality in the second place. Fast-fashion brands based on this audience usually tend to team up with trendy brands or hot IPs, pursuing the HIT effect, and the frequency of product series update is also high.

Now, everything is rewritten. When people is experiencing economy depression and looking around at a loss, the “lipstick effect” is also hardly working. More people starts to pursue durable every day wear. Although price is still important, they are no longer willing to exchange low prices for the easily outdated “trend”. “In my opinion, matching items have become an important part of current fashion,” said Yumi Shin, chief buyer of department store Bergdorf Goodman, “and jackets and blazers are coming back.”

This is why Uniqlo chose to restart the cooperation with Jil Sander at this moment. A series of measures such as social distancing, working from home and employment layback have made the usual business workplaces rare and special. After increasing investment in sportswear and homewear, people don’t have much room for work clothes in the closet. They need more high-quality, classic-designed and affordable suits and uniforms.

fast fashion clothing
Uniqlo and Jil Sander’s 2011 spring and summer series are designed in collaboration

Giuliva Heritage, which was established later and is relatively less well-known, has clearly respected the traditional Italian tailoring craftsmanship from the beginning. Therefore, the two founders were first surprised when they received the invitation to cooperate with H&M. “We are the opposite of the fast fashion industry,” Cardelli told the British version of Vogue. “But in the final analysis, we are still working towards the same goal.”

The price of Giuliva Heritage’s products is not cheap, a dress is priced at 1,500 euros, and the price of a windbreaker jacket is close to 3,000 euros. However, the brand provides consumers with a “lifetime warranty” service, no matter how long it is bought, people can repair clothing in the brand’s studio in Rome. When designing the collaborative series for H&M, the couple always used recycled materials and fibers to achieve their commitment to sustainable development.

As the severe epidemic in March this year, the global economic recession approaches, the fashion industry is experiencing a minimalist recovery, and consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainable development issues. “Open the Future”-the core concept proposed by Jil Sander and Uniqlo for the first time after the financial crisis in 2008 is also applicable today.

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IBL YEUNG 2020 Autumn/Winter Collection Advanced Luxury Fashion Show

The fashion show is focused on two themes, “Autumn and Winter Collections” and “Leisure Fashion Collections”, which create the collision between fashion trends and sportswear and cargo trends. The show demonstrates the determination of “IBL YEUNG” to pursue diversified and unique artistic styles. At the same time, Catherine Yeung is also a very thoughtful designer. That’s why her designs look amazing. Black and white are more fashionable, with a tribute to cargo trend, blending with modern fashion and traditional British style, attracting people from different fashion fields. In addition to cargo trend, elegant blue also frequently appeared in the series. The fabrics with good hand-feeling and unique embroidery instantly attracted the attention of the audience and fully reflected the intelligibility of fashion!


As the second haute couture fashion conference of “IBL YEUNG”, it not only attracted the attention of many fashion professionals in the industry, but also invited many entertainment celebrities including Renjun Wang, Lunshuo Zhang, and Yidi Hou to help out. In the more than one-hour fashion show, in order to let audiences  deepening the experiences of design concepts and fashion elements of IBL YEUNG, hundreds of pigeons were placed in the show. Moreover, the models who are elegant and handsome were walking from the audience which fully demonstrated the true interpretation of “IBL YEUNG” that is “share with each other and express freely”.


The founder of “IBL YEUNG” brand, Chinese American Catherine Yeung, graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. Catherine Yeung has never forgotten the memory of living in London as a child. The bustling London contains full of atmosphere of royal luxury and elegance. Also, London is a city that has strong artistic atmosphere which endows her works a colorful and beautiful tone, while Western historical connotation and unique art Style has also become a luxurious embellishment in her design. More importantly, Catherine Yeung pays more attention to the connotation of human nature, hoping to tell everyone through her design, “how to be the truest self”, while there is nothing wrong to show the fragility of oneself . With “IBL YEUNG” clothing fabrics, whether skirts that have large area of bright and pure color or suits that blend capable and colorful contradictions, the works show a blend of modern fashion sense and traditional British style. Also the designers combine retro and modern, gorgeous and practical, and fully indicate the intelligibility of fashion!


The truth is that “IBL YEUNG” has always been a free brand that refuses to be defined and labeled. Also, they do not set tags or definitions for their customers. Only those customers who can truly recognize the IBL YEUNG brand philosophy and have independent views and unique talents have opportunities to enjoy the perfect service from IBL YEUNG. They can provide advanced fashionistas with aristocratic haute couture experience, and they can also provide fashionable trendy clothing for young people.


“IBL YEUNG” believes that fashion is a responsibility that express one’s attitude and convey the art of love and beauty. Due to this fashion responsibility, ”IBL YEUNG” decided to hold the “2020 Autumn/Winter Collections Advanced Fashion Show” in Shanghai-the fashion capital of China-in order to deliver the knowledge of fashion, love and beauty.

“IBL YEUNG” believes that the Chinese market is young and dynamic. The young people here have independent thoughts and spirits, advocating freedom, paying attention to fashion, and pursuing advanced fashion art. Therefore, IBL YEUNG believes that it will be warmly welcomed in China.


Since entering the Chinese market last year, with its noble atmosphere and free fashion style, IBL YEUNG rapidly entered the hearts of many people with a unique style. Many celebrities have become loyal fans of “IBL YEUNG” and are welcomed by fashionistas. In just one year, “IBL YEUNG” has opened its second and third brand concept stores.


“IBL YEUNG” hopes that every brand concept store has its unique and special artistic style. They will launch more brand concept stores in the future, hoping to build IBL YEUNG into a fashion landmark, a base for trendy people to gather and sharing art fashion and life style.

Flag-patterned clothing made the world’s premiere on ANTA TMall Super Brand Day to create a fashion feast

On July 27th, ANTA launched the first Tmall Super Brand Day. During this event, ANTA 2022 Winter Olympics official licensed product flag series sportswear was released. This event ANTA leveraged the influence of Tmall’s first marketing IP on the entire network. The digital empowerment of new products has brought more new choices to consumers, and also allowed ANTA Tmall Super Brand Day to get a satisfactory performance. Data shows that during this event, ANTA’s one day sales surged by 1777% year-on-year, setting a record for the highest single-day sales except Double Eleven, and ranking among the TOP2 in the industry.

The ANTA Tmall Super Brand Day not only brought a fashion feast for consumers , but also marked that ANTA and Tmall have joined hands to cooperate further, setting a new model for the electronic and digital development of the apparel industry.

A number of stars attend to support the fashion show

As a global leader in sportswear from China, ANTA has always adhered to the concept of “Keep Moving”, which coincides with Tmall’s never-ending exploration in the field of e-commerce. The press conference jointly organized by the two parties is based on the theme of ” The Circle of life “. ANTA 2022 Winter Olympics official licensed product flag series sportswear conference was held. Zhang Jike, Zou Shiming, Fan Zhiyi and Lang were invited to the event. The celebrities from the cultural and sports world such as Lang, Guan Xiaotong, Jin Dachuan came to join the show with nearly 70 Chinese supermodels, bringing consumers an audio and visual feast, it was a party that blends fashion, art and clothing.

The whole press conference was exciting and shining with stars. From the opening of the live performance by pianist Lang Lang, to the opening show by ANTA Sports’ global spokesperson Guan Xiaotong wearing ANTA’s new sportswear, to other stars and supermodels and super large-scale drone starry performances to help out this conference. The climax is non- stopped, and the belief in the “unending movement” has become more popular.

Join forces to create a new brand story, support the world premiere of national flag clothing product line

As we all know, China has won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. As the official sponsor of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, ANTA received exclusive authorization for the first time in 2020 to sell national flag-related footwear and clothing products. It is also the first time that China has opened up the right to sell clothing with national flag patterns. For ANTA, the launch of the “national flag sportswear” is more of a strong output at the brand level. This time, in cooperation with Tmall Super Brand Day, its related national flag clothing products will be launched on July 27th. The global debut of the brand day on the day reflects that while ANTA continues to enrich its brand stories, it also give us hopes to use the Tmall platform to allow users to generate more brand perceptions and write a new chapter of the brand story to more consumers.

On the same day, Li Jiaqi, the NO.1 live broadcaster, not only visited the conference site in person, but also opened an ANTA national flag uniforms special session in the live broadcast room. He also shared ANTA’s importance with popular sports stars Zhang Jike and Guan Xiaotong in the live broadcast room as soon as possible conference finished. They showed the support to ANTA new product and promote the the national flag clothing products released by ANTA together.

The Trendy gameplay enhances user enthusiasm, online channels upgrade the consumer experience

In the early stage of this conference event, two parties started a joint warm-up promotion. ANTA and Tmall Super Brand Day jointly launched a new gameplay of “Alibaba Zoo cheering for the Olympics”. Dozens of IP animals with their own fan base all incarnately become the Olympic mascots, attracting countless eyes with their own special skills, and successfully earned enough attention.

At the same time, Tmall has also cleverly integrated the “See Now Buy Now” show sale model, which is the most popular fashion brand in recent years, with this event, allowing consumers to enjoy the consumption process while invisibly deepening their understanding of the brand. Cognition. The two parties have achieved remarkable results in terms of sales volume, customer acquisition and brand enhancement.

As an outstanding representative of professional sports brands, core value of ANTA’s product has a strong appeal in the sportswear market. At the brand improvement stage, it will expand the market through updated channels and use marketing methods that are closer to consumers to increase interaction, build the brand image to a new level. The excellent results achieved in this cooperation with Tmall Super Brand Day are the best proof.

Introduction to Tmall Super Brand Day:

Tmall Super Brand Day is Tmall’s most influential brand marketing super IP. It is good at integrating the ecological power of the entire network to create its own Double Eleven festival and provide the world’s top brands with a stage of ultimate innovation.

In the past five years, it now become the biggest carnival for brands and their consumers to communicate. Tmall big data strengthen the brand’s digital marketing capabilities, form a deep link with consumers, through a concentrated event, a super day full of rituals, bring a double explosion in volume and sales, and reach each with unprecedented energy. It connect users and catalyze super brands to bring new consumer a new consumers experiences.

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The Chinese International Import Expo Fair trading service platform re-launched to empower China’s fashion industry


On the occasion of the 3rd Import Expo, dozens of reporters from Oriental News Channel visited the “‘6 Days + 365 Days’ International Fashion and Creative Exhibition and Trade Center” yesterday to learn more about its service function and development role as the trading service platform of the CIIE, China International Import Expo.

pop fashion

The report pointed out that, as the only platform to serve the fashion industry among the 18 “6 Days + 365 Days” trading service platforms, “International Fashion Creative Showcase & Trade Center” has integrated its four collaborative fashion industry service platforms of “POP Trend, ULB, Design Infinity, and Sichuang Education”, and introduced overseas quality design power to empower Chinese fashion at the third edition of the fair.

This is not only within our reach, but also our responsibility.

Since the official inauguration of the Expo’s “‘6 Days + 365 Days’ International Fashion Creative Exhibition and Trade Center” in Qingpu District, Shanghai on November 6, 2019. The Expo’s Macau Pavilion were also invited to attend and link up with the exhibition and trade center’s “Design Infinity” fashion industry service platform.


In the Yangtze River Delta fashion industry cluster to conduct a series of traveling exchange and docking activities, in order to bring into play the global fashion products of the Fair trade active momentum and spillover effect, enhance industrial resources docking, industrial cooperation and exchange, and promote the role of multi-local fashion industry linkage and synergistic development.


With the strategic opportunity of the 3rd Fair and the Yangtze River Delta, “International Fashion Creative Exhibition and Trade Center” still lives up to its mission, linking high-quality global and overseas resources, serving the Yangtze River Delta and the innovative development of the fashion industry based on Qingpu, and will not forget its original intention to focus on serving design and originality, and always be a professional service platform to promote the upgrade and transformation of the fashion industry.

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III VIVINIKO The Benchmark Brand of Women’s Knitwear


Founded in 2006, III VIVINIKO has always taken “simple freshness” as the design concept. It advocates using the most minimalist technique to interpret freshness. With the theme of My City My Holiday, its S/S 2020 collection conveys a life attitude of keeping pace with the times through the relationship between color, pattern and silhouette, and advocates urban women in the city to enjoy a free and comfortable lifestyle like during holiday.

Women's Knitwear

III VIVINIKO S/S 2020 collection brings the auk, shell and waves in the south China Sea into urban life. The jacquard, print and cross-stitch of flying birds depict fun pictures, with the coast map and big florals to echo the theme and bring a strong resort style.


French ditsies pattern is the main element in this collection. Romantic florals break the plainness of solid knitwear. Dotted line jacquard and letter embroidery enrich the layered sense, bring strong vitality of spring, and create a relaxing holiday vibe for urban women.


The knitwear dress of III VIVINIKO is soft and elastic. Orderly stitches make the item well-fitting and comfortable. Cutout on the shoulder, layered ruffles and transparent yarns are quite important, adding a soft feeling. Natural transfer stitches and smooth lines make the item strongly feminine.

Tight Dresses

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Skirt with pocket design looks very charming

Where should I put my hands when standing? It will be difficult to speak in specific situations or in photographs for girls. The placement of the hands will map out a person’s temperament. Where should they be placed? ! Let’s take a look at the unique design of these clothes! I hope you will like it.

Look1. Fashion perfect temperament

fashion style

The first, an orange-yellow dress with a golden skirt, and a pair of gray high-top boots on the feet. The whole looks gives people a very warm feeling. The second, one-shoulder black skirt with a pair of black shoes, the position of the hand is just right, neither embarrassing nor personal style.

black short style

One strapless short dress with a pair of black stiletto heels who gives sexy looks. At the same time, with a long black straight hair, with two golden chain decorations, a warm smile, it looks very pleasing. The slender waist, hands in pockets who is full of temperament and looks very cute.

sexy v neck long dress

A pure black deep V-neck blouse with a water-wool-type garment material that fully reveals its perfect figure. To wear a pair of black high heels, the front heightening design makes the whole person look even taller. This looks very tall and sexy, and you can learn to take it casually.

one shoulder fashion white dress

Let’s take a look at the makeup process, a red lips with a perfect look that looks perfect and temperament. The silver eye shadow also echoes the silver tight skirt on the body and also plays a finishing touch. A long blond hair makes the whole person look very mature and perfect.

Look2. Sexy Cute Wind Style

red and white skirt

An off-the-shoulder burgundy top with a small fabric design on both sides, so that the two shoulders and sexy clavicle are revealed. The simple one makes the whole dress particularly energetic. And this dress is really refreshing and eye-catching. The delicate makeup is also very sexy. It makes people look very moving.

sexy strapless long dress

Such a lotus leaf satin warm color long skirt with a combination of gray and white strips of color, coupled with a delicate long hair and high heels that makes the whole person look very noble and perfect. A long skirt is draped over the body, which looks very personal, pure and noble.

long white dress

Looking at the whole face on the front, did you shock you? White is a pure color, and it can be used to make a good shape, so that the whole person is pure. With a pair of brown high heels, it is very high. At the same time, with a gray coat, the design of the makeup that is giving people a feeling of good looks.

logn red and black dress

The double shoulders long skirt with a slim waist design and a perfect one-shoulder design, she is perfectly reveals her arms and matches a ball head. At the same time, the lower body is paired with a pair of small high-heeled shoes, even if the height is not enough, the height can also be used to steal the mirror, which is liked by people. And the long skirt just covered the crotch line and completely covered up the defects of his lower body.

Look3. Noble and Perfect Wind

long dress with small prints pattern

The white print and the golden color match the overall brilliance, the short hair of a shawl, and the traditional elements, it is very three-dimensional. The good shape not only shows the charm of the skirt, but also shows the graceful figure, healthy and mental state full and eye-catching. She is revealing sexy and charming in the pure temperament.

one fashion style

In this fashion style, this green jacket with silver small delicate earrings, plus a delicate makeup, she looks very simple but not simple, a grandma’s gray hair, charming big sunglasses plus one exquisite makeup is paired with a silver skirt and looks like a wheat complexion. It is very capable and charming.

red style

This quaint dress with red elements is paired with a long blond hair. It looks very simple and a housewife temperament. Plus the exquisite makeup, it is really beautiful, do you want it? Simple atmosphere, with a pair of golden high heels below, it seems that the whole person is very tall. For some small skirts like this, I don’t know what you think?