The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Business Puffa Jackets


In recent years, puffa jackets become an trendy item. The quilted puffa jacket is a hot item for business wear with its changeable quilting. Classic style is paired with featured quilting to further drive business wear to be more casual through diversified design details. Collarless lining, lapels and half-splicing will be new silhouette trends for lightweight puffas in A/W 20/21.

men's jacket

Collarless lining is favored by major brands with its practicality and unique beauty. REMI RELIEF styles the collarless design with the stand-up collar jacket, enriching the details. Designers of NEMEN and ur Legacy add details to the basic silhouette, perfectly combining puffas with fashion. The lining puffa jacket will inclline in next season. more details make the business feel more relaxing and diversified.

Collarless Lining

The shirt-style puffa jacket can be worn over items or worn as an inner. Turn-down collar is meticulous and exquisite. Quilting breaks the conventional silhouette and brings a 3D crinkled new look. Burberry adds two pockets to the shirt to be practical, and applies black corduroy to the collar, making the puffa not too inflated and the collar more comfortable. The shirt-style puffa with a turn-down collar will tend to be fashion leisure and versatile practical in A/W 20/21.

Shirt-style Puffa Jackets

As the business wear gets more and more casual, lapel becomes the design material for puffa jackets. Puffa jackets with lapels add a casual feel and warmth to the neatness through changing fabrics and stuffing. The change of quilting and double lapels are eye-catching. It is a new trend to bring puffa jackets to the fashion circle.

Puffa Jackets with Lapels

Puffa jackets with a ribbed collar add double-collar design, splicing and quilting to the classic silhouette, versatile, wind-proof and warm. Balenciaga uses seamless quilting to create all-over logo and enrich the visual impact. In A/W 20/21, puffa jackets with a ribbed collar will appear with the classic silhouette and textured details, and display the design philosophy of recreating the classic.

Puffa Jackets with a Ribbed Collar

Givenchy, Maison Margiela and Burberry create styles splicing puffa jackets with overcoats, making the puffa warm and diversified. In addition to woolen, the puffa can be spiced with jackets, denim and knitted fabrics. Bold splicing is eye-catching and surprising.

Half-spliced Puffa Jackets

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The New Gentlemanism Polo Shirt Silhouette Trends for Menswear

polo shirt

The polo shirt will be the key item of 2021 S/S. The polo shirt is not only the professional clothing of tennis and polo any more. After the style released by Polo Ralph Lauren is popular to become the teiban, sales volume of the polo shirt is higher because of its simple lines, well-fitting silhouette and the combination with sportif style. The attention is the polo shirt made in knit fabric will attract new consumers due to its breathable and moisture-wicking feature.


The polo shirt is renewed by different shapes of diagonal plackets and buckles, splicing different fabrics like denim and shirts, and different collars. The simple shirt is leisure and exquisite.

The Creative Neckline Polo Shirt

The zipper, as the new neckline of polo shirt, accentuates the simplicity of polo shirt and reduces the cost of the placket production.

The Zipper Placket Polo Shirt

Pockets in different parts have different proportions in the shirt. Various bright colors make it brand-new. Preppy style is the key tone of leisure fashion in this season.

The Decorative Pocket Polo Shirt

As the popularity of the sportif top, the sweatshirt inspired fashionable polo shirt style much. The color-blocking collar and sportif loose cutting inject modern youth energy into the item.

The Sweatshirt Polo Shirt

The fine-gauge polo shirt of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Marni and Bosie is softer and more comfortable. The plain shirt is simply decorated by bright-colored cross stripes to create the leisure preppy style.

The Knit Polo Shirt

The original summer style is the main look in 2021 S/S. The polo shirt has some new elements like the repetitive cutout pattern, the loose silhouette and aiming at youngsters’ market.

The Cutout Polo Shirt in Summer


The Craft Trend for Men’s Extremely Functional Outdoor Sports


The pressure in urban life causes people to escape to another world. Just take your clothes and bag, which are enough. For outdoor sports, the functional qualities of outdoor and commuting garments are underlined to ensure diversity. Craft details are underscored. Functional elements work best to expand sporty items.

fashion men's style

In line with the thematic trend of Landscape Protection, the distressed designs resurge. Washes and sand wash create a variety of colors. Dyeing and printing help create the variegated and distressed effect.

Variegated and Distressed fashion menswear

The protective quality is crucial for the outdoor sporty items. The hood drawstring is protective and provides extra warmth.

The Hood Drawstring fashion menswear

The heightened and tightened designs, buckles, layered fabrics and all-in-one shape are functional and decorative, working better in the youth market.

The Lower Jaw Protective Tab fashion menswear

The pressed film at the all-in-one zippers and the zipper cap can enhance the waterproof quality. Tonal or contrasting colors add a fashionable and functional twist.

fashion menswear

Chest pockets from tunics provide must-have elements to the outdoor apparel. The positions of pockets can be adjusted according to different occasions. There are two kinds – patch pocket and insert pocket. Inner pockets can also be applied to provide extra convenience.

Chest Pockets fashion menswear

A layer of bright bias-cut woven fabric or PVC on the seams can offer the waterproof quality and a bold contrasting visual.

Details at the Seams fashion menswear

Taping works best for extreme conditions. This technique is mainly used for splicing on apparel to create the flawless and functional look.

Taping fashion menswear

The all-in-one designs consisting of the jacket and backpack are seen at The North Face, Meanswhile and Undercover. The yoke at the back, tapes, buckles and two-layer zipper add the adjusting function.



Fashion T-Shirt of Spring Summer 2020 Silhouette Trend for Menswear


Men’s T-shirts continue the street style for S/S 2020, and incorporate new influences such as functional patch pockets, Chinese characters and plaster sculptures. The most important point is that the whole presents a vintage and technical trend. The classic mock-layer T-shirts make a comeback.

fashion men's t-shirt

The functional style gains pace. Patch pockets, buckles and straps are widely used on short-sleeved crew neck T-shirts.

Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt -- Functional Patch Pockets

Chinese characters start to emerge with Chinese brands attending four fashion weeks.

Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt -- Chinese Characters

Classic plaster sculptures are reworked on men’s T-shirts through creative approaches.

Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt -- Plaster Sculptures

Fashion webbing brings a street feel to short-sleeved hooded T-shirts.

fashion trend t-shirt style

Mock-layer T-shirts and letter prints are combined to show a vintage feel.

Long-Sleeved Mock-Layer T-Shirt -- Letter Print


How Do Young People Become City Travelers?


Common Gender is a new contemporary menswear brand affiliated to EPO. Basic items are key, and all other styles are designed on the basis of basic pieces. A stable development mode has been formed through the updating of designs, cut, materials and silhouettes. The A/W 2019 collection Transmetro of Common Gender inspired by contemporary moving traces and urban life put the dynamic lifestyle on the catwalk in Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal.

fashion style

Unlike ordinary catwalks, that catwalk was special. Models walked in groups to form a confusing situation. The same model in the same outfit walked for many times to express the repetitive commuting scene. Singers, models and guests were invited.

Live atmosphere.jpg

Utility is key for commuting garments. Windproof coats, puffa jackets, multi-pocket vests and other functional details can be stylish and practical.

fashion Catwalk Looks

“See Now Buy Now” has started in the official website. T-shirts, shirts, bags and hats seen on the catwalk have been for sale.


All accessories are for commuting: bicycles, shopping bags, vegetable bags, sweat bands, water bottles, delivery packages and earphones. Nike and Specialized sponsored this show.

clothing details.jpg

Garments made of classic leather, synthetic lambswool, weather-proof fabrics and quality cotton, puffa jackets and windproof coats are practical and stylish.

fashion details.jpg


EDI.Z LINGFENG’s 19/20 Autumn Winter Collection Series



EDI.Z LINGFENG’s A/W 19/20 collection, with the theme of Junction, is inspired by DESTINY which tells about strange story where humans and evil spirits live together. Designers apply strange colors and structures to express mutual trust and love in real life.

EDI.Z LINGFENG's inspiration.jpg


EDI.Z LINGFENG is a British menswear brand founded in 2017. The conflicts in daily life and subcultures supply inspiration to EDI.Z LINGFENG. The collection features the conflicts between different cultures, and aesthetic balance is the principle.


Letter Decorations

Supersize letters are striking visually. Letters echo the imaginable space and present a conflicted and strange aesthetic.

Letter Decorations

Material Reform

Splicing of different materials is favored by designers. Glossy coated fabrics are the most popular. Candy colors are refreshing and rebellious.


Reinvent Space

This time, EDI.Z LINGFENG invited Greater Dog Spatial Research Lab. Red Hu and Jin Xin of the lab helped design this show. The inspiration came from Huang Quan Guo Du meaning the place for the dead.

Reinvent Space

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19/20 Autumn Winter Confirmation of Color Trend for Menswear

Color Trend for Menswear

“In the future, when you are born, AI will know you, read all your emails, hear all the voice records and know your favorite moive…” Yuval Noah Harari, Israeli writer of A Brief History of Tomorrow, expressed his vision for the future world. The things depicted in the book have gradually come true. The oncoming 5G will enhance the exchange of humans and technology- Internet will step into the era of internetting everything.

Fashion Prediction

Key Color — Dark Chrome Red
Dark chrome red is indispensable for this theme. Vintage dark red tone with metal luster is unique, and becomes the best color for future and vintage styles. At 19/20 A/W catwalks, leather and other bright materials are utilized to present deep chrome red.

Dark Chrome Red Styles

Key Color — Chip Blue
Chip blue is suitable for showing the futuristic and technological style, which could also add a high-class feel to garments.

blue fashion style

Color Proportion 1
The main color is bright yellow. Olive green and silver are complementary tones. Yellow tones are sporty, while silver is fashionable.

yellow fashion styles

Color Proportion 2
Xenon blue is the main tone. Paradise bird orange and blue grey are futuristic technological. Rare xenon blue is refreshing, and the bright orange tones are ideal matches.

Paradise bird orange and blue grey styles

Color Proportion 3
Grey green is the main tone in winter. Combined with chip blue and deep chrome red, it looks uniquely functional. The decoration of silver and deep blue is colorful.

Grey green Fashion Styles

Color Proportion 4
Deep blue, as the main color, feels calm with olive green and grey green. Paradise orange is vital.

Deep blue and green fashion style

Recommended Brands
A-Cold-Wall and C2H4 Los Angeles are both unique designer brands. The main designing points are function, sports and future looks.

designer brands fashion styles

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