The Analysis of RIPNDIP The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

RIPNDIP comes from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., founded by the skater Ryan O’Connor in 2009. Thus, its brand name RIP stands for skate a spot, N for and, and DIP for leave before the cops come, completely presenting its rebellious and humorous spirit. Its middle-finger cat Lord Nermal is deeply loved by the entertainment and fashion industry.

Menswear Designer Brand

You may know nothing about RIPNDIP. But its representative IP, Lord Nermal, must be in a corner somewhere of your memory. Created by the New York illustrator Jayme Lemperle, this aggressive middle-finger cat caught the eyes of fashionistas and medias in no time.

Menswear Designer Brand

With the popularity of tie-dye in recent years, RIPNDIP also applies different kinds of tie-dye in each season to express the brand culture and cool street style. The combination with letter and iconic IP makes the clothes more individualized.

Menswear Designer Brand

Splicing is the must-have design technique of fashion brands. Contrastive colors are spliced to present intensive yet harmonious visual impact and the direct street culture.

Menswear Designer Brand

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The Blend Fabric Trend for Men’s and Women’s Knitwear

Women's Knitwear

Consumers’ promotion and practice of slow and easy lifestyle make people feel that delicate urban clothes provide restraint. Finding a balanced point between urban fashion and relaxed leisure clothes therefore has become the main pursuit. Blend knit fabric is combined with minimalist modern aesthetic to refresh the fashion leisure items. It also endows delicacy based on the comfort. Flexible lifestyle allows comfortable and fashion feel to be the main point of blend knit fabric. Refined rib, thermal napping knit, mineral-textured fancy yarn and faded plain knit will be the main fabric trend for A/W 22/23.

Women's Knitwear

Different from the cotton rib and chemical fiber rib in the past seasons, bio-polyester-amine, recycled polyester and spandex are added into recycled cotton fiber to present lustre. Naia fiber can also be used to show the shiny effect. Two-color rib and double rib are applied on structure to provide the refined solidness. Its good elasticity is comfortable and delicate.

Women's Knitwear

Refined rib fabric mainly selects organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled cellulose fiber blended with recycled or bio-based polyester and spandex to create exquisite rib, presenting elegant delicacy. The combination with loose or fitted tailoring is suitable for A/W 22/23 men’s and women’s knit T-shirt, sweatshirt and trousers.

Women's Knitwear

The increasing outdoor time leads to the demand for protective thermal knit. Skin-friendly napping yarn is selected, and its fluffy effect provides comfortable wrapped texture. Blended loop velvet made by recycled GRS wool, RMS mohair, GOTS leather yarn and paper yarn presents the look of mesh teddy velvet and coarse fleece.

Women's Knitwear

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The Analysis of HAMCUS The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

HAMCUS released its first S/S collection in Paris in 2017 and got good feedback. HAMCUS has spread its beauty-appreciation, and its iconic brand style is known as the wasteland functional style in China. S/S 2021 collection follows the constant universe concept and presents the futuristic Sci-fi functional style of clothing.

Menswear Designer Brand

3D pocket, insert pocket and zipped pocket on back part all increase the functionality of clothes.

Menswear Designer Brand

Zippers allow clothes to have detachable and air-permeable functions, and also increases the charming structural design. The futuristic and personalized clothing well fits the brand’s world view.

Menswear Designer Brand

Water-washed denim fabric has gentle color tone, which is suitable for whole body styling with details and newness. Air-permeable back design, large decorative pocket, detachable shoulder and splicing all provide denim with features.

Menswear Designer Brand

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

Influenced by this special epidemic, the futuristic commuting style rises. How to satisfy the dressing requirements of commuters when they come back to the office soon after the stayhome has stimulated some independent designers. Delicate futuristic commuting clothes make the traditional office wear modern, playful and practical. And it is also the creative design according to the features of contemporary commuters.

Menswear Designer Brand

Millennials and Gen Z will occupy over 60% in the workplace in 2021. The diverse mixed group of Digital Natives with social responsibility and ambition become our search objects. According to the data, there will be 9.09 million college graduates in 2021, which is the highest number in the history. They are a generation of personality, not bound by the conventional working mode. They are more concerned about flexible working hours and changing workplaces in order to obtain a sense of happiness in life.

Menswear Designer Brand

With the changes of global workplace and the existence of mobile office technique, commuters get rid of the traditional working system and the fixed workplace. Corona virus completely changes the conventional officing mode, and promotes the application of remote working. Diverse workplaces lead to the redefinition of the balance between life and work. Therefore, eco-friendly and healthy officing products are more popular among commuters.

Menswear Designer Brand

The S/S 2021 collection of Staffonly is also its tenth season. Designers, Une Yea and Zhou Shimo focus on the reform and possibility of office space. Taking Staff as the character of this season, the brand tries to explore the huge but obscure group of salaried people. Staff pays attention to and deconstructs the most daily scenery, office, to provide a dressing guide for the flexible officing. We can not only find the fixed elements of office, but also the prints and details of vacation. These elements weave the Workation image of Staffonly and balance the comfortable dressing experience and functionality.

Menswear Designer Brand

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Spliced Materials of The Craft Trend for Menswear


Every season, designers will splice different fabrics with novel designs to bring different visual effects and hand feelings. Compared with spliced structures, A/W 20/21 pays more attention to fabrics. Retro and luxurious velvet and corduroy make a contrast with sportswear fabrics or knitted fabrics. Fleece will be expressed by new fabrics. Splicing different materials adopts a wider range of fabrics, like denim, suede, wool and woven shirts.

Trend for Menswear

With the return of the retro style, rough corduroy and shining velvet come back. They are spliced with other materials to weaken the retro feel. CROQUIS and Z Zegna splice materials like knitted sweatshirt fabric or water-proof sportswear fabric on plackets and sleeves to bring a luxurious touch and vision.

Corduroy and Velvet

Splicing denim with check shirt brings a visual illusion. E.Tautz splices denim and cotton to add denim strips to the clothing, bringing a stripe-like effect. Greg Lauren deconstructs the splicing of different materials, and MINEDENIM splices casual trousers with denim waistband, quite statement-making.

Spliced Denim

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Denim Trend for Menswear and Womenswear

1Denim Trend

With the return of Bohemian style, the lifestyle of pursuing freedom and close to nature is becoming more and more popular, bringing an eternal holiday for S/S 2021. Eternal Holiday brings lots of prints and fresh gorgeous color match, reinterpreting holiday looks of denim items. Denim fabric creates an exotic folk vibe for holiday denim through natural dyestuff and hand-sewn details. Modern tropical prints and blurred patterns are quite novel.

denim trend

In the quick-paced modern life, people begin to pursue the comfortable slow fashion and yearn for the natural resort style, which represents the fashion is returning to nature. Inspired by exotic resorts and midsummer energy, Eternal Holiday brings lots of prints and color match, reinterpreting daily looks of denim and creating new summer looks.


Bright and exotic spice tones revive. This color match erodes Eternal Holiday, and its pleasing vibe evokes the hot feeling of holiday. Colored denim replaces pastel colors, breaking the dullness of blue denim and presenting gorgeous holiday looks.

Kermes Colored Denim

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The Comprehensive Silhouette Trend for Menswear


In 2020, the sudden outbreak of the NCP has brought a new challenge to human beings and brought great changes to people’s lifestyle and life attitude. And designers are also inspired by that. After the outbreak, people need an item that combines trendy elements with functional protection. The functional protective style is integrated into practicality and functional aesthetics, redefining the functional menswear market. It is so popular with young consumers with its unique style that it becomes a hot design direction for menswear after the outbreak.


The hot functional waistcoat becomes more trendy. Multiple pockets and a well-fitting silhouette are added, with spliced materials or rich functional elements to bring a structure sense and practicality and appeal to young consumers.


Compared with the functional vest, simple functional round collar sweatshirts with pockets become the hot choice. The loose silhouette is still the core. Simple pockets become an emerging clothing collocation, and will definitely become an important design direction after the plague. Pocket is the design focus and the important accessory. Oversized 3D pockets and flap enhance the functional feel. Drawstring and placement print make the item more functional and good-looking. The design parts are changeable, reinterpreting the new look of sweatshirts.

The Round Collar Sweatshirt with Pockets

The functional jacket combines outdoor elements and becomes protective. The functional fabric is rain-proof, wind-proof, anti-tear, durable, and convenient. The hooded jacket can display a functional feel. Lots of protective zippers, slant pockets and taped details make the item more practical and functional.


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The Comprehensive Analysis of Men’s Classics and Innovation Jackets at Trunk Shows

Men's Jackets

The A/W 20/21 menswear trunk shows add creative designs to jackets. Baseball jackets, workwear jackets and fleece jackets are still popular. Simple design is dominant, with some details and decorative patterns to be more exquisite and fashionable. The denim jacket appears in a brand-new look, and will become a mainstream trend in A/W 20/21. Pattern design is necessary for each season. Dynamic colors and abstract designs make the style more statement-making and avant-garde. The outbreak will also drive the protective and functional jacket to be a new trend.

fashion trend jackets

The baseball jacket appears in many brands for A/W 20/21. Style change, diversified fabrics and decorative patterns polish the style. The bead on the chest and embroidered letters make the style more exquisite and lively. Plackets design and hemline change also add highlights. Stella McCartney creates a turn-down collar baseball jacket, and the unique neckline adds fun.

Slight Fashion Baseball Jackets

Flowers, birds, insects, beasts and natural landscape are common elements of the brand. Abstract patterns make the style more avant-garde and fashionable. Marcelo Burlon County of Milan uses brand-new illusive thermal pulse print to make the style more sci-fi and futuristic.

Jackets with Fashionable Prints

The new camouflage gets abstract, digitized and naturalized. The pattern change is more modern, with simple bright decorations to extend individuality. Valentino uses the eye-catching florescent green and virtual pink as decorations to make the style chic and individual.

Transformed Camouflage fashion style

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The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Business Puffa Jackets


In recent years, puffa jackets become an trendy item. The quilted puffa jacket is a hot item for business wear with its changeable quilting. Classic style is paired with featured quilting to further drive business wear to be more casual through diversified design details. Collarless lining, lapels and half-splicing will be new silhouette trends for lightweight puffas in A/W 20/21.

men's jacket

Collarless lining is favored by major brands with its practicality and unique beauty. REMI RELIEF styles the collarless design with the stand-up collar jacket, enriching the details. Designers of NEMEN and ur Legacy add details to the basic silhouette, perfectly combining puffas with fashion. The lining puffa jacket will inclline in next season. more details make the business feel more relaxing and diversified.

Collarless Lining

The shirt-style puffa jacket can be worn over items or worn as an inner. Turn-down collar is meticulous and exquisite. Quilting breaks the conventional silhouette and brings a 3D crinkled new look. Burberry adds two pockets to the shirt to be practical, and applies black corduroy to the collar, making the puffa not too inflated and the collar more comfortable. The shirt-style puffa with a turn-down collar will tend to be fashion leisure and versatile practical in A/W 20/21.

Shirt-style Puffa Jackets

As the business wear gets more and more casual, lapel becomes the design material for puffa jackets. Puffa jackets with lapels add a casual feel and warmth to the neatness through changing fabrics and stuffing. The change of quilting and double lapels are eye-catching. It is a new trend to bring puffa jackets to the fashion circle.

Puffa Jackets with Lapels

Puffa jackets with a ribbed collar add double-collar design, splicing and quilting to the classic silhouette, versatile, wind-proof and warm. Balenciaga uses seamless quilting to create all-over logo and enrich the visual impact. In A/W 20/21, puffa jackets with a ribbed collar will appear with the classic silhouette and textured details, and display the design philosophy of recreating the classic.

Puffa Jackets with a Ribbed Collar

Givenchy, Maison Margiela and Burberry create styles splicing puffa jackets with overcoats, making the puffa warm and diversified. In addition to woolen, the puffa can be spiced with jackets, denim and knitted fabrics. Bold splicing is eye-catching and surprising.

Half-spliced Puffa Jackets

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The New Gentlemanism Polo Shirt Silhouette Trends for Menswear

polo shirt

The polo shirt will be the key item of 2021 S/S. The polo shirt is not only the professional clothing of tennis and polo any more. After the style released by Polo Ralph Lauren is popular to become the teiban, sales volume of the polo shirt is higher because of its simple lines, well-fitting silhouette and the combination with sportif style. The attention is the polo shirt made in knit fabric will attract new consumers due to its breathable and moisture-wicking feature.


The polo shirt is renewed by different shapes of diagonal plackets and buckles, splicing different fabrics like denim and shirts, and different collars. The simple shirt is leisure and exquisite.

The Creative Neckline Polo Shirt

The zipper, as the new neckline of polo shirt, accentuates the simplicity of polo shirt and reduces the cost of the placket production.

The Zipper Placket Polo Shirt

Pockets in different parts have different proportions in the shirt. Various bright colors make it brand-new. Preppy style is the key tone of leisure fashion in this season.

The Decorative Pocket Polo Shirt

As the popularity of the sportif top, the sweatshirt inspired fashionable polo shirt style much. The color-blocking collar and sportif loose cutting inject modern youth energy into the item.

The Sweatshirt Polo Shirt

The fine-gauge polo shirt of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Marni and Bosie is softer and more comfortable. The plain shirt is simply decorated by bright-colored cross stripes to create the leisure preppy style.

The Knit Polo Shirt

The original summer style is the main look in 2021 S/S. The polo shirt has some new elements like the repetitive cutout pattern, the loose silhouette and aiming at youngsters’ market.

The Cutout Polo Shirt in Summer