The Craft Trend for Kids’ Knitwear

Kids' Knitwear

As an important category of A/W, knitwear features detail crafts. Asymmetric patchwork underlines individualized design; rainbow stripes echo the colorful world of kids; tassels strengthen the sense of elegancy. Ruffle, 3D crochet, pastel gradient, heavy-gauged cable and heterogeneous splicing are also the important expressions of knitwear.

Kids' Knitwear

Irregularly divided style and mismatch color blocking show the sense of asymmetry and create a more stylish visual effect. Irregular color blocking of knitwear enriches the whole picture. Color-blocking jacquard and asymmetric structural division provide more newness.

Kids' Knitwear

Lively and bright colors suit the naive and innocent kidswear the most. The rainbow stripes on knitwear inject a more joyous visual vibe. Placement and all-over horizontal stripes and vertical stripes all use dazzling and bright colors to provide people with healing warmth.

Kids' Knitwear

Dip dyeing and tone-on-tone splicing create the gradient effect of pastel colors. Fresh and graceful pastel colors make the A/W knitwear charming and eye-catching. Mohair and velvety styles are more suitable for such effect. The hazy visual feeling not only weakens the silhouette and also upgrades the comfort.

Kids' Knitwear

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Unlimited Fashion of Brand MANAN


Founded in 2011, MANAN’s style is dark street. The main tones are black and white. Cuts, materials and techniques are offbeat and novel. MANAN employs new ideas to create unconventional garments.

fashion children's style

The mock-layer style adds interest to A/W. Different kinds of necklines and sleeves are combined randomly. Color blocking adds depth to the tees and sweatshirts.

The Mock-Layer Style

The exaggerated batwing sleeve is eye-catching this season. A variety of spliced details enrich the sweatshirts and coats. Lettered tapes and exaggerated letter print are extraordinarily bold.

The Broad Batwing Sleeve

The sporty preppy style emerges this season, being the key direction for most brands. The classic three stripes and color clocking add vibrancy.

Sporty and Preppy children's style

The half-and-half spliced long-line sweatshirt, exaggerated kangaroo pocket, weatherproof fabric, lettered tapes and text print add an offbeat twist.

fashion details children's style

The smooth and warm mink fur stands out. The knitted vest and dress is combined, and the back split is unique. The exaggerated and bold jacquard letters are statement-making.


In addition to the practical jacket, the British long cardigan is a new item. The exaggerated Chinese embroidery makes a statement.

The Coat

Pants have an important position for MANAN. The outdoor workwear pants and leisure sporty trousers are key for A/W 19/20. The dimensional multi-functional pockets, adjustable tapes and stylish camo all add interest.

The Statement Pant