The Detail Craft Trend for Women’s Concave-convex Texture Fur and Leather

Women's Fur and Leather

With contemporary consumers’ rising beauty-appreciation of individuality and fashion, the craft details are also developing and updating, and the requirement of design sense is also getting higher. The concave-convex texture craft design is often used on clothing fabrics, such as shearing, slitting, quilting, applique and relief. It enriches the visual effect and satisfies the detail requirements, also provides more collocations.

Women's Fur and Leather

The cut pattern craft on polar fleece, shearing, pure woolen and artificial cashmere is the key trend for A/W 21/22. This noteworthy craft meets the consumption direction of contemporary young consumers.

Women's Fur and Leather

Slitting craft is a relatively popular craft form for fur and leather. And V-line and slant slitting are more attractive. The application of slitting can be combined with leather and knitted fabrics to reduce the material and cut the weight.

Women's Fur and Leather

Quilting is still an essential craft for A/W 21/22. It can not only fix the liner stuff and also bring textured patterns to the leather surface. The simple diamond pattern of quilting is extended to many fancy patterns in this season. The smiley quilting of Moschino provides visual texture and brings healing feeling in the post-epidemic era.

Women's Fur and Leather

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The Key Craft Details Trend for Women’s Leather and Fur


As consumers pursue the improvement of life quality, delicacy and elegance become important. Sustainable fashion drives the exploration of exquisite and durable details to be a mainstream. Traditional handicrafts become an important form of clothing details. Delicacy and craftsmanship return back, and weaving will mix with femininity to create fashionable items.

Women's Leather and Fur

In addition to press-pleating, dense or sparse pleating, or the direction of cutting creates 3D textures, enhances the visual impact, and brings the aesthetics of crafts.

Pleating style

In A/W 21/22, quilted fabrics of puffa jackets get thinner, which is a key trend. With the upgrade of materials, statement-making quilting detail shows unique charm. Irregular artistic stitches echo the orderly geometric cutting, with mixed materials and color-blocking for a new visual feel.

Fun Quilting style

Fringe is a common way to add details, making the simple style more casual. And fringes get thinner and thinner, which is an evident trend and guides the direction of women’s leather and fur.

Casual Fringes

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The New Interpretation of Conventional Workwear Silhouette Trend for Women’s Leather

Women's Leather

First seen in the mid-18th century as protective clothing for work, workwear is made of durable fabrics with pockets designed to hold tools. With the development of times and the change of working environment, the workwear fabric has become lighter and thinner, and other styles like shirt outerwear have also appeared one after another. Workwear is equipped with a strong neutral style and simple looks. It is dedicated to utility and less decorations, which conforms with current trend of the minimalism and comfortable life. It is versatile and suitable for various occasions.

women's leather style

Hunting jackets mainly have four pockets to highlight the utility. Modern designs endow the hunting jacket with more possibilities through adding more chic elements while retaining multiple pockets and belt. In S/S 2021, geometric and cut are used as a guideline to emphasize the detachable structure, the flap and spliced materials, displaying a soft and tough image. It is retro but integrates the classic silhouette with modern aesthetics. The textured leather brings an avant-garde feel.

Retro Hunting Jackets

The denim jacket reminds of the gold rush of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. At that time, American workwear is loose, practical, rough and tough, showing a free and unruly attitude. The denim jacket is meticulous and casual. The street style can be tried to interpret elegance. Or the cropped silhouette is used to highlight the fun and lightness. Or soft splicing and subtle topstitch can be combined together to attract avant-garde consumers.

Classic Denim Jackets

Influenced by the workwear style and fashion function, outdoor clothing begins to apply workwear pockets, functional pockets and functional decorative shoulder strap. Spliced materials display diversified design techniques. Under the principle of subtraction, outdoor clothing pays more attention to unity. It chooses the same fabric or fabric in similar colors to create stacked pockets, 3D pockets and detachable patch pockets, creating wearable styles.

Functional Outerwear with Multiple Pockets

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The Comprehensive Catwalk Analysis of Women’s Delicacy and Utility Leather

Women's Leather

In catwalks of S/S 2020, natural keynote and digital style are influencing colors of women’s leather and fur. In terms of middle tones and neutral colors, retro earth tones and green tones inspired by environmental protection and outdoor theme are outstanding. Black dominant in leather is added to create a rich and calm dark color palette which makes a contrast with fresh and bright colors.

Key Colors

Earth colors are versatile and enduring. In S/S 2020, earth colors come back to nature, and conform to the trend of delicacy and comfort. The S/S 2020 leather series of Fendi, Tod’s, and Ermanno Scervino all explore the exquisite charm of neutral colors in warm tones. Earth tones are suitable for well-fitting and loose voluminous silhouette.

Key Color Tones- Earth Tones

Blue tones of S/S 2020 express human’s understanding of nature, enhance the simple silhouette, and add a dramatic sense to strongly glossy and solid leather fabrics. The bright and dynamic princess blue of Rochas becomes popular. The flowing gloss of Sportmax brings a sheen of universe to clothing, and displays female power in a calm way.

Key Color Tones- Blue Tones

Green becomes one of the important colors of S/S 2020 leather. It is born with an outdoor sense. The tonal match of Givenchy is reflected by different materials. Givenchy has exquisite and ingenious decorations, new expressing way and the clam and restrained color tones. Neutral tones with different brightness form various color combinations of Lacoste. Soft sea bubble green and calm storm green are added to make a contrast in comfortable and functional fabric, showing the urban sporty sense.

Key Color Tones- Green Tones

Motorcycle jacket is simple but classic. Cool rivets, unique and exaggerated design and classic pocket cover lead the cool street fashion.

Street Fashion Brands

Sporty leather clothing declines a little in S/S 2020. But its loose style brings a casual and comfortable sense. Color blocks and strings in placement add vitality, and bring a cool and chipper feeling.

The Athleisure Style

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The Craft Trend for Men’s Leather and Fur(Business and Leisure)

ANAREPORT_5d68eb569e272_2378In recent years, business, leisure and sports were mixed. Comfort, functionality and sustainable fabrics are paid more attention to. Refined crafts and details play a key role.


Spliced fragments add a vibrant and humorous feel to the simple and slick business menswear. Different colors and textures add interest.

Spliced Fragments

Different edges make a contrast with the body fabrics, underlining the silhouettes. Delicate leather and edge dressing in different colors show a simple and clean effect. What’s more, fringes, acrylic coatings, woven strings and stitch add newness.

Different Edges

Drawstrings and tapes, important decorative elements in smart and leisure garments, can adjust volume and add diversity. Etro’s crossed straps are novel. Craig Green adds straps at the neckline.

The Sporty Drawstrings and Tapes

With the popularity of workwear, practical pockets and workwear silhouettes are key. In this season, workwear pockets are more refined. The flat pockets and diverse collaging are good options for elite business men.

The Combo of Flat Pockets

Different materials at the closure and neckline bring a postmodern delicate feel, and they also create a two-layer effect to show a smart and leisure style. Feng Chen Wang’s two-layer closure half covers the workwear pocket.

The Two-Layer Design

Natural materials and traditional crafts stand out. Woven structures and exotic animal skins bring special appearances. Sporty mesh and fluid sheen are futuristic. The minimalist silhouette and rich handfeels add a luxe twist.

Special Textures


The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Leather Clothing Street Snaps


Street snaps are like the record of a mobile fashion show. People who are photographed may be models, fashion bloggers or just passersby. However, their distinctive clothes reflect their extraordinary dressing tastes and become an important inspiration source of colors and collocations for designers. In terms of leather and fur industry, 2019 pre-fall Instagram bloggers prefer leisure fashion style. The entire look has bright colors and high saturation. The key items are the suit, the workwear outerwear and the trench coat. They pay attention to the subtle change of silhouette and superior leather texture. So the entirety is casual, comfortable, simple and exquisite.

fashion street style

The suit is females’ armor in the modern metropolis and the first choice of daily commute clothing. The solid color style is the unfailing classic and in 2019 pre-fall it is mostly in yellow and brown tones. The wide-shoulder silhouette extends from spring and summer to autumn and winter. And the waisted design weakens the previous sense of aggressiveness and add a little softness.

The Commute Suit

The practical suit is the key item to span the season. The design sense can be accentuated by cutting details. For example, the mock layer design splicing denim and extended plackets to create visual space, make the entire look more casual.

The Commute Suit Styles Recommendations

The shirt appears frequently in street snaps. In 2019 pre-fall, the shirt is loose and plays the role as outerwear. Added by tassels, it strengthens avant-garde sense and female charm.

Simple Workwear Style

The workwear shirt has a loose silhouette and is more suitable as the outerwear. Combining with the environmentally-friendly green, the irregular hemline cutting and the multi-pockets design, the shirt is more fashionable and versatile.

Simple Workwear Styles Recommendations

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2020 Spring Summer Unisex Style Silhouette Trend for Women’s Leather Coats

Leather Coats

Spliced Bomber Jacket
There are lots of changes on materials and details of bomber jackets. Combination of distinct materials. and color blocks are the new trend.

Spliced Bomber Jacket

Wide-Shoulder Long Suit
Oversized suits are vintage. Wide shoulder and waistline-conceal design look masculine, breaking suits’ official and dull feel.

Wide-Shoulder Long Suit

Hooded Leather Coat
Tough leather is combined with loose and casual hoods. Men or women can all wear this style.

Hooded Leather Coat

Functional Deconstructed Sleeves
splits on sleeves are creative. Some splits are extended to elbow or even the upper arm.

functional deconstructed sleeves coat

Short Motorcycle Jacket
Motorcycle jacket is timeless. But short motorcycle jacket present a Rock&Roll feel, and women can wear it to be cool and casual.

Short Motorcycle Jacket

Oversized Motorcycle Jacket
Oversized motorcyle jacket is ideal for unisex images. Metal zipper, leather and oversized silhouette are combined to exude a leisure feel.

Oversized Motorcycle Jacket

Oversized Turndown Collar
Exaggerated necks are decorative, which are neat and handsome.

oversized turndown collar coat

Drop Shoulder Leather Overcoat
Drop shoulder is casual and slouchy. It can improve body shape.

Drop Shoulder Leather Overcoat

Drawstring is applied to leather coats, which is sporty and refreshing.

Drawsring coat

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