The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Leather Clothing Street Snaps


Street snaps are like the record of a mobile fashion show. People who are photographed may be models, fashion bloggers or just passersby. However, their distinctive clothes reflect their extraordinary dressing tastes and become an important inspiration source of colors and collocations for designers. In terms of leather and fur industry, 2019 pre-fall Instagram bloggers prefer leisure fashion style. The entire look has bright colors and high saturation. The key items are the suit, the workwear outerwear and the trench coat. They pay attention to the subtle change of silhouette and superior leather texture. So the entirety is casual, comfortable, simple and exquisite.

fashion street style

The suit is females’ armor in the modern metropolis and the first choice of daily commute clothing. The solid color style is the unfailing classic and in 2019 pre-fall it is mostly in yellow and brown tones. The wide-shoulder silhouette extends from spring and summer to autumn and winter. And the waisted design weakens the previous sense of aggressiveness and add a little softness.

The Commute Suit

The practical suit is the key item to span the season. The design sense can be accentuated by cutting details. For example, the mock layer design splicing denim and extended plackets to create visual space, make the entire look more casual.

The Commute Suit Styles Recommendations

The shirt appears frequently in street snaps. In 2019 pre-fall, the shirt is loose and plays the role as outerwear. Added by tassels, it strengthens avant-garde sense and female charm.

Simple Workwear Style

The workwear shirt has a loose silhouette and is more suitable as the outerwear. Combining with the environmentally-friendly green, the irregular hemline cutting and the multi-pockets design, the shirt is more fashionable and versatile.

Simple Workwear Styles Recommendations

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2020 Spring Summer Unisex Style Silhouette Trend for Women’s Leather Coats

Leather Coats

Spliced Bomber Jacket
There are lots of changes on materials and details of bomber jackets. Combination of distinct materials. and color blocks are the new trend.

Spliced Bomber Jacket

Wide-Shoulder Long Suit
Oversized suits are vintage. Wide shoulder and waistline-conceal design look masculine, breaking suits’ official and dull feel.

Wide-Shoulder Long Suit

Hooded Leather Coat
Tough leather is combined with loose and casual hoods. Men or women can all wear this style.

Hooded Leather Coat

Functional Deconstructed Sleeves
splits on sleeves are creative. Some splits are extended to elbow or even the upper arm.

functional deconstructed sleeves coat

Short Motorcycle Jacket
Motorcycle jacket is timeless. But short motorcycle jacket present a Rock&Roll feel, and women can wear it to be cool and casual.

Short Motorcycle Jacket

Oversized Motorcycle Jacket
Oversized motorcyle jacket is ideal for unisex images. Metal zipper, leather and oversized silhouette are combined to exude a leisure feel.

Oversized Motorcycle Jacket

Oversized Turndown Collar
Exaggerated necks are decorative, which are neat and handsome.

oversized turndown collar coat

Drop Shoulder Leather Overcoat
Drop shoulder is casual and slouchy. It can improve body shape.

Drop Shoulder Leather Overcoat

Drawstring is applied to leather coats, which is sporty and refreshing.

Drawsring coat

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