The Craft Trend for Men’s Leather and Fur(Business and Leisure)

ANAREPORT_5d68eb569e272_2378In recent years, business, leisure and sports were mixed. Comfort, functionality and sustainable fabrics are paid more attention to. Refined crafts and details play a key role.


Spliced fragments add a vibrant and humorous feel to the simple and slick business menswear. Different colors and textures add interest.

Spliced Fragments

Different edges make a contrast with the body fabrics, underlining the silhouettes. Delicate leather and edge dressing in different colors show a simple and clean effect. What’s more, fringes, acrylic coatings, woven strings and stitch add newness.

Different Edges

Drawstrings and tapes, important decorative elements in smart and leisure garments, can adjust volume and add diversity. Etro’s crossed straps are novel. Craig Green adds straps at the neckline.

The Sporty Drawstrings and Tapes

With the popularity of workwear, practical pockets and workwear silhouettes are key. In this season, workwear pockets are more refined. The flat pockets and diverse collaging are good options for elite business men.

The Combo of Flat Pockets

Different materials at the closure and neckline bring a postmodern delicate feel, and they also create a two-layer effect to show a smart and leisure style. Feng Chen Wang’s two-layer closure half covers the workwear pocket.

The Two-Layer Design

Natural materials and traditional crafts stand out. Woven structures and exotic animal skins bring special appearances. Sporty mesh and fluid sheen are futuristic. The minimalist silhouette and rich handfeels add a luxe twist.

Special Textures


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