The Fashion Trend Analysis of New Aestheticism Womenswear at South Korean Market

fashion clothing in Korean market

Straight pleats make garments more delicate. The ripple-like pleats are attractive. All-over or placement pleats are applied to the hem or cuff, making a contrast with pleated fabrics.

fashion trend style

The displaced closures add interest and make a contrast. The asymmetric aesthetic brings a new look.

Displaced Closures

Tweed garments exude a romantic Chanel style which is simple, elegant, classic and luxurious.

The Chanel Style

The cropped shape is over the hip, making the body shape look slim and tall.

The Cropped Trench Coat

Extra panels on the shirt give a subtle tactile effect, updating basic and solid shirts. Placement panels at the shoulder and chest add depth and bring a youthful and artistic aesthetic.

Extra Panels

The two-layer collar is created by adding a scaled-down collar to the base collar.

The Refined Two-Layer Collar

The imperial high-bust dissecting line accentuates form and makes a statement. The bust part is key, and the dissecting line is moved upward to add glamour.

The Imperial High-Bust Dissecting Line



Pushbutton Analysis of Spring Summer 2019 Designer Brands for Womenswear


Pushbutton is a popular South Korean designer brand, good at designing unisex, bold and avant-garde styles. Blazers are key in this season. The matching of glazed materials is refreshing. The snake skin materials show the tough quality of women and the soft quality of men.

fashion trend style

Key Points: pared-back silhouettes, snake skin fabrics, bright suiting, washed denim, checks.

clothing sets

Key Points: gigot sleeves, H-line.

designer brand for womenswear

Key Points: Cool glazed materials, soft touch.

Glazed Materials

Key Points: colors of skirts and other items in harmony.


Key Points: leisure denim, formal pants, check dress.

fashion style

Different from the general basic dress, this design highlights the style and structure change, and the design is very strong; the coat is slightly adjusted on the basic style, and the H silhouette is more relaxed than before.

dresses and coat


Renewing Necks Comprehensive Analysis of Spring Summer 2019 Girl’s Shirts in South Korean Markets

market report

The neck is key for S/S 2019 South Korean girl’s shirt markets. There are the ruffle neck, lace-decorated neck, lace neck, sailor collar, two-layer neck and contrast pieced neck.

fashion women's shirt

Ruffles are more delicate, showing a strong feminine quality.

The Ruffle Neck

Key Words: lace, webbing and sheers.

lace shirt

Key Words: sheer lace, Venice lace.

The Lace Neck

Key Words: inserted ruffles, contrast webbing.

Sailor Collar

The two-layer neck is more diversified for S/S 2019. Stitches can form a mock-layer, contrast two-layer or ruffle two-layer effects.

The Two-Layer Neck

Key Words: bold contrast colors, striking colors, ruffles, offbeat girly effect.

Contrast Piecing