The Comprehensive Analysis of Chemical Fiber Fabric Womenswear Catwalk

Womenswear Catwalk

A/W 21/22 international fashion week has come to the end, and many brands released their new collection online. Throughout all the brands in the fashion week, women’s outerwear and down jacket inject more functionality into the fabric texture and style design. Matte nylon and polyester blends are the key fabrics this season, which not only leads the new trend direction but also fits the dressing requirements and life expectation. Besides, PU coating is interpreted once again. Warm plush and lustrous satin fabrics also have new expressions this season.

Womenswear Catwalk

Lightweight matte nylon is one of the most utilized textures of down jacket. And it is applied by many brands in the A/W 21/22 international catwalks. High-intensity Dupont and nylon fibers provide textiles with stronger functionality, tear resistance, high density and lightweight texture. The printed pattern design of Louis Vuitton and Sacai satisfies the double requirements of fashion and practicality.

Womenswear Catwalk

According to A/W 21/22 Big Four fashion weeks, clean and scientific polyester blend fabric is attractive among all the chemical fiber fabrics. Air-permeable and easy-care polyester blend can use recycled polyester fibers to increase the sustainability. Smooth tactility and noise-eliminate process provide consumers with comfortable and convenient dressing experience. Outdoor natural environment is transitioned into commuting urban life. Functionality is perfectly combined with minimalist aesthetics.

Womenswear Catwalk

As a common down jacket fabric, PU coating is interpreted by many brands in A/W 21/22 international womenswear catwalks, including Miu Miu, STAND STUDIO, K-Way and Dolce&Gabbana. Notably, except for the basic weatherproof and downproof functions, its solidness is stronger, PU coating is more durable and chemical stability is better. It is suitable for creating fashionable silhouettes.

Womenswear Catwalk

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