Which Overcoat is Fit for you

Overcoat is necessary in winter. Today, we are going to discuss about three basic styles.

Three Kinds of Overcoat


This style is for petite or tall women.

Fashion coat style

White overcoat is elegant. And Boots in a variety of colors can be matched with it.

fashion trend style

Daily Recommendation: white overcoat and white bag.

Wool overcoats are also indispensable. Mohair and lamb wool are good options as well. Using soft fabric waistband to control waist is suitable.

fashion style

Daily Recommendation: deep gray(silhouette) and white bag

Recommended Elegant Collocation: grey knitted overcoat(waistband) + deep blue high-neck sweater + black tights + black short boots + handbag

O-Style – Cocoon-Style(Silhouette)

Sweet and leisure features could smarten up your style.

Fashion coat

O-style, also called Cocoon style, can better present your body shape.

Daily Recommendation: Light grey midi overcoat + white layer + dark brown slacks + black short boots + black handbag

fashion style

Long cocoon overcoat is fashionable and versatile.

Daily Recommendation: deep grey + black layer + jeans


Simple and casual overcoats are versatile and fit for petite women.

fashion style

H-style is neat, and fit for office workers.

Daily Recommendation: deep color + light color layer + Striped Slacks

H-style check overcoats look serious and are suitable for office workers. This year, fashionable overalls could be tried on.

fashion style

Daily Recommendation: deep gray check style + black layer + orange overalls

If you like minimalism, grey H-style overcoat could be matched with solid color clothing. Pleated skirt is more leisure.

fashion style

Daily Recommendation: grey overcoat + striped layer + pink loose pants

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