20/21 Autumn Winter Simple Industrial Style Silhouette Trend of Women’s Knitwear & Pullover

Silhouette Trend

With the development of yindustrial technolog, people prefer simple and neat outfits. Simple unisex industrial style reflects that idea. Earth tones, grey and achromatic colors are mainly used. Loose silhouette could be matched with simple & sophisticated style. Neck designs are delicate, and ready-to-wear work style is included to emphasize structural lines. Stitches are paid high attention.

Fashion Trend Sweater

According to statistics from Top 100, simple & sophisticated style takes half of the total, and so does it in Top 10. Color blocking on edge and changing stitches are mainly applied. On garment colors, neutral colors key.

Women's Knitwear&Pullover

Analytical Data for Pullover
According to statistics from Top 100, simple & sophisticated style takes half of the total. Street fashion and sports styles drop sharply. Modern folk style increases a little. Stitches and crafts are focused on. The application of patterns are used more than that of yarns. Geometrical color blocking is used in a small scale.

Silhouette Trend Analysis

Detail — Neck
IIIVIVINIKO and Nanushka use boyfriend-style shirt neck. Christopher Kane splices leather to stand-up collar and transforms extensive piece to a scarf. Leather on elbows shows a punk mood.

Knitwear Detail - Neck

Detail — Strength Structural Line
Changing stitches and accessories are used to enhance structural lines, delivering a traditional formal feel. Dividing stitches on Bottega Veneta’s V-neck pullover is three-dimensional and attractive.

Strength Structural Line Knitwear

Stitch — Print Plate-Like Striped Texture
Regular patterns look like plate print effect. Thick or thin stripes and different spaces between two lines on Le Ciel Bleu’s pullover are used to from hem-splicing effect.

knitwear swtich

knitwear swtich 1.jpg

Stitch — Textural Dividing
Changing stitches from dividing effect, making a three-dimensional effect. Akira Naka uses four basic stitches to enrich textures.

Knitwear Textural Dividing

Stitch — Heavy Industry Cable
Heavy-industry large cable is utilized to form three-dimensional effect. The rough texture neutralizes female subtlety.

Knitwear Stitch2

knitwear & pullover

Yarn — Metallic Lustre
Stamping or shining threads are utilized to show metallic feel. Veronica Beard’s bronze pullover has a distressed effect.

Knitwear Yarn

This report is from https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_5971-col_129/?pid=0000036


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