The Fabric Trend for Toddlers’ Fun and Warm Outerwear

Toddlers' Fun and Warm  Outerwear

Outerwear is a protective shield for toddlers. However, to meet their growing conditions and psychology, fun is also the goal. The thermal performance and outdoor features that can protect kids from the outside world are extremely prior. The playfulness and festive atmosphere of the fabric appearance can also create warmth and happiness for them. This report will center protective functional fabric, lustrous fabric, thermal velvety fabric, fancy fleece and festive tweed to support the fabric development for A/W 22/23 toddlers’ outerwear.

Toddlers' Fun and Warm  Outerwear


1. Smooth surface, delicate and resilient tactility, solid body

2. Plain structure, crinkled surface

Materials: Regenerated polyester, recycled nylon, the blending with organic cotton, colored cotton and bio-based spandex

Recommended Brands: Boxboxbox, HIRO, Little MO&CO., Ron Herman

Toddlers' Fun and Warm  Outerwear


1. Lustrous appearance, smooth and delicate tactility, lightweight and wear-resistant

2. Mainly satin and warp structure

Materials/Craft: Lustrous nylon, coated synthetic fiber, using natural protective beewax and coconut oil instead of PU

Recommended Brands: TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT, Simonetta, Oilily

Toddlers' Fun and Warm  Outerwear


1. Graduated color blocks, contrasting camouflage, colorful checks

2. Fluffy and soft tactility, lightweight and warm

Materials/Craft: Recycled wool blended with cotton, acrylic fiber, regenerated polyester fiber; using waterless dyeing and plant dyeing

Recommended Brands: The New Society, The Campamento, Ron Herman, Paade Mode

Toddlers' Fun and Warm  Outerwear

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