The Evolution of Menswear Deep Mahogany Color

Deep Mahogany

In A/W 19/20, decadent chocolate becomes the perfect substitution of black and dark blue, telling the story of the mysterious dark forest. With the revival of mysterious culture, and the great popularity of film and television works about strange and unknown phenomena, people begin to calm the confusion and anxiety in real life through mysterious things, curious movies and religious power. With the rise of foreign religious culture, when the Virgin Mary blends with the dark, the winter secret with chocolate torte as the main dark color begins.

Chocolate Torte

3.1 Phillip Lim and POSTELEGANT pair chocolate torte with blue items to moderate the deep and calm chocolate torte and add a playful feel. The cardigan of Margaret Howell is paired with canteen casual trousers, lethargic. The cotton and linen suit in chocolate torte of Geoffrey B. Small is styled with black items, elegant and mysterious.

Chocolate Torte Color Proportion

The mixed art has a strong visual charm, and the classic design and mix & match make the suit & tie street fashion. The versatile deep mahogany replaces the mysterious chocolate torte successfully, brings a calm and mature visual feel, becomes the representative color of A/W 20/21, starts a transboundary conversation between retro classics and modern art, and creates a statement-making new style of mix & match.

Chocolate Torte Color Evolution

When the British designer, Paul Smith, once again endows the gentleman with individuality and street feel, it means the combination of the classic and mix & match has become a current trend for business menswear. The classic design and mix & match make the suit & tie street fashion. With the help of the trend of nostalgia and vintage, the dark deep mahogany brings a classic and superior feel, and display the uniqueness of classic art.

Deep Mahogany Inspiration

“Rereading the art, awakening the classic” is the key trend of A/W 20/21, which is perfectly explained by deep mahogany. The solid shirt of Dries Van Noten and camel items show a strong business feel, with a street waist bag to moderate. Antonio Marras splices sleeves with conventional suits to create a meticulous look. The color-blocked workwear jacket of Muze is paired with suit trousers and leather shoes, with the decoration of air blue to be not too formal. Nobuyuki Matsui applies classic color proportion to the workwear jacket and workwear pants to be yuppie and bring a fashion leisure and street feel.

Deep Mahogany Color Proportion

Deep mahogany can easily integrate the retro classic with the street art. Tonal match shows a rich layered feel. The color-blocked trench coat is worn over a double-breasted suit to create a full feel visually. The solid jacket is styled with bright-colored accessories, bringing a rich layered sense and a street art feel.

Deep Mahogany Clothing Collocation

In A/W 20/21, business items with a street feel will be hot, including outerwear taking a large proportion, the inner like sweatshirts, and the leather and fur. It breaks the conventional silhouette of business wear, integrates with sports and street elements, and reinterprets business items.

Deep Mahogany Recommended Styles


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