The Menswear Metal Color Trend


Under the theme background of constructing positive psychological model, Sunlit City describes the optimism of urban people. When all the past experiences are turned to be gentle, the real power reveals in our hearts. People try to cover everything in daily life through their free and positive perceptual awareness. Practical neutral colors with charming calmness reflect the steadiness of urban elites. The slightly lustrous Metal(PANTONE 14-4503 TPG) has been evolved into a pragmatic color of Sunlit City.


Versatile neutral colors send out the timeless charm of color. The slightly lustrous Metal in the sunlight renews the appearances of summer clothing. Metal integrates artistic urban concept, clear lines and high-class texture together to upgrade the minimalism. Pure and calm colors extend the purest expression.


Silent light and shade exude the pure aesthetic. Highly practical Metal injects a trendy green tone into the palette. The combination with Cream Tan(PANTONE 13-1108 TPG) and Falcon(PANTONE 18-1304 TPG) allows us to be free from everyday problems and enlivens the calm neutral tone. A daily coziness is revealed. The comfortable casual looks subvert the rational mind of males and endows urban menswear with more delicate emotions.


Vitality is fused with the modern lightness. Ultralight material balances the refreshing Cream Tan and Falcon and extends the purest expression. The exquisite tailoring deeply interprets the flexible charm. Flowing loose silhouettes are integrated with natural colors to present a subtle sense of prettiness. Dropped-shoulder and multi-layered design are paired with oversized pocket and zipper to show the poetic practicality.


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